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Chapter 18 is calculated by people
Because of the end of the year, X is going to have a winter vacation. This week and the next week are all exam weeks, and most of the courses have already been completed.

 The oral English class taught by Shangguan Ning is closed this week and will be tested next week.

She is a famous beauty teacher in the school. She is relaxed and happy in class. She is in love with her classmates. Everyone loves her class. There are even many other professional students who are absent from class.

On Thursday, Shangguan Ning finished class and was ready to drive home. A man was angry and ran to her side.

“ Madam Shangguan, the head of the department asked you to go to his office.”

 Shangguan Ning doesn’t know the male student, but he knows himself and is estimated to have gone through her class.

“Is there anything?” she asked subconsciously, because the head of the department rarely finds a teacher.

The male classmate scratched his head, and some stuttered: “It seems… like…I want to tell you about the final exam.”

The nervous face of the male student is red, and it seems that it is a great task to send a message to Shangguan Ning.

 Shangguan Ning has some doubts. The final exams have not been settled last month. How can I discuss them again?

But she didn’t think much about it. The oral exam was hosted by her own, so that the students took the topic for an impromptu speech, and then she scored, subjective is very big, maybe the director does not necessarily have to explain.

 Shangguan Ning thanked him and took the bag to the department head’s office.

However, she entered the office, the department head is not there, and the person sitting in the chair of the department chair is Guo Shuai.

 Shangguan Ning has a very bad feeling in mind.

She immediately turned and wanted to open the door, but with a bang, the door was locked from the outside.

Her heart suddenly sinks to the bottom.

 Guo Shuai heard the sound of the door lock, and his face immediately showed a wretched smile.

“Shangguan Ning, I have already said that there will be a day for you to ask for me!”

 Shangguan Ning If Guo Shuai doesn’t know what to do at the moment, she is an idiot.

She was panicked and fearful but angry, but she was still calm and tried to convince Guo Shuai.

“Mr. Guo, I think there is a big misunderstanding between us. You should calm down first. It is my fault. I sincerely apologize to you! Sorry, I used to be too impulsive, may make you unhappy, we have something to say. Say, don’t be fooled.” Shangguan Ning puts his attitude very low, as long as Guo Shuai is satisfied.

“Haha, I have been waiting for this for a long time, don’t worry, you will cry for me for a while!”

 Guo Shuai The whole person is a little crazy, and there is no Sven in the weekdays.

He said, he rushed to Shangguan Ning.

 Shangguan Ning has been carefully guarding him, watching him rush to the side and quickly flashing to the side.

She moved too fast and was very confused. She accidentally bumped into the tin filing cabinet where the materials were stored.

Immediately on the back of the hand, a slender mouth was opened, and the blood beads rushed out.

The height of tension makes Shangguan Ning feel no pain.

Her eyes were fixed on Guo Shuai’s movements, because at this moment Guo Shuai took a syringe from the drawer next to it, and there was a half-pipe transparent liquid in the syringe.

 Guo Shuai seems to think that Shangguan Ning can’t run away today, slowly admire the look of prey panic and enjoy the intense pleasure of hunting for prey.

 Shangguan Ning is now convinced that Guo Shuai is definitely a perverted paranoia, and his usual Sven is disguised.

If you can’t use soft, try hard, Guo Shuai has always been small, bullying and hard.

“Guo Shuai! Do you think that what you are doing today will be unknown? Today, as long as I have a little mistake, you should not think about it in the future! This kind of behavior is enough to send you to prison for the rest of your life! You have today’s achievements. Easy, if you ruin yourself, are you willing?”

“Haha, if I am not afraid of this, I have already given you up! I still have to wait until today!”

 When Shangguan Ning heard his words, he immediately noticed that this was not done by Guo Shuai alone.

“Then why did you dare to do it today?”

Who has such a big hatred with her, even with such a hooliganism, and can give Guo Shuai such courage.

“Tell you, too, but wait until you become my person, wait for Laozi to be comfortable, and then kneel down and cry for me. If you are in a good mood, tell you!”

 Guo Shuai is not stupid, of course he knows that Shangguan Ning is setting his words.

He looked at Shangguan Ning’s calm and charming appearance, remembering her high-level appearance on the weekdays, and she was about to get her soon, and the blood of her body rushed to somewhere in her body.

This sale is really cost-effective, but also to get the beauty, and received a huge sum of one million, and do not have to bear a little responsibility, all things will be settled!

Haha, I deserve to be too many people who are offended on weekdays. He can have such a golden opportunity!

 Guo Shuai smiled and rushed over to Shangguan Ning, and the syringe on her hand was immediately tied to her arm.

The slender needle passed through Shangguan Ning’s thick coat and sweater, piercing her delicate flesh, and the transparent liquid quickly entered her body.

She struggled hard and kicked, biting Guo Shuai, and wanted to kick his feet again, but the strength of the body quickly disappeared with the spread of transparent liquid.

However, after a few minutes of hard work, she fell to the ground with powerlessness, and there was a strange feeling in her body.

It was very hot and uncomfortable, and she wanted to tear off her clothes.

She knew that this was the effect of medicine, and she could not help but rise up in despair.

At the thought of what might happen, Shangguan Ning very much hopes that he can die now.

However, she has no strength at all, and her consciousness is gradually blurred. I can’t do it myself.

 Guo Shuai is very satisfied with the powerful medicine, and secretly laments that he is a superb means of doing this.

Today, Shangguan Ning is like a little lamb to be slaughtered.

He looked at the back of the hand Shangguan Ning bite the blood, and the angry one was a punch and kick.

 Shangguan Ning screamed, and the delicate face immediately covered with red marks, and the body’s intense pain made her involuntarily curl up.

Fortunately, it is winter, she is also afraid of cold, the clothes on her body are thicker, otherwise it will hurt even more.

 Guo Shuai immediately pulled her out of the corner after she had finished suffocating. She took off her coat and began to tear her clothes.

 Shangguan Ning is instinctively rebellious even without strength.

 Guo Shuai gave her two slaps directly.

 Shangguan Ning screamed and his mouth blew immediately.

 Guo Shuai watched her face swollen into a pig’s head, and her heart’s pleasure quickly rose.

Outside the department head office, cold and clear, the teachers are in class, the invigilator invigilation, no one knows what is going on here.

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