Poisonous Empress Dowagers

Empress Dowager Ch 5 part 1

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Chapter 5 Part 1

Title : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)
Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)
Translator : Cubbyfox
Editor : Etereal
Proofreader : Waiting

“Greetings to the Empress Dowager”

A woman with an eye-catching red dress bended her knees to pay respects. However, that appearance did not have much willingness in it!

“Zhao Yan!” (TL: Hui Fei)


“Take off your clothes!”

“What?” Hui Fei instantly held on to her clothes at her chest. Her big apricot eyes are filled with anger: “Empress Dowager! Even if you are the Empress Dowager, you can’t insult others like this! ”

With one hand supporting her head, Leng Jiu laughed a little: “Aijia just wants you to change clothes, how is it insulting to you?”

“Change clothes?”

“So are you going to change?”

Zhao Yan puts down her hand: “Chen qie obeys!”

The palace maid at the side immediately went up to change her out of her red dress, and then put on a pink muslin dress. Seeing that they really changed her clothes, Zhao Yan was a little confused. She secretly looked at the resting Leng Jiu, and her heart beat quickly!

“Empress Dowager! Hui Fei has finished changing.”

Leng Jiu opened her eyes. Zhao Yan’s original appearance is not bad. Around the age of seventeen, she is in the best time of her youth. Although her personality is straightforward and hot tempered, but her figure is not hot enough, nor is it enchanting enough. Hence, bright red clothes on her felt somewhat mismatched. On the other hand, this pink dress is cute and playful, it fits her just right!

Leng Jiu signalled for her to go to the dressing table. She personally took the brush to help her do her makeup, Zhao Yan was flattered and shocked: “Empress Dowager! This is not allowed!”

“Sit down!”

Zhao Yan sat down somewhat stiffly. Her fiery temper could not be ignited, she could only sit up straight like a pencil!

Leng Jiu ordered the maid to retreat, she personally put on makeup and painted the eyebrows for Zhao Yan. In terms of makeup, she is as good at it as she is at darts. Although the tools here are lacking, but it still can’t beat her!

After painting her lips, she put away the brush, and let the palace maids comb Zhang Yan’s hair into a simple hair bun according to her instructions. They inserted two colourful hairpins, and it’s done.

“Open your eyes and look!”

Zhao Yan opened her eyes, and the reflection in the bronze mirror was the figure of a pretty girl. The makeup on her face was pink. With her big eyes and pink lips, she appeared cute and playful. Her hair style was a little messy and wavy with a strange look, but with this dress it looks very matching! However, is this person really her?

Leng Jiu ordered all the palace servants to retreat, and secretly said something to Zhao Yan.
A moment later, she ordered them to secretly send the embarrassed Zhou Yan out from a secret place.

A good show begins!

Because of Zhao Yan’s matter, Leng Jiu was not able to go to Lanze’s place to listen to him play the Guqin. Looking at the sky, it was already very late. Hence, she decided not to go, and turn around to go to the nearby bath. This the perfect time to enjoy soaking in a bath!

There is a Phoenix spring in Weiyang Palace, which is a specialised bath area for the Queen. Since she occupies this palace, it naturally also belongs to her!

A pool carved out of Han dynasty’s white jade, exactly seventy square feet in size. At the two sides are white painted pillars with expensive mermaids from the eastern sea on them and golden magnolia flowers. (TL: idk)

In front is a large bronze tripod, the smoke raised up. This pool water uses natural hot spring and is warm all the year round. At this moment, the large pool is covered with a layer of red petals, and not many woman can refuse this temptation!

Removing her Chinese clothes, Leng Jiu’s exquisite body was exposed in the air. Her white skin exudes a lustrous glow under the light. She walked barefooted to the edge of the pool, jumped in and happily swam like a fish in the water! The water temperature was not scalding nor cold. She swam two rounds in it, then properly soak in the pool!


After she finished swimming, she came up from the water. Her long black hair settle on her chest, blocking the seductive scenery. However, it had a more seductive feeling!

Sitting on the stone steps in the water, she immersed herself in the water. Her head rested on the jade rock behind her, she closed her eyes and was about to take a break.

At that moment, suddenly something fell from the beam and then a “plop” sound was heard. Leng Jiu watched the water splashed out, and was dumbfounded!

“Huaa!” One person came up from the water, the golden half mask first reflected in the Leng Jiu’s eyes, followed by a pair of seductive and charming eyes, and captivating thin lips.

Leng Jiu supported her head, and her phoenix eyes looked at the man who fell into her bath…!

The other party obviously watched for a while, so he was not surprised by Leng Jiu’s presence at all. Instead, he curve his lips, and smiled with a dark charm like opium. In a blink of an eye, he travelled through the water and leaned next to Leng Jiu. His slender fingers hooked her chin, and ambiguously caressed gently. His low and dull voice contained a temptation exclusive to him: “So this palace actually has such a beautiful person. It seems that this trip is worth it!”

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