Poisonous Empress Dowagers

Empress Dowager Ch 7 Part 1

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Empress Dowager Chapter 7 Part 1
Title : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)
Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)
Translator : Cubbyfox
Editor : Etereal
Proofreader : Waiting

At Baihua Garden (Garden of The Hundreds flower).
Leng Jiu for the first time didn’t have the mood to sleep.
She frowned and looked at an extremely enchanting person leaning against a tree opposite of her.
That leisurely and carefree, yet coquettish look made her eyelids twitched a few times involuntarily.
“What the hell are you here for?”

The person on the tree turned his head slowly.
His gleaming eyes contained an evil grin
and his rose coloured lips curved into a rogue-like smile.
“This king thought that the Empress Dowager will keep pretending that this king isn’t here!”

Leng Jiu frowned. With such a large amount of male pheromones coming from his body, she can’t even not see it!

After he finished speaking,
his red clothes flashed across.
In the next moment, he appeared in front of Leng Jiu.
The tip of his nose touched the tip of her nose.
He ambiguously said:
“The Empress Dowager is so beautiful today as usual. This king has turned foolish from your beauty. What should I do?”

Leng Jiu grabbed his hand that was about to touch her chin.
The smile on her face was the same as always,
but her aura was cold as ice:
“Imperial uncle, it’s better if you recognise who is in front of you.
Next time, Aijia doesn’t mind breaking this hand!”

Long Yueli‘s gleaming fox-like eyes innocently blinked:
“Empress Dowager can bear to do so?”
(TL: Sorry I just realize, Wang Xuan= Mysterious King is his nickname, his real name is Long Yueli)

Leng Jiu smiled coldly, “What do you think?”

Long Yueli looked closely at Leng Jiu.
Three years ago, he met her once.
However at that time, even though she was already the queen,
she was obsessed with his young nephew.
She always wore old-fashioned and dark coloured clothes,

and her makeup was so thick and tacky.

However, after three years,
she was so beautiful that he became distracted.
Her personality has also became so strong.
The coldness and wisdom in her eyes was astonishing.

What’s more surprising was her steadfast mind-set,
and … it seems that she has a bit of disdain for his young nephew.
A touch of interest flashed across his eyes, interesting!

“That day, this king was amazed by the Empress Dowager.
Please forgive me for the transgression!”
Long Yueli slightly reined in his frivolous attitude,
but he still had a seductive look:
“Why don’t Empress Dowager ask for a compensation.
As long as this king can do it, I will definitely fulfil it!”

Leng Jiu originally wanted to ridicule him on reflex.
However, she suddenly came to a realisation.
Her eyes brightened and smiled mysteriously:
“It can be anything, right?

“Of course!”

So, after an hour…

A horse carriage slowly came out of the palace.
The guard saw that it was Xuan Wang’s sign,
and opened the palace gate immediately.
The horse carriage travelled at a moderate pace, until it turned into an alley and stopped.

Long Yueli rode a horse over and waited for her.
He saw a person in green clothes chicly jumped down from the carriage and his eyes brightened in an instant.
Although it was a third-class palace maid uniform,
but when she wore it, it was not bad at all.
Instead, there was a pure and bright aura.

When she was in red, she was bewitching like a red lotus from hell, charming and alluring;
In white clothes, she was like a white plum flower in the winter. Desolate, but carries a proud and lone beauty;
It seems that any colour worn on her would not be overpowering.
On the contrary, it is so matching that it is difficult not to attract attention!

Seeing that Leng Jiu walked towards him,
Long Yueli got down from the horse.
His gaze fell on the man in light blue behind her.
His enchanting foxy eyes blinked: “Jiu Er! Who is he?”

Leng Jiu pursed her lips because he called her “Jiu Er”, but did not say anything in the end.
After trying to correct him several times,
Long Yueli still continued to call her that in the end.
In order to avoid getting goose bumps all over her body,
Leng Jiu decided to ignore this sound.

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