Poisonous Empress Dowagers

Empress Dowanger Ch 2

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Chapter 2
Title : 蛇蝎太后之夫君妖娆 ( The Enchanting Empress Dowager is Really Poisonous)
Author : 我非主角 ( Wo Fei Zhu Jue)
Translator : Cubbyfox
Editor : Etereal
Proofreader : Waiting

In the garden, the original stone floor was covered with thick carpets. Not because the floor is slippery, but because the Empress Dowager likes to walk barefooted in the garden.

Therefore, the head of managements, Lu Gonggong ordered people to fully lay out the carpets in the garden, so that the Empress Dowager could walk more comfortably.

These days, everyone in the Weiyang Palace have realised that the Empress Dowager has changed. She became more beautiful. When she is angry, she won’t lose her temper as easily as she used to and order them to inquire about the Emperor every day. The imperial doctor said that the Empress Dowager may have gotten amnesia because of that fall. By forgetting a few things, her personality has changed!

Although the current Empress Dowager is approachable, no one dares to be impudent. Especially when she narrows her eyes and hooks up the corner of her lips, everyone felt that their back turned cold!

Lu Chang (Eunuch Lu) came in with his horsetail duster. He looked at Leng Jiu who was lying on the grass and smiled helplessly: “Empress Dowager! The floor is cold. Please don’t lie too long!” (TL: Eunuch usually bring a horsetail duster. It is a rod with a bunch of white thread attach on one end.)

Leng Jiu’s eyes were too lazy to open: “I know!”

Lu Chang knew that he would not be able to move her with his words, so he simply stopped talking about it. He instead said: “Concubine Li is pregnant with the Emperor’s first child. The Emperor has named her as the Imperial Concubine today. Tonight at the imperial garden, they will hold a grand feast and invite all the officials. Does the Empress Dowagers want to attend it?”

“What does other people’s banquet got to do with me?”

“Concubine Li has sent people over to ask, so this servant asked. Since the Empress Dowager is not willing to go, this slaves will go and reply him!”

Lu Chang got up and was about to leave, when Leng Jiu opened her eyes. Her beautiful and clear glass-like eyes started to roam around, and her red lips curved: “No! Since she has invited me, how could I not attend it? Moreover, I haven’t went out for a long time. I should go out! ”

After not seeing her for a few days, Concubine Li became the Imperial Concubine Li. This woman was not normal in her tricks. She has been very bored recently, so to accompany them to play is also a good choice. Moreover, she also really wants to know after experiencing that slap, how hateful will Long Yi’s expression be when he see her?

The palace is originally a dark place. Women that enter the palace could only rely on trickery to survive and maintain their position. If she was a bystander, perhaps she will appreciate Imperial Concubine Li’s capabilities. However, she used her to achieve her position. How could she just sit back and watch? She treated her as a pawn, so she wants to see who will be in control of this game in the end!

Most of Leng Jinghua’s clothes were black or dark red. Leng Jiu wasn’t happy. A woman who is less than 20 years old dressed like a 50 years old woman. She really does not understand how Leng Jinghua thinks, nor does she blame Long Yi if he no longer looks at her. Whoever who saw her will lose their appetite!

She took a plain white imperial dress embroidered with dark peony, and cut off the hem at the bottom.  She slipped on two pieces of clothing on her body, and tied a wide belt. An imperial-styled beauty has appeared. Although this belt is a little wide and a little tight, but if Leng Jiu unties it, her waist will look like a bucket. Hence, she still prefers to tie it up!

The palace maid helped her change to a simpler hairpin. A long, jade-white butterfly hairpin was inserted into her hair. Her earlobes were adorn with the same coloured earrings, and light makeup was put on her face. When she turned around, all the maids in the room were stunned!

Her beautiful hair scattered loosely with the wind. Her eyebrows are delicate and beautiful, and her slanted phoenix eyes is filled with charm. Her skin is smooth and moist as if glimmering like a warm jade’s soft light. Her lips are like a wild rose, tender and beautiful like a droplet. The hair on both sides of her cheeks floated gently along with the wind, adding a seductive feeling. Her waist has no surplus to hold and the hem of her dress sways with the wind, creating a ripple. The so-called stunning beauty cannot compare to this!

The youngest palace maid’s cheeks were blushing as red as an apple, her two big eyes were like stars staring at Leng Jiu. She said: “Niangniang is so beautiful!” (TL: Niangniang is Empress Dowager)

“Yes! Wait till Niangniang goes out, I’m sure that everyone cannot compare to her! ”

“Niangniang is the most beautiful lady!”

Lu Chang smiled so happily that his eyes turned into crescent moons. He believe that the Empress Dowager tonight will definitely make everyone stunned. He flicked his horsetail duster to the left and bent his right hand: “Empress Dowager Niangniang is leaving!”

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