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Chapter 14 Old lady’s marriage is comparable to Don Juan
In fact, Shangguan RouXue tennis is also good, but Shangguan Ning is better than her, and this is not the result of Shangguan Ning’s efforts. There is a big reason for her talent.

When Shangguan Ning found herself stronger than Shangguan RouXue in tennis, she went crazy like a ball, and her talent and her 100% effort made her tennis level soar, even her tennis coach wanted to recommend her to the national team.

But she refused at the time, because she had already set a kiss with Xie Zhuojun, and her father and mother were not willing to go to be an athlete.

Being unable to be a tennis player does not mean that she can’t play tennis. Therefore, before going abroad, Shangguan Ning has already achieved very good results in the National College Tennis League.

That year, when she went to the tennis competition during the summer vacation, Xie Zhuojun was with Shangguan RouXue.

She went to New Zealand with sorrow and continued to study while she was recovering.

After going abroad, her tennis was abandoned for a long time, but she was still reluctant to let go, and slowly picked up again.

Therefore, Zhao An An, who was halfway out of the house, will be killed by Shangguan Ning. Because even if Shangguan Ning puts water on the water, the difference between the two people is too big. Zhao An An has too many holes in the game, and Shangguan Ning can win her with a wave of inadvertently.

 Jing Yichen Seeing Shangguan Ning, who was just quite happy, the beautiful and bright eyes were gone, and turned away: “You are so high, how can you play with Zhao An An? She fights a Top ten, playing is not a bit of talent.”

 Shangguan Ning came back and realized that Jing Yichen, who is doing big brother, is hurting his little sister and suddenly feels a little funny.

“How can you hurt your little sister,” she thought, when Zhao An An introduced her to Jing Yichen, she was proud of her appearance, and her lips were bent: “An An is a boastful one.”

 Jing Yichen said with a blank expression: “I just boasted of her.”

The two walked a long way and separated when they arrived at the parking lot, because the car of Shangguan Ning was parked in the parking lot, and the car of Jing Yichen was parked somewhere else.

 Shangguan Ning got on the bus, fastened his seat belt, waved at Jing Yichen and quickly left.

After a while, Ahu also drove the car and left Jing Yichen.

In the car, Jing Yichen looked at the non-stop phone and frowned.

“Achen, where are you? Why don’t you go home for half a month? Have you forgotten my old lady, I have raised a white-eyed wolf!”

“I will go back when I have time.” Jing Yichen’s voice is a bit tired and the tone is faint.

“I still don’t know you, don’t remind you that you won’t come back, OK, if you don’t come back in a few days, I will go to your new home to find you!”

“Oh, yes, you have to give me a grandson to come back! I can’t live with your grandfather for a few years. You don’t hurry up now, don’t you wait for us to die? You can take our old Jing.” Family continues the heavy duty of incense, if the family breaks the roots of you, we die and have no face to see the ancestors of the Jing Family!”

“I saw you a few days ago, and she is looking forward to your wife. You pity and pity our two old ladies. They are all half-earthed, and they are still worrying about your lifelong events. How do you get more The less you know, the more you know…”

The old lady Moran sneaked for a long time, loaded with pity, threats, and deception, all used, but the phone did not respond at all.

“Achen, did you hear your grandmother talking?!” The old lady was anxious and her voice was a little louder.

 Jing Yichen took the phone farther away from the ear. After a while, she said “know”, and then hung up.

After a while, the phone was called again.

He picked up with some irritability: “Is there something else?”

The old lady didn’t mind her grandson’s cold and intolerance. She was quite happy. “You, my grandmother, didn’t finish talking. You hang up the phone. It’s too ignorant! But Grandma heard that An An gives you Introduced a university teacher?”

 Jing Yichen frowns, Zhao An An this big mouth!

“I heard that the appearance of learning is very good, how are you, are you in the middle of it? Tell me, it’s almost enough, the family is not bad, the girl’s head is nothing, as long as it can be good to you! ”

“If this doesn’t work, Grandma will introduce you again. This is a model, beautiful and temperament. She knows her aunt, and everyone is good. I can see you in the next day!”

“Oh, yes, you have also found one for you. I heard that it is a senior white-collar worker from a foreign company…”

 Jing Yichen once again couldn’t bear to hang up the phone, and the old lady called again, he would not accept it.

“Ahu, go back to the apartment.”

“Yes, young master.” Ahu responded and drove to the apartment.

Just entering the underground parking lot of the Lijing Community in Shanhai, Jing Yichen heard a sharp woman’s voice echoing in the parking lot.

“…how can there be no place to live? There is no place to live back to your own home, what to do in our house! Hey, Shangguan deputy mayor is really clean and honest, there is no place to sleep at home, let Bigis sleeps on the street!”

 Jing Yichen didn’t want to pay attention, but when he heard the words “Shangguan deputy mayor”, he turned to look at it.

From time to time, there were vehicles coming in and out of the parking lot. Jing Yichen’s car did not attract the attention of Shangguan Ning and the two women around her.

 Shangguan Ning cold face, originally did not intend to talk, so as not to add fuel to the fire, this time I heard the aunt Lin Yu and cousin Huang Xinyi said the more difficult to listen, and involved her father, finally cold mouth: “Aunt does not have to worry, I I’m sure to move out a year ago, and the house will be returned to you when it’s left. As for the things of Shangguan deputy mayor, it’s not what you should do, so it’s better to be less open, so as not to get into trouble.”

When she chose this house, there was a big reason that the house was far away from home and was able to avoid her dispute with her aunt to the greatest extent.

As a result, my aunt was still looking for it, and this is not the first time. Since she returned to China, she has come almost every month, forcing her to hand over the house.

In fact, Shangguan Ning started looking for a house two months ago. She still has the legacy that her mother left for her. Buying a house is not a problem. But the money is left by her mother. She doesn’t want to squander, she just wants to buy something that is affordable, so she only picked it for a long time.

Moreover, Huang Lixin is a famous real estate developer in A city. Many houses were developed and built by him. Shangguan Ning went there to buy a house. He will know it in two days.

At that time, if he knew that his aunt had to leave the house he had given to him, the two people must have a big fight, and even a cold war for several months.

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