Poisonous Empress Dowagers

Empress Dowager Ch 9

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Empress Dowager Ch 9
Title : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)
Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)
Translator : Cubbyfox
Editor : Etereal
Proofreader : Waiting

Empress Dowager Chapter 9

“Ah Jiu!”

After sending Lanze to his courtyard, Leng Jiu was about to turn around and leave. However, she was called by Lanze. She turned back and asked: ” Is there something else?”

Lanze looked at Leng Jiu and hesitated, but still said: “Ah Jiu, in the future it is better to not look for me!”

Leng Jiu walked back a few steps, and stood in front of him: “Give me a reason!”

Lanze looked at Leng Jiu, very sincerely said: “Although I don’t know what is Ah Jiu’s identity, but it is certainly not an ordinary person. I won’t talk about if we will implicate each other, but our identity is not suitable to be friends!”

“I am very happy to be able to get to know you here, but we’re meant to end here.
In the future… … It is better if Ah Jiu acts like you do not know me! Besides, the mysterious king is a perverse character. He is not frivolous as he appears to be. Ah Jiu should have less contact with him!”

Leng Jiu looked at his face. She knew that every word he said at this moment was sincere, but she will not let go because of other people’s good intentions.

She looked at the sun that has begun to set.

The remaining sunlight at dusk dyed the entire sky into a deep color: “Lanze! Tell me, what does sunset represent?”

Lanze did not expect her to suddenly ask this. He looked up at the horizon: “Nightfall or the end!”

Leng Jiu shook her head: “You are wrong! It is to dismiss the old and welcome the new!”

“The sun sets today. The sun will rise again tommorrow, that will be a new day. Today is already over.  Everything you did before today can’t be changed, but everything after today is still in your own hands. What kind of life you want for tomorrow is all in your thoughts!”

Lanze looked at the Leng Jiu. His eyes that are still like autumn water*, finally had a slight movement, but he did not even say one word! (TL: description of Lanze’s still eyes)

Leng Ji also didn’t want him to answer her, she patted her sleeves: “I’ll going back now! Since you don’t want me to come, I won’t come. However, if you change your mind one day, go to Weiyang Palace and look for me!”

When she said finish, she faintly looked at him and then left without stopping!

Lanze looked at the direction she left, and he didn’t return back to reality for a long time.

She knows everything. She seems casual and unintentional, but she could see more than anyone else, and is clearer than anyone.

For her to tell him so calmly, obviously, she was not angry at him. Should he be thankful?

Lanze turned around. A middle-aged man with a limp walked out from the broken house on the side.

A yellowish face covered with ravines.* A pair of eyes that athough cloudy, but shine with a sharp glimmer that no one could ignore. Obviously, he saw that recent scene. (Between Lanze and Leng Jiu) (ED: A face full of lines or wrinkles)

“Royal Highness! Why are you still hesitating? Something that even a woman understands, why can’t you see it clearly!”

Lanze knows what he was talking about. When he thought about it, his facial expression was somewhat painful.

“Ning Shu! It’s not that I can’t see it clearly, but when we were young, he treated me like we were born from the same mother. He even saved my life many times. How can I harm him?” (TL: Shu = Uncle)

Ning Shu sighed helplessly: “You could not learn the ruthless of your emperor father, instead you learnt the indecisiveness of your Mu Fei (Imperial Concubine Mother)!”

“But that position is not suited for me. Even if I snatch it, I will not be able to sit steadily on it!”

Ning Shu shook his head, what else could he say? Maybe the right time has yet to come, so he shouldn’t be so impatient!

Ning Shu hobbled away with a crutch, leaving him alone in this quiet place.

Inside his sleeves, his hands were clenched tightly throughout.

Every time, Ning Shu leaves with disappointment, his heart felt like it was twisted by a knife. How could he tell him that he was not without desire?

How can he tell him about his own difficulties? If he did not know that his Mu Fei was still alive, why would he come to this place and be humiliated like a slave?

However, when he recalled that his Mu Fei was still in their hands, and those aunts who regard him as their loved ones, what else could he do besides endure?

Droplets of fresh blood dripped from his sleeve. There was only suffering and forebearance on his beautiful face.

A young boy that has yet to reach twenty years old, but has already tasted the hardships of the world.

Repressed anger and hatred was like scarlet fireworks at the bottom of bronze basin.

After staying quiet for a long time, just waiting for the moment to explode. At that time, he doesn’t know what kind of scene will it be like? (TL: Ah, he is like time bomb.)

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