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Everyone has a habit of living for everyone, and a strong sense of time should be an advantage.

 Shangguan Ning doesn’t like to be late. She feels that this is indeed her own problem. She apologizes: “I am very sorry, I have a problem here. I am rushing over. You should eat first, don’t wait for me.”

“Then you are going to hurry, I am waiting for you.” The voice on the other end of the phone was still unpleasant.

Hanging up the phone, Shangguan Ning couldn’t tell the strange awkwardness.

Are they this… dating?

 Shangguan Ning is a goose bump that has been made up of these two words.

It’s just that I have had a meal together. Today, Guo Shuai said that she would like to return to her. All of her colleagues are not looking up and seeing it on weekdays. She is always not good at it.

After returning to China, she taught at X University and taught Guo Shuai with her freshman year. She is a foreign language department. He is a Chinese department.

I usually meet occasionally, smile and say hello to each other, talk a few words, and I have never understood it in depth. It was a coincidence that I had dinner together a few days ago. At that time, she was polite and paid the meals for two people together, and Guo Shuai did not deny it.

That’s it, what about “dating”?

It’s just that the phone is not clear at all, she hopes that she can explain it in person.

Fifteen minutes away, Shangguan Ning has been mad all the way, and it has reached the western restaurant in ten minutes.

She put on a black woolen coat and put a bag into the restaurant.

Perhaps the reason for the recent opening of the business, there are not many people in the restaurant, she easily found Guo Shuai sitting in the window seat.

 Guo Shuai teacher, 32 years old, is a Ph.D. graduate from China’s second-rate university. His skin is black and he wears a pair of gold-rimmed glasses. He is divided into a few words, which is two or three centimeters taller than the Shangguan Ning of 168. The figure is slightly blessed and looks ordinary. There is obviously a long way to go from the “handsome” word that his parents expect.

In order to take care of Guo Shuai’s feelings, Shangguan Ning deliberately wore flat shoes today.

She walked slowly to the table and sat down, took a glass of lemonade on the table and took a sip of lemonade. Then she whispered: “Mr. Guo, sorry, I am a little late.”

In fact, Guo Shuai has already seen her from Shangguan Ning, but he deliberately did not see it. At this time, he just nodded faintly, and he did not care.

A woman, can’t get used to it, especially when coming back from abroad like Shangguan Ning, it is temperament and beautiful, otherwise it will be turned to the sky later.

However, it must be said that Shangguan Ning is one of the best beauty, although the look looks a little tired, the face is also a little bit of makeup, but there is still a kind of elegant beauty.

Against such a face, Guo Shuai felt that he could not afford to be angry.

But he did not give Shangguan Ning a good face, because she did not seem to put him in the heart.

“Daughter Shangguan, we are all highly educated people, especially if you have stayed abroad, oh, yes, it’s a small country in New Zealand? Why, New Zealanders are so rude and love late?”

 Shangguan Ning frowned. The previous contact with Guo Shuai felt that others were quite good. Although it was a bit high, it felt like a good teacher who loved literature. How is it like a 20-year-old angry youth?

“Little Ning, what do you mean by frowning?”

 Little Ning? ! Call her?

Just Madame Guanguan, how can I get close to it in a while! Shangguan Ning immediately had a layer of goose bumps on his white arms.

“I am a few years older than you, and I will teach you well today. This woman, the most need for the nourishment of love, the eyes are not too high. You are not too big, and older and older, the older the more worthless Now, I can barely marry me like this. After that, you can only marry the security guards at the school! Your parents are really, no matter what you are…”

 Guo Shuai hasn’t finished yet. Shangguan Ning slammed the glass in his hand on the table. The people with loud voices turned to look at the rest of the table.

She did not care about the strange vision around her, trying to control herself not to spill the lemonade on the face of the opposite person.

She was not very good at the original mood. She only felt that she was a little polite to Guo Shuai when she was late. When she heard that she was looking for something, she could not accompany her!

“Mr. Guo, are you going to go out today without brushing your teeth?”

 Guo Shuai didn’t understand the meaning of Shangguan Ning for a while, and stared at her, meaning “What do you mean?”

 Shangguan Ning didn’t want him to answer, and he was unceremonious: “It’s stinking!”


“I have not only been to New Zealand, the United States, the United States, the United States, France, Germany, Germany, I have been there, men in other countries are very gentlemen, how do I meet some of the townsmen who are playing bachelors after returning to China?”

“Who do you say about the country?!”

 Shangguan Ning ignoring the angry face of Guo Shuai, in a mocking tone: “Mr. Guo is coming from a special science school exam. It is really not easy. You should not learn excavators. How are you willing to dig yourself?” Jumping in, want to praise me, just say, or who can understand your winding.”


“No wonder Guo teacher always has a band of scent. It turned out to be a digging hole. Even if you read a master’s degree, you still can’t cover up your own rusticity. You don’t need to be inferior. I won’t laugh at your origins. I just look down on your character.”


“Do you think that you are stronger than the security guards who look at the gates? NONONO, X security guards may not recognize you more than words, but the person is much better than you! You are the X big bar who goes to the back door, or let a school learn The machine is to teach Chinese, and the school has to bear a lot of risks.”

In fact, Guo Shuai is really a bit of a real student, and there is no relationship to enter the school. Shangguan Ning is only deliberately angry with him.

 Guo Shuai was blushing and necked by Shangguan Ning, and she didn’t know whether it was awkward or angry.

He stood up and stood up, the five senses were twisted, his chin was lifted, and he was full of malicious words: “Shangguan Ning, you will pay for the words of today! Hey!”

After that, he picked up his own things and slammed the door.

Huh… It’s finally gone, the world is quiet.

The restaurant is decorated in pure European style, with a rich classical atmosphere and low melodious music. It is a good place to eat.

 Shangguan Ning took off his coat and waved at the waiter: ” order food!”

The steak is fresh and fragrant, the pasta is smooth and delicious, the vegetable salad is fresh and appetizing, and the Chinese corn pea porridge is fragrant and delicious, so that the hungry Shangguan Ning is very satisfying.

She left all her unhappiness behind her head and quietly tasted the beauty of the food.

When she finished eating and slowly drank a half cup of lemonade, a short-haired woman wearing a light gray PRADA shirt sat in front of her when she wanted to check out.

 Shangguan Ning is a little weird: “An An, how are you here?”

 Zhao An An handsomely dialed a short hair of her own, showing a bright smile: “This is the shop I opened, can the boss come to inspect the work?”

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