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Chapter 19 Salvation
 Zhao An An has been in charge of three days of invigilation, and the whole person is tired and annoyed.

Invigilation of this boring to death is the most unbearable thing that she is lively and active.

After a hard time, she sneaked to the office to eat something to supplement her strength.

However, when she was about to enter the office, she saw a boy in front of the department head office and probed his head. He looked nervous and knew nothing good at first glance.

Suspicious in her heart, she screamed, “What are you doing?”

The boy was guilty of guilty conscience. Hearing someone shouting, it turned out that Zhao An An, who had always been better with Shangguan Ning, was scared to run and couldn’t care for Guo Shuai.

 Zhao An An saw him running, and he did not want to catch up.

She is a master of taekwondo and is often forced to play by Shangguan Ning. She is much better than the thin and short boy. She ran out of the office building and caught up.

 Zhao An An has never been conscious of the teacher, and he has unceremoniously slammed the person to the ground. He said: “Hand over the things, or expel the students!”

She thought that this person was a student who came to the office to steal the test questions. Since the beginning of the exam, many students have used various banners to steal the test questions from the office.

The boy was tripped by Zhao An An in a fast running. The whole person came into close contact with the earth, only to feel that the bones of the whole body had to be broken.

He thought that things were revealed, Zhao An An already knew, for fear of beating again, immediately handed over the keys, cried and shouted: “I was forced, I don’t want to harm Madam Shangguan!”

 Zhao An An was shocked and said in a hurry: “What are you talking about? What is Madam Shangguan! Tell me!”

She said, and she smashed two feet at the boy.

The man ate and immediately shouted: “Dawn Shangguan is locked in the director’s office! Teacher Guo wants to rape her!”

 Zhao An An only felt that the brain was banging, and nothing could be taken care of. He immediately grabbed the key and rushed back to the office to open the door at the fastest speed.

Then I saw Guo Shuai pressing the stunned Shangguan Ning to the ground, smashing and tearing her clothes.

Her eyes immediately turned red, and she quickly walked over and used her life’s greatest strength to open Guo Shuai.

 Guo Shuai was thrown out a few meters away, and the whole person slammed into the corner of the desk and immediately fainted.

 Zhao An An picked up Shangguan Ning and cried and cried her: “Ah, are you okay? You wake up, I am An An, don’t scare me!”

 Shangguan Ning The hair is messy, the facial features are swollen, the corners of the mouth are still bleeding, and the torn white sweater is also shocking blood. The flesh-colored warm clothing is half off, and there are only light blue jeans on the whole body. Still intact, but the blood that is gradually oozing from the legs is red.

She held Shangguan Ning’s hand on her back and warmed it.

She took a look back and saw that the whole hand was full of blood.

 Zhao An An was shocked and scared. She never cried, and she was crying out at the moment.

Fortunately, she came today, but fortunately she was impulsive.

She holds Shangguan Ning and keeps yelling at her: “A Ning… Ah Ning, wake up…”

 Shangguan Ning heard someone calling her.

She opened her eyes laboriously, and it took a while to see Zhao An An, who was familiar.

Her consciousness has begun to be unconscious, and she is holding on to the intermittent: “Hospital… medicine… hospital…”

 Zhao An An immediately heard it: “We will go to the hospital, Ah Ning, you insist!”

She held Shangguan Ning in one hand and immediately took out her mobile phone from her body and hit it out.

The phone was quickly connected. Zhao An An couldn’t care. He cried and shouted: “Brother, we are at school, Ah Cong is out, you are going to bring a doctor!”

No matter what happened, she first thought of her cousin. If she couldn’t solve the problem with her cousin, she believed that no one could do it.

 Jing Yichen was in a panic. Zhao An An was the kind of person who didn’t cry when the sky fell. Now she is crying like this, I am afraid that Shangguan Ning has a big deal.

His heart was inexplicably tight, and a kind of emotion that never happened spread from his heart to his limbs.

 Jing Yichen ignored the crowd of executives who were reporting to the group’s operations. While walking outside the conference room, he told Ahu: “Prepare the helicopter! Bring the medical team and go to X!”

Ahu immediately responded, and then called the helicopter group and the medical team.

X is located in the suburbs, and is separated from the Jingsheng Group in the city center by more than half of the city.

However, after Zhao An An hang up the phone, Jing Yichen appeared in front of her and Shangguan Ning in just six minutes.

She looked at her cousin and gave her a sigh of relief. The whole person was soft.

 Jing Yichen knew that Zhao An An was fine, didn’t look at her, and went straight to Shangguan Ning.

Seeing Shangguan Ning’s appearance, his heart hurts.

He took off his coat and wrapped the Shangguan Ning, gently slammed her up, walked out of the office building and entered the helicopter.

“Check it out, she can’t have anything.”

His tone was cold, and the whole body exudes a cold, breathless atmosphere, and there is no trace of expression on the angular face.

Anyone familiar with him knows that he is on the verge of anger.

 Jing Yichen knew what had happened when he entered the office. He saw someone hurting her. He had a heartbreaking anger.

He never knew that she had already rooted in his heart.

All the crew of the crew and the medical team followed Jing Yichen all the year round. He had never seen him hold any woman, and he had never seen him so angry.

However, the people in the medical team finally knew why all the female doctors came out this time.

They immediately connected Shangguan Ning to the instrument and began to check her body.

 Zhao An An looked at the big brother and took Shangguan Ning out. Her heart finally relaxed. In the blink of an eye, Guo Shuai was lying dead on the ground, and went up to a kick. He woke up and stunned him.

“Take him away!”

Zhao Da Bigsis, the person brought by Jing Yichen dragged him away.

When Zhao An An got on the plane, the plane quickly took off and left the school.

The whole X was caught in the boiling because of the arrival of the helicopter.

“Which teacher is so blessed, my boyfriend actually took a helicopter to pick up! Too special is discouraged, and all BMW Benz is weak!”

“Is it a teacher in the office building, maybe it’s a student, but this girl is really embarrassing!”

“If someone is willing to pick me up with a helicopter, I will marry him right away! No matter what he grows!”

“Oh, don’t you see it? The man who came down from the plane is super handsome. The whole person is coming out of the TV. I have never seen such a handsome person!”


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