Poisonous Empress Dowagers

Empress Dowager Ch 6 Part 1

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Empress Dowager Chapter 6 Part 1
Title : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)
Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)
Translator : Cubbyfox
Editor : Etereal
Proofreader : Waiting

Xuan Wang, who he has not met for many years, suddenly appeared.
Long Yi was a little surprised, but he was still able to show his etiquettes as a younger generation.
He personally prepared a banquet to welcome this young imperial uncle!

Leng Jiu didn’t have a good impression of that man, plus she was under house arrest by the emperor, so she just openly did not attend it.

However, even if she didn’t go to the banquet, she also didn’t stay in her courtyard!

As usual, Leng Jiu laid on the half destroyed wall at the wild grass filled abandoned courtyard.
The moon above her head was big and round.
Pure white moonlight shone down from the sky, like a celestial’s sleeve, carrying a graceful beauty!

She used to live in a noisy and debaucherous environment for a while.
Every day, she didn’t even have the time to feel tired.
It’s only now that she realized that she likes such a quiet environment.
No wine, no debauchery, no assassination and schemes.
Just quietly existing in a small place.

No one to disturb her, she feels happy being alone!

It’s not surprising that Lanze got invited to perform at the banquet.
Those officers would never leave him behind.
It seems that making a prince suffer such humiliation could satisfy their pride!
Lanze as usual has a frail appearance, neither happy nor sad.
He humbly went, and returned silently.
He doesn’t care about anyone’s gaze! (TL: Doesn’t care with anyone judgment)

As he held his Guqin and walked back to his yard, he saw a green figure on top of the wall and was stunned.
He does not know who she is. However, recently he would always see her appear here either in the afternoon or at night.
Quietly listening to him play the Guqin.
No comments were made, nor did she say anything.
She’s like a bird that lands behind him.
She just comes for his Guqin’s melody, and leaves when she heard enough!

In this icy place,
one person was willing to accompany him so silently.
Even though his heart is cold,
but there’s a slight stir in his heart.
He held his Guqin and walked over to stand at the wall.
He lightly called: “Miss!”

The person on the wall didn’t move.
He called again, but she still did not move.
He felt that it was a little strange, and put down the Guqin.
He climbed up slowly from another side of the wall, but he saw that she actually fell asleep.
He could not help but laughed.
He bend down and sat beside her.
It was then that he carefully looked at her;

She was the most beautiful woman that he has ever seen,
and also the most special.
When she blinked her eyes, she was like a smart fox, cute and crafty;
When she was quiet, she was like a silent lily, elegant and beautiful;
At this moment when she was asleep, he discovered that her eyeliner was very long with an enchanting curve.
Long eyelashes like a feather fan.
Pretty lips that hold infinite charm.
Her white skin glowed under the moonlight.
He was inexplicably drawn to her.

He truly didn’t want to look away!

This was the first time in his life that he has carefully looked at a girl with such seriousness.
Yet, he had an inexplicable stirring in his heart!
When he thought about this, he panicked and quickly averted his eyes!

“You’re back!”
A voice that carried a trace of careless laziness from just waking up was heard.
Lanze was stunned, he didn’t know when Leng Jiu woke up.
A pair of attractive eyes that were clouded looked at him.
As for him, he was like a person who was caught peeking, he didn’t know what to do ah!

He calmed himself and looked away:
“Since miss has already woken up, please go back early!
It’s already very late, it’s not good if someone sees you here! ”

Leng Jiu looked at the sky.
The moon has yet to reach in the middle, which means that it was not even 12 pm.
She didn’t think much of it, but to this world, it was really late:
“Well! I will go back now!”

Lanze got up and prepared to go down first.
Unfortunately, in a moment of carelessness, he stepped on a loose stone.
His whole body dropped down.
Leng Jiu saw this scene, and was awake in an instant.
She reached out her hand to pull Lanze’s hand, but this body really does not have much strength.
In the end, the result was that both of them fell down together.

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