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Chapter 15 I am venting for you
 Shangguan Ning hopes that she will not know when she moves out to buy another house, and her aunt will definitely not tell her that she is going to return the house.

 Shangguan Ning Although she doesn’t like her aunt, she has only one such family member except her cold-blooded father. He loves himself so much. She can’t be too selfish. She can’t let her chickens fly because of herself.

“My aunt goes back, don’t let me know what I am going to do today, I will move out as soon as possible.” It is not good, she can rent a house first.

The cousin Huang Xinyi snorted and snorted: “Hey, you will pretend to be a good person. You have to pretend to be in front of your father. What to put in front of us, shameless!”

 Shangguan Ning looked cold and frowned, but said nothing.

Some things are not explained by explanations. The contradiction between cousin and aunt is not a day or two. She has been trying to resolve it, but it has no effect. The best way is to not talk, otherwise their mother and daughter will be noisy with her.

Lin Yu feels that her daughter’s words are completely correct. Shangguan Ning is a stinky girl who doesn’t know how much benefit she has. If she stops, she is afraid that her husband who was turned away by the elbow will be hollowed out!

“Our family is doing real estate, but this house is not out of thin air. Moreover, this district is not developed by Huangshi Real Estate. It was developed by the Jingsheng Group. Their asking prices have always been high enough to buy them. A cheaper outsider!”

Huang’s real estate was originally created by Shangguan Ning’s grandfather, and then grew up rapidly in the hands of her. Huang Li is now one of the top real estate developers in A.

Of course, this is completely incomparable with Jingsheng Group. Jingsheng Group is involved in many fields such as electronic technology, film and television entertainment, hotels, shopping malls, real estate, etc. The branches have been spread all over the country, and there are only a few real estate projects in City A. But all are high-end residential.

I have a good relationship with Jing Zhongxiu, the current president of Jingsheng Group. This house should be bought at the lowest price, but my aunt does not know.

The sharp voice of Aunt Lin Yu echoed in the parking lot, and several people who parked came to see her.

 Shangguan Ning didn’t want to cause trouble, turned and wanted to go, but was caught by Lin Yu.

“Look at your good clothes, pick up your car, can’t afford a house so wide? You are not a teacher at the university, I heard that the teacher’s income is not low, right, the school is not all points. The house? You didn’t? Or you deliberately hid it, you have to occupy another set of our family!”

 Shangguan Ning This white NIKE sportswear, plus sneakers, is far less than the price of a LV handbag for cousin Huang Xinyi, and now the school will be free to split the room as in the past.

Lin Yu is just entangled in Hu.

She was very tired when she had just finished playing tennis. At this moment, she felt that she was weak and more exhausted.

She pulled out her arm that was bitten by Lin Yu, and as soon as she stepped, she was tripped by a sudden stretch of one foot.

 Shangguan Ning The whole person fell to the ground at once, and she couldn’t control the “ah”.

Huang Xinyi proudly took back his own feet and pretended to be the same: “Hey, cousin, you are really careless!”

Lin Yu seems to have finally got rid of the gas, pulling Huang Xinyi just to go, but was stopped by a man Gao Mada.

“What does this mean, who are you! Why, you have a helping hand! Don’t stop us, or you can’t afford to sin!”

Ahu, who stopped the two, was unmoved, and his eyes were staring at his young master. For so many years, this is the first time he has seen a young man holding a woman.

 Jing Yichen reached for Shangguan Ning’s waist and slowly lifted her up. She saw her painful whole face wrinkled and couldn’t help but frown: “No one else will hide if you make a bad.”

Her white sportswear stained a large piece, her hair was a little messy, and it looked like a wolverine.

However, Jing Yichen, who has always loved cleanliness, did not feel it at all, but she felt that she was very distressed.

 After Shangguan Ning was helped, it was discovered that the person who helped her was actually Jing Yichen who had just been separated.

When she heard him, her heart was warm, and then she was surprised: “How are you here?”

 Jing Yichen saw her standing up, she took back her hand and faintly nodded: “I just moved in.”

 Shangguan Ning flashed the truck, crane, and the glamorous Aston Martin in his mind, looking up and seeing the honest man he saw that day, and immediately understood.

It turned out that it was him who moved in that day!

No wonder that the car will be seen outside Victoriaian on that day.

She whispered softly: “It turned out to be you.”

On the other side, Lin Yu and Huang Xinyi were both stopped. They were very angry, but when they saw Jing Yichen, who was handsome and handsome, the fire was quickly replaced by joy.

Although they do not know Jing Yichen, but Jing Yichen is extraordinary, the face is better than the most handsome male star in A city, plus Ahu, a bodyguard that gives people a strong sense of oppression, they know that it is a family. Son.

Huang Xinyi’s eyes are shining, and the look of the eyes makes Shangguan Ning feel embarrassed.

Lin Yu wants to converge, but it is not so good. I used Jing Yichen as a son-in-law. She immediately changed her smile to the deceased, and took her daughter who was blushing. “This son has a surname? Marriage? The little girl Huang Xinyi is the daughter of Huang’s real estate and the only heir. I wonder if I can have a good fortune?”

She thought that she would carry out Huang’s real estate and the other party would take the initiative to make friends.

Unexpectedly, Jing Yichen was expressionless, as if he had not heard anything, and he told the tiger: “One person removes one arm.”

When Ahu heard the order, his hand was crisp and neat, and he was full of enthusiasm. He formed a great contrast with his honest face. Even his white teeth were white and white.

“Don’t!” Shangguan Ning scared a cold sweat and hurriedly stopped.

But it is already late.

Just listening to the screams of “ah”, Huang Xinyi’s arm fell softly on his shoulder.

When she saw Ahu let go of Huang Xinyi’s arm and picked up Lin Yu’s arm, she immediately hugged Jing Yichen’s arm: “Don’t stop, she is my aunt! Don’t do it!”

 Jing Yichen heard their conversation when she was in the car. She knew that the two men were her aunt and one was her cousin. He just hated the two people who were relatives, but they were so embarrassed about Shangguan Ning.

However, at this moment, Shang Ning’s face was tense, and the delicate and tender face had a faint pleading. She held his arm tightly, so hard that he could clearly feel the softness of her body and… .

 Jing Yichen has been a long-lasting, cold and hard heart, and it has a soft touch.
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