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Chapter 12 Chess opponents
For a moment, Shangguan Ning could even imagine his handsome appearance on the court. It is estimated that Zhao An An really didn’t exaggerate. There must be a lot of crazy girls to pursue him.

 Zhao An An was happy and waved his hand and shouted: “Brother, we are here, come over!” She grew up with Jing Yichen and had an unusual immunity to his handsome handsome.

The opposite Jing Yichen has a good-looking brow, and his cousin can be stupid again!

They were two people on the court. They were separated by two hundred meters. Their eyes were not blind. What did she do so loudly, for fear that the people who had just been bombed by him could not notice him?

But what he thought in his heart, his face did not show up at all, it was still a cold look.

 Jing Yichen gradually approached, and the two tall, tall and tall figures were gradually clear in his sight.

The black clothes are not uniform, there are a lot of ball prints on the clothes, the pants legs are pulled up a lot, the sleeves are quickly smashed to the shoulders, sweating all over, the hair of the short hair is even dripping in the wet, and the wolf is unbearable.

A long white hair with a simple bundle behind the head, the silk is not chaotic, the white sportswear is spotless, neither the trouser legs nor the sleeves, the cheeks are reddish, and the sweat is on the face, but it is not embarrassing. Instead, there is an amazing beauty after the sport.

The same is slim and tall, Jing Yichen feels that the visual effect is a bit big.

Perhaps there is Zhao An An, a cousin who grew up together. He is not as cold and cold as he used to be. Although his tone is light, he is somewhat gentle: “Hello, Shangguan Bigsis.”

“Hello, Zhao…”

 Shangguan Ning has not finished playing, just listen to Zhao An An, who is next to him, shouting: “Oh, your clothes are like lovers!”

 Shangguan Ning glanced down and looked down at Jing Yichen, who was also in the same white, and found that the clothes of the two of them were really similar, but the sportswear was basically the same, and the two men’s shirts were normal.

She smiled slightly, but did not speak, and it was not appropriate to say anything at the moment.

And Jing Yichen’s look is calmer, and there is no change in expression, as if nothing has been heard.

 Zhao An An didn’t see the embarrassment of the two people expected, and even the two people did not care about her, and suddenly felt that they had been abandoned by the world.

“An An, don’t you want to play?” Jing Yichen’s voice is low and full of magnetism, so good that it is easy for people to ignore the coldness of his tone.

“Oh, yes!” Zhao An An jumped up and quickly handed his tennis racket to his dog’s legs.

This is Zhao An An’s current top priority. She was bullied by Shangguan Ning and couldn’t wait to see someone pick her up.

 Jing Yichen looked at her sloppy tempo, wrinkled a brow that looked good and frowned. After half a smack, she took out a slap from her pocket and wrapped the racquet handle. I wiped it twice and took the racquet. .

 Zhao An An didn’t feel the disappointment of his cousin. He screamed in front of him: “Brother, don’t let the water go after a while. This girl looks beautiful and gentle, and actually can be embarrassed.” See Jing Yichen looked cold and quickly explained quickly. “That… I don’t doubt your level. I am afraid that you will suffer.”

She did not remind Jing Yichen that she had already seen it. Zhao An An had a lot of ball prints, and Shangguan Ning’s white sportswear was spotless, indicating that no ball fell on her. This is not the normal level.

He warmed up slightly and started to signal the Shangguan Ning.

The expert knows if there is any shot. Jing Yichen took the tempo to the station and immediately made people feel different.

He is very professional from the standpoint of taking a stand or taking a tempo.

 Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but also get serious.

After serving, catching the ball, returning the ball, after a few round trips, the two quickly went from oysters to tacit understanding, and then each began to force and fight hard.

The first ball, Jing Yichen, lost because of a small mistake.

The second ball, Jing Yichen, lost half of the action and lost.

The third ball, Jing Yichen, has been yelling and losing because Zhao An An has been.

 Although Zhao An An can’t play, her ability to watch the ball is still there. Obviously, the strength of the big brother is slightly inferior.

“Oh, brother, here, come over!”

“Brother, go a little further, fast!”

“Brother, you have to jump up to get the ball!”


 Jing Yichen can’t wait to shoot Zhao An An down to the ground.

He flew over with a fierce look, scared Zhao An An to shrink, but then he didn’t know how to live and stalk the neck and said: “You don’t let me say that I don’t want to say that I am not worried about you! Your previous This is not the case, is it true that the girl is beautiful and keeps her hands!”

 Shangguan Ning can’t help but squint and smile.

 Zhao An An is her good friend and she has successfully become her big brother’s pig teammate.

“Shut up, talk to me and let people throw you out.” Jing Yichen’s look is still faint, not because of the loss of the ball, but Zhao An An’s words make his forehead blue loo.

 Zhao An An is a shrink, she knows, Jing Yichen definitely said it.

She looked around and found that Ahu was not nearby, and quietly sighed.

A tiger is a stupid big man, Jing Yichen let him do what he does, she doesn’t want to be thrown out by that stupid big, too shameful.

 Jing Yichen has always lost, but the mood is very good.

Ten years ago, he could undoubtedly win Shangguan Ning, but now it is obviously not good. He has not played tennis for too long.

It is only men and women who have great differences in physical strength and body structure. Even if he hasn’t played for a long time, he shouldn’t lose very badly. The current situation can only show that Shangguan Ning is far higher than the average person.

She hits the ball very powerfully, very fast, full of explosive power, very inconsistent with her thin appearance, and the standard of posture, flexible footwork, the force is always just right, the use of the back-shooting is free, the body’s balance ability and flexibility are extremely good.

Obviously, she has not only been trained in strict professionalism, but she has been insisting on playing, so the state is very good.

Losing to such a woman is not a shame.

It was interrupted by Zhao An An for a little while, but Jing Yichen and Shangguan Ning quickly continued to fight. Because they are very much looking forward to their opponents.

The better the two people are playing, the more time Shangguan Ning has to lose, but most of the time she wins.

After playing for nearly two hours, Shangguan Ning finally lost his energy.

“Don’t fight, take a break.” She panted and reached out and wiped the sweat from her forehead. She just wanted to go to the bag and take a paper towel. A white handkerchief was handed over.

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