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Chapter 10 I want to go home and find my mom.
“Hey, Guo Wei, what is your eyes, you want to eat people!”

 Zhao An An See Guo Shuai in the eyes flashed a trace of viciousness, immediately unceremonious opening.

She is so big, she is not afraid of anyone except her own lion’s mother and her IQ. Anyway, she provoked her, her brother can help her settle, this Guo Shuai is just a small role.

I saw him at the restaurant last time to eat with Shangguan Ning. Listening to him said that it was not a good thing. I knew that Shangguan Ning had nothing to do with him. She should drive him out.

 Guo Shuai listened to the name “Guo Yu”, the seven-sounding smoke of the gas, pointing to Zhao An An “you and you” for a long time did not say anything.

 Shangguan Ning was laughed at by this name, but he didn’t feel very good. He had to work hard.

“Hey, how, I saw the beauty of the stuttering? I didn’t sneak in the urine, and the look of a pair of sharp-nosed monkeys still wants to eat swan meat. We Shangguan Damei people have already taken the girl, you are entangled, Don’t blame me for not reminding you when you look back!

 Shangguan Ning wants to stop Zhao An An, but it is too late. She said a bunch of words quickly, and Guo Shuai’s face has risen to pig liver color.

But no one knows that he wants to chase Shangguan Ning, unless Shangguan Ning tells Zhao An An.

 Guo Shuai trembled with anger.

This sly woman thought that she had a beautiful face and she was amazed. On the surface, a pair of ice-clear and jade-like statues were ruined, and one day, he would surely let her kneel at his feet and cry for him. !

And it turned out that she already has a man, and even came to seduce him, a disgusting woman!

However, the hero does not eat before the loss, Zhao An An 嚣 Zhang 跋扈 more than two days a day, today this black leather, hair dyed green, squatting is not a good child, when Shangguan Ning orders, he has Ways to repair her, gentleman revenge for ten years!

 Shangguan Ning See Guo Shuai’s expression and know that he hates himself even more. It is estimated that she has already smashed her innumerable times.

She is not afraid of him, just don’t want to involve Zhao An An. She pulled the sleeve of Zhao An An and whispered: “Let’s go, it’s going to be late for class.”

 Zhao An An also saw that Guo Shuai was fighting for her idea. She wanted to go up and smash a man, but she was taken away by Shangguan Ning.

“A Ning, you don’t have to be afraid of that, he doesn’t dare to do anything. I look back to my brother and let people get him away.”

Originally listening to the previous words, Shangguan Ning is very grateful to Zhao An An, she only called her “A Ning” when she was serious, and she was called “beautiful child” on weekdays.

But her next sentence almost made her fall.

“His daughter-in-law has been remembered by thieves, how can they remain indifferent!”

“Hey, I can feed, Zhao An An, rice can be eaten indiscriminately. If you don’t talk about it, you don’t care about my reputation. Always take care of your big brother’s reputation. It’s too unqualified to do little sister!”

“Where, I don’t think there is a good girl. I will give it to my brother first. Besides, there is still more than a month to celebrate the New Year. Does the New Year mean what you know? It means that you are one year old, next year you can Just twenty-seven, my brother is thirty-three, hey, the years are not forgiving, when you are twenty-six, he is thirty-two, hurry to get married!”

How to say that the more outrageous, this is simply impossible.

 Shangguan Ning flashed the handsome and indifferent figure in his mind, and he could not help but marvel at his perfection. But that’s it. I only saw it once, and she didn’t feel too deep in him.

Marriage seems to be a very distant thing for her. I am afraid she will live a single life for a long time.

 Shangguan Ning shook his head and smiled. “An An, don’t just say me, what about you?”

 Zhao An An was immersed in the beautiful fantasy of the big brother, and did not respond for a moment: “I? What happened to me?”

“When are you getting married?”

“I don’t marry, I didn’t tell you.” Zhao An An took it for granted.

 Shangguan Ning has heard her say “no marriage” many times, but she thinks this is just a talk, she was deeply hurt by Xie Zhuojun and Shangguan RouXue, but she never thought about not getting married, but now It won’t end. Zhao An An is very embarrassed. If he doesn’t look like someone who has been hurt by his feelings, he will not get married.

“Which is not married, we are two big, and you will be twenty-seven next year. Hey, the years are not forgiving!”

 Zhao An An See Shangguan Ning immediately used her words on her own body, and could not help but laugh: “I have eaten Tang Yan meat, is a youthful and invincible girl, the years have nothing to do with me!”

 Shangguan Ning also laughed and talked to Zhao An An and walked to the classroom.

After finishing the class in the morning, I ate a hot pot at the newly opened hot pot restaurant outside the school at noon. Then the two drove to the gymnasium in the high-tech zone to play tennis. This is already their traditional project. It is almost impossible to beat, because even Zhao An An is lazy, and will be slammed by Shangguan Ning.

The stadium in the high-tech zone is called the Great World, but it is a veritable name. It not only covers a large area, but also has a variety of sports venues. The tennis courts inside are open-air and indoors. This kind of cold weather can only be played indoors. Most of the stadiums in City A do not have indoor tennis courts.

 Shangguan Ning is a tennis enthusiast who has already traveled all over the city’s tennis courts before finally finding such a treasure.

The two changed their sportswear and sneakers and started playing after ten minutes of warm-up.

After playing for more than half an hour, Zhao An An began to complain: “Beauty, playing tennis with you is just looking for abuse and self-harm! I was deceived by you at the beginning, you are a master of high hands!”

“You said that my anti-strike ability can apply for the Guinness World Record. In the past six months, there have been repeated defeats, repeated defeats, and the body and mind have been severely devastated. The result is still alive!”

 Shangguan Ning ignored her poor mouth, stopped and drank half a bottle of mineral water, and waved her hand: “Continue!”

“No, no, no, no, I have to go home to find my mother!”

“Okay, I will be fooled before. Now I am not fooled. You are so savage and swimming, and some are strength.” Shangguan Ning handed the water to her, smiling at the opening.

“You can, but you have to let me, break through your bottom line and let me! We are not a level at all, you are deliberately damaging me!” Zhao An An knows that it is impossible to fight, and the key is She also wants to fight, but she can’t make the big beauty too proud, and she will actively bargain.

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