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Chapter 11 How do he wear anything good?
“I have been letting you all the time, otherwise you will lose even more, no way, your level is a bad injury.”

 Shangguan Ning reluctantly said a fact. I didn’t expect this sentence to arouse Zhao An An’s ambition. She immediately picked up the beat: “Hey, who is afraid of who, I must win this time!”

However, after playing for another half an hour, Zhao An An did not win a ball.

Name of the name, Zhao An An suddenly threw a racket, no image sat on the ground, laughing: “! Haha, Shangguan big sis, I find people can cure your friends.”

 Shangguan Ning stopped to collect the tempo and drank her saliva, then revealed a confident smile: “Oh, is it? You can let her try it in the next day, but today, you can’t run away.”

 Zhao An An shook her head like a rattle. Her eyes were like stars. She reached out to the entrance of the tennis court and said with excitement: “No need to change the day, he is coming!”

 Shangguan Ning looked in the direction of her fingers, and a perfect figure that stood tall and straight into her eyes.

He was surrounded by a large group of people, both men and women, but they could not cover up his fascinating light. He stood there coldly, and the gas field was strong, and he could be seen at a glance in the crowd.

Although Shangguan Ning feels that this person is cold and eccentric, he has to admit that he is so beautiful and eye-catching.

 Jing Yichen seemed to be aware that the cold eyes looked at Shangguan Ning, but it quickly moved away.

The speed is so fast that Shangguan Ning thinks it is his own illusion.

 Zhao An An See Jing Yichen and looked over to them and immediately waved at him.

 Jing Yichen, like not seeing her, continued to talk to people around her and nodded from time to time.

Soon, a large group of people surrounded him at the entrance to the tennis court.

 Zhao An An was disappointed and unwilling to feel that she had lost her face in front of a good friend. In fact, Jing Yichen has always been like this, and she does not care for anyone, and she is somewhat indifferent.

Who can Zhao An An, her thick skinned enough, and resilient, regardless of Jing Yichen moment you busy, call him immediately.

The phone rang for a long time before being picked up. Zhao An An knew that he should be busy with the gang to inspect the “big world” project. This is one of the industries under their family name. It should not be long before he will be handed over to him. In the hands.

In the scene just now, Shangguan Ning noticed that the money manager in charge of the tennis court stood respectfully on the periphery of a large number of people. Although he also guessed that Jing Yichen was the real boss of the “Big World” stadium, she was not smart. Ask more, if Zhao An An feels it can be said, she has already told herself.

“Brother, when are you busy? When you are busy, come and play, your little sister is going to be bullied and dead, come and help me revenge! If you don’t come, I will go to the two old ladies to complain!”

“Do you only have this trick?” Jing Yichen was cold, but did not refuse.

“There are not many tricks, just use it. Only women and villains are difficult to raise. I am a woman plus a villain! Can you come or not?” Zhao An An doesn’t care so much, she is now eager to help Jing Yichen to help her. Revenge, she has been wronged for half a year.

 Jing Yichen glanced at the large group of people outside the glass door of the conference room, and hesitated for a moment, then said a word: “Good.”

He hung up the phone, walked out of the conference room, and said a few words to the current general manager of the “Great World” Gymnasium, and then dropped the pile of people’s eyes and eyes.

Ahu, who has been with Jing Yichen, didn’t expect the young master to end the inspection so quickly, but he never spoke, only follow the young master wholeheartedly. This time is the same. See Jing Yichen, he quickly followed up. .

 Jing Yichen soon walked to his luxurious Aston Martin, opened the trunk and took out a sports suit and a pair of sneakers from a suitcase full of clothes, but fortunately he had clothes with him. habit.

“Ahu, you can just walk around, I will play the ball, and give you a call when I go.” Jing Yichen faintly sighed a few words, then changed clothes.

A tiger is a little confused, the young master’s style changes too fast, he can’t keep up.

Did the young master finish the inspection early today, just to play?

No, this is not the style of the young master!

His work has always been the beginning and the end, never halfway, and few people and things can influence his decision.

And the young master is not not playing? what is it today?

Ahu just didn’t notice Shangguan Ning and Zhao An An when he was on the tennis court. When he was a lot of people, his mind was all placed on his own young master, in case he had any mistakes, because this insecurity has already happened. It happened several times and he had to deal with it carefully.

On the other side of the tennis court, Zhao An An is dancing with joy.

In fact, she still had some concerns in her heart. She was afraid that the big brother would not promise her unreasonable trouble today because he was obviously busy with the family industry so that he could take over smoothly in the future.

Moreover, he has never liked to be with unfamiliar people. Although he has seen Shangguan Ning, they are not familiar with it.

Unexpectedly, the big brother was so happy that she had a bit of a strange, but her character was greatly used to it, and soon she left this strangeness behind her, only immersed in the joy of the big brother revenge for her.

“Haha, my brother promised to come over! Beauty, you just wait to lose!” Zhao An An is proud, as if she won the Shangguan Ning.

 Shangguan Ning flashed a glimmer of light in his eyes and asked with some expectation: “Do you have a big brother playing tennis?”

“That is, from the time I was born to the present, I haven’t seen anyone who won him! He used to be a famous tennis prince. At that time, I didn’t know how many girls were crazy about him. He didn’t want to fight again. Tennis, a large part of the reason is afraid of the ugly girl!” Zhao An An exaggerated tone, seems to be holding his big brother to the sky.

However, the last time Zhao An An introduction to myself when her big brother, but also exaggerated than this, but in the end proved her to describe exactly true, and there is no hyperbole.

 Shangguan Ning can’t help but really look forward to it.

She hasn’t played with the master for a long time, and hasn’t played a hearty game for a long time.

Ten minutes later, when Shangguan Ning was resting, Jing Yichen, a white sportswear, came slowly from the entrance.

Jing Yichen, who wears sportswear, has a part of the chilly feeling that has disappeared. The whole person has added an indescribable vitality. Together with his handsome appearance and tall and straight posture, the whole person seems to be from The general out of the painting.

 Shangguan Ning is awkward, how can he wear anything so beautiful!

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