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Chapter 17 I am worried about her marriage.
Jing Yichen in the elevator slowly nodded, and the tone was as cold as ever: “You’re welcome, I don’t want my golfers to be bullied.”

 Shangguan Ning is now somewhat immune to his coldness, and he has a bright smile on his face.

The elevator slowly closed, and the two people were isolated in two worlds. It seems that there is only one person left in each world.

In the elevator, Ahu was surprised to see Jing Yichen. The young master has always been a person who does not like to explain, and now he is explaining with a woman.

He was stunned, but he listened to Jing Yichen faintly: “I need tennis equipment, let the deer go to buy it. It will be free on Monday afternoon.”

Ahu’s subconscious response: “Yes, young master.”

When he finished answering, he reacted to what the young master said.

Master, is this official to start playing? Thank goodness, that’s great!

That Shangguan Bigsis is really a good person!


A tiger is a rectum. He should never ask if he should not ask, but he should never hide it.

“Young Master, you decided to go to the United States next Monday, and the person you found there is probably Tang Yun Bigsis.”

The elevator suddenly fell into a terrible silence, and it seems that the next moment will make people suffocate.

With a bang, the elevator door opened, and the air and light rushed in and broke the silence.

“You go for me. If so, bring her back.” Jing Yichen finally spoke, his look still calm and indifferent, only his slightly hoarse voice leaked his emotions.

He has been looking for her for too long, and he has forgotten her look for a long time. It has become a habit to find her for a long time.

This habit of maintaining a full decade has been broken today.

A tiger’s heart was shocked, and the young master’s attachment to Tang Yun’s Bigsis had been ten years. He didn’t think that the young master would give up, although countless people advised him to give up.

He should be low, and some fear that the young master will change his mind. The young master has already suffered enough for the past and paid a sufficient price.

It’s over.

 Shangguan Ning came home and immediately started to contact the house. She couldn’t drag it anymore. She had to move out as soon as possible.

She is searching for property information online, and the phone suddenly sounds.

It was written by Huang Lixin. It seems that my aunt can’t wait to complain.

“Hey, hey.”

“Little Ning!” There was a vicissitude in the phone, with a clear love in the tone.

“Hey!” Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but shouted, but his voice was a little choked. “Have you been late? I haven’t seen you for more than a month. Have you been smoking recently?”

“Oh, it’s very good, don’t worry about it, smoke, I remember your embarrassment, now it’s much less.” Huang Lixin’s voice is mild and laughs.

“Where are you, do you have a good meal? Is the job going well? If you are short of money, you can say that if you want to buy anything, you can buy it. It is just the same age, you have to dress up well.”

“Well, I know, hey, I won’t be polite with you.” Shangguan Ning sucks his nose, with a hint of spoiledness.

Nowadays, there is only one person in the world who can let her rely on her.

Whenever this time, she was particularly grateful to her grandparents and thanked them for having two children. Otherwise, her mother died, and she was left alone in the world.

Therefore, she always thought that she would have two children in the future.

Huang Lixin felt the dependence of the niece, and the heart was gratified and sad.

His niece has always been strong, and he likes to rely on himself in everything. He is her only dependence, but he can’t give her shelter. His wife and daughter always feel that he is eccentric, and he will look for a foreign girl in three days.

It’s that he didn’t do a good job, sorry for her, and sorry for his little sister who had been dead for many years.

Perhaps the best way is to help Little Ning find a real dependence. Her age is not too small, and there should be someone who loves her and takes care of her for the rest of her life.

“Little Ning, today your aunt and your cousin are not doing the right thing, you should not put it in your heart, you have already said them.” Huang Lixin hesitated for a while, still spoke about today’s business.

 Shangguan Ning immediately said sincerely: “Hey, don’t worry, it’s nothing to say, today is my fault, shouldn’t let a friend hurt a cousin, how is she? Is it not necessary?”

“Your cousin is fine, she is looking for it herself. It is a bit of a bitterness. She doesn’t know how to be tall and thick all day long.” Huang Li’s tone was unpleasant, apparently dissatisfied with Huang Xinyi’s temper.

If it wasn’t for her excessive work, how could Little Ning’s friends not see the past and start.

However, the wife and daughter said that the matter went through today, and that meant that Little Ning had made a boyfriend and it seemed to be a gangster.

He always hopes that the niece will find a good home, for fear that she is too simple to be deceived.

“Little Ning, who is the friend who helped you today? How long have you known? How about people?”

 Shangguan Ning immediately understood the meaning of 舅舅, and quickly explained to him: “It is the big brother of my school colleagues. I haven’t known it for a long time. I am not very familiar. Others have good character and are easy to impulsive, so I hurt my cousin today.”

She silently despised herself in her heart, and she is now lying like this.

 Jing Yichen That kind of thing is cold and cold, the word “impulse” is not to describe him at all.

Huang Li’s words to the prostitute are not entirely believed, but he also knows that she is very divisive in her work and will never come.

The best way to do this is to find a home for her, so that someone will protect her in the future, and those who have ulterior motives will not be able to reach out.

For the first time, he began to discuss her lifelong events with her niece.

“Little Ning, do you have anybody you like? Or, what type do you like? 舅舅 Help you see if there is any suitable.”

 Shangguan Ning knows that she is worried about her. He doesn’t feel embarrassed to listen to him. He just comforts him: “I don’t feel relieved, I look so good, some people like me.”

Huang Lixin is most afraid that she still can’t forget Xie Zhuojun, but she doesn’t want to mention this person to provoke the niece to be sad. She has to euphemistically say: “Learn to look forward, look at one and grab it. What kind of 你 do you like? I support you! As long as you are good to you, nothing else matters.”

 Shangguan Ning Somehow, my mind flashed through Jing Yichen’s handsome cold face.

She shook her head and felt that she must be too tired.

She is worried about her, she also hopes that she can find the other half as soon as possible.

Nowadays, she has not asked for much love, as long as she can live a quiet life, it is enough.
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