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Chapter 16 The wicked still need the wicked
 Jing Yichen sighed softly and nodded to Ahu, and Ahu gave up the action he was about to perform.

Lin Yu breathed a sigh of relief and turned to see her daughter’s painful face pale, and her body was shaking, as if she had seen the most terrible ghost. She was distressed, holding her daughter crying, but dare not say more than half a word, for fear of annoying the cruel demon opposite.

 Shangguan Ning is even more relieved. Although she does not like her aunt and cousin, she is a witty wife and wife, the closest person to him, to accompany him to spend his life, or how she would be so polite.

She relaxed and found that she did not know when she hugged the arm of Jing Yichen, and she quickly loosened it.

The soft and warm body left Jing Yichen to make him comfortable, but for the first time he expected this uncomfortable lasting.

There was a strange feeling in my heart. The emotion was so strange, and he was too late to suppress.

 Jing Yichen feels that he must be crazy.

He pretended to be perfect, his face was still frosty and he couldn’t see a trace of expression.

However, Ahu, who grew up with him from a young age, felt that the young master seemed to be different, but in the end, he couldn’t say it.

Moreover, the young master is not the kind of person who likes the hero to save the beauty. The “hot hand destroys the flower” is the style of the young master. For example, just removing the arm of the girl, his eyes are not stunned. It is really cold.

A tiger of a rib seems to have forgotten that the arm just was unloaded by his eye.

 Shangguan Ning See Jing Yichen seems to have no reaction to her behavior, quietly sighed.

She remembers, Zhao An An once said that her big brother is particularly clean and does not like to have physical contact with others.

Seeing that the mother and daughter were both hateful and scared, Shangguan Ning was really relieved. She was bullied for so many years. For the sake of her, she has been forbearing. Today, Jing Yichen really helped her.

The atmosphere between the people was very stiff, and Jing Yichen did not feel it at all, and turned to the elevator with ease.

Ahu followed him like a shadow. Shangguan Ning was afraid that he would go to the aunt’s crazy revenge and quickly followed.

When the three of them left, Huang Xinyi immediately screamed and cried, and couldn’t care for her feminine image.

“Mom, help, I am going to die! It hurts, Mom…”

In fact, her arm really hurts, but more importantly, she feels that she lost her face today!

 Shangguan Ning That slut, I don’t know when to hook up a handsome guy, then protect her, and unload her arms!

She was born so beautiful and lovely, he actually went to the next hand! It’s just a devil than the devil!

Lin Yu hated her teeth and helped her daughter to take the brand new BMW in her house. While comforting her daughter, she quickly drove: “Hey, let’s take a look at the daughter, we will soon go to the hospital. Shangguan Ning, the little monk, I must I won’t let her go, you can rest assured that she will definitely hurt ten times more than you! Let’s go home with your father and see how cruel his good niece is!”

Although the man seems to wear clothes like Shangguan Ning, it always feels that the relationship between the two is very common. Unlike the very familiar one, Shangguan Ning is surprised to see the man. He is very difficult to provoke, but he can’t always be at Shangguan Ning!

Lin Yu took her daughter to drive away, and Shangguan Ning followed the elevators like Jing Yichen.

 After Shangguan Ning deflated, the whole person calmed down but had some worries.

Aunt will definitely complain with her, she is not afraid that she will misunderstand her, with a keen sense, she will immediately know that her aunt has come to her house again, and then there will be no more trouble.

She doesn’t feel bad about her aunt. She only feels distressed. He is working so hard outside, going home and being stunned. There is no way to rest.

This is her fault. Without her, perhaps her life will be much easier, at least not because she always quarrels with her aunt.

 Jing Yichen naturally feels that Shangguan Ning is depressed and faintly said: “Is the shot too heavy?”

 Shangguan Ning heard his low-pitched voice, snoring a little, and came back to God: “No, thank you today.”

She put all those worries down, and a delicate smile appeared on her delicate face: “Actually, I have long wanted to do this, but I am afraid that I will bring trouble to you. Otherwise, the tricks I learned with An An. Taekwondo has long been used! Although it is not my hand, but today is my most happy day! Finally, someone has treated me for me, and I dare not arrogant after watching them!”

Her foxes and tigers are happy, and they plucked Jing Yichen. His lips slightly brought a pleasant and beautiful curve: “The wicked still need evil people to grind. I am doing this kind of thing very well, you can’t.”

 Shangguan Ning smiled and warmed in his heart. He said seriously: “You are a good person.”

 Jing Yichen was undecided, but Ahu, behind him, took a shot.

Girl, you are really simple, the enchanting face of the young master can lie to a lot of people, the young master, a word, I do not know how many lives will be worse than death, really not a good man!

Ahu also forgot that those people were killed by the people who made it, and Jing Yichen’s face was deceptive, and his face was a lie to death!

“叮”, the elevator arrived, three people walked in, Ahu smashed the twenty-seventh floor on the top floor, and smiled and asked: “Shangguan Bigsis a few floors?” He just heard the evil woman Said that the woman in front of her is the daughter of the Shangguan deputy mayor. It turned out that this is what Zhao An An introduced to his young master. The young master seems to be unusual to others!

Ahu thought, he was happy, and he could not help but show his signature smile on Shangguan Ning.

 Shangguan Ning also smiled: “The sixth floor, thank you.”

When she first saw Ahu, she thought that he was a good young man, a kind of person who was bullied to him and did not fight back. Unexpectedly, it was an embarrassing role. Seeing that he took the shot, he knew that this kind of thing did not know how much it did on weekdays.

She glanced at the handsome man around her, and for the first time she was a little curious about his identity.

But she should never ask if she shouldn’t ask, and they are not familiar with that level.

She and Zhao An An are girlfriends, and they never bother to ask each other about their family, just to be the purest friend.

A friend who has no interest to do is the most comfortable and lasting.

The elevator is very fast, and the blink of an eye on the sixth floor is here.

 Shangguan Ning walked out of the elevator and thanked him again: “Thank you today.”

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