Poisonous Empress Dowagers

Empress Dowager Ch 7 Part 2

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Empress Dowager Chapter 7 Part 2
Title : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)
Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)
Translator : Cubbyfox
Editor : Etereal
Proofreader : Waiting

Lanze stepped forward and stood side by side with Leng Jiu.
He did not bend his back, and his appearance was exposed to the air.
Although it was different from Long Yueli’s daring and flirtatious appearance,
but it had a different charm, both equally attractive;
He looked at Long Yueli,
He was neither humble nor unease as he paid respect: “Lanze greets the mysterious king!”
(TL: Long Yueli=Xuan wang= Mysterious King)

Long Yueli at that moment recalled who he was, but he did not reply him.
He walked over to Leng Jiu and grabbed a hold of her in one motion. He moved closer and whispered in a voice that only the two of them could hear:
“Jiu er, since when did you hook up with him?”

His breath mixed with a tempting smell spread from her ears to her face. Leng Jiu felt a bit itchy, and pushed away his head: “Don’t think everyone is like you!”

“What is this king like?”

Leng Jiu rudely glared at him.
She did not continue this topic.
She did not want to compete with him on who is more shameless.
“Didn’t you say that there was a good place that you wanted to show me?”

Long Yueli raised his eyebrow, and pretended to be mysterious: “You will know when we reach there!”

Lanze looked at the two people in front.
He has only seen Xuan Wang twice,
but he was very clear about his appearance and his uninhibited and abnormal personality.
Thus, he wasn’t very surprised by Long Yueli;
Instead, it was Leng Jiu that was far more of a mystery to him!

She didn’t say that she was a palace maid, but she wore the uniform of a palace maid.
However, if she was a palace maid,
her deposition was obviously the deposition of someone superior.
Although she was cute and lovely,
she occasionally revealed her high dignity and pride, making it impossible to ignore.

His hands clenched slightly in his sleeves.
Then, he loosened his grip. Now was not the right time to reveal himself!

The three of them sat in the carriage.
Long Yueli sat together with Leng Jiu as usual,
and Lanze sat quietly at the side.
After one hour, the carriage stopped.
Lanze got off the carriage first,
followed by Long Yueli.

After Long Yueli got off, he turned around and offered his hand very gentlemanly to Leng Jiu.
Leng Jiu didn’t mind, and held his hand to come down.
When she stood properly and saw the scenery in front of her,
it was unknown if her pretty eyes contained surprise or disdain.
“Is this the place that you said was good?”

In front of them was a noisy and bustling alley.
On both sides, there was feasting and pleasure-seeking. Red muslin sleeves danced in the air, and women wrapped in silk scarves that were dressed alluringly could be seen everywhere. The sound of drunkards and the laughter of the surrounding brothel clients could also be heard. This was the legendary brothel!

“You are surrounded by beautiful ladies, wine, and joyful singing. Isn’t this a good place?”

Leng Jiu glanced at him, and thought in her heart: Sure enough, men are all animals that think with their lower body!

Suddenly, her sleeve was pulled by someone.
She turned around and saw that Lanze was awkward and shy. He whispered:
“Ah Jiu! This is not a place that girls should come to. We should go back!”

Leng Jiu saw that he was like this, and her heart immediately became delighted. Forget it, she will take back that sentence just now. Although, some men think with their lower body, but at least there was still this innocent man!

“What’s wrong? Don’t dare to go in?” Long Yueli hook up her chin. His foxy eyes carried a provocative smile.

Leng Jiu raised her eyebrows.
The amount of time that she lived in a nightclub was longer than the time he spent asleep.
She is afraid of him? She bit and restrained his mischief causing fingers: “Afraid of you?”

Long Yueli could not help but made a “hiss!” sound.
However, it was not because it was painful to be bitten by her.
Rather, it was because her tongue glided across his fingers.
A soft, feathery touch travelled from his finger all the way to the bottom of his heart,
invoking a ripple in his heart.
His eyes darkened in response.
He curved his lips into a smile: “Indeed! This way please!”

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