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Chapter 20, the hurry to swear the shackles
Shangguan Ning, who was envied by the whole X girl, was not happy at the moment.

Her whole person is groggy, she hurts everywhere, and even her breathing hurts, but this is not the most terrible.

The most terrible thing is that she is hot all over the place, eager to find something to cool her down, she keeps tearing her clothes, I think it seems like this can be cooler.

In fact, in order to check her injuries, the clothes on her body had been taken off, just to cover her with a thin blanket.

The female doctor headed by the medical team is nearly 50 years old. She used to be a well-known doctor. She has a lot of experience and she has reached a conclusion in a moment.

 Zhao An An has been following, anxiously asked: “How is it, do you want to be tight?”

The female doctor patted her hand and said “nothing”, let the rest of the doctors dress up Shangguan Ning, then walked out of the special inspection room on the plane and reported the situation to Jing Yichen.

She knows Jing Yichen’s style of doing things very well. She said the most important thing: “The patient’s life is not bad, the internal organs and head bleeding have stopped, just need to rest well.”

 Jing Yichen nodded blankly.

“The reason for being unconscious is that people have been injected with potent hallucinogens. I can only try to reduce the side effects, but I can’t completely eliminate them. Unless…”

The female doctor did not say anything more.

 Jing Yichen knows what she meant, a faint opening: “Relieve with drugs, and let the rest go.”

The female doctor nodded and turned and walked in again.

Although the injected hallucinogen has a strong need for love, it is not like the public thinks that it will explode without venting.

Usually there is no worry about life, but it will be very uncomfortable.

 Jing Yichen’s fingers were tightly held together. He glanced at Guo Shuai, who had been stunned by Zhao An An, and tried to restrain himself from throwing him off the plane.

A few minutes later, the helicopter landed on the lawn in a luxury villa on the outskirts of city A.

The medical team sent Shangguan Ning to the villa on a stretcher bed and quickly retired and returned to the headquarters of Jingsheng Group with the crew.

 Guo Shuai was taken away by Ahu and his men, and he thought that he would soon taste the taste of life.

 Zhao An An knows that Shangguan Ning is all right, she has let go of her heart and suddenly remembers that she still has to go to the invigilation, but now it is too late unless I go back by helicopter.

She didn’t want to go back to school. She wanted to watch Shangguan Ning wake up to be truly assured.

She stayed at the bed of Shangguan Ning, watching her open the quilt, unconsciously taking off her clothes, and scared her to cover her quilt.

Just kidding, her brother is still on the side!

 Shangguan Ning is a good woman, she wants to take a look at it, let alone a man!

Although she is a cousin who is closer than her brother, although she has just saved Shangguan Ning, although her brother is not the same, she can’t let her good friends suffer!

 Zhao An An See Jing Yichen, who did not leave, could not help but blink at him: “Why don’t you leave?”

From the time of the incident to the present, but within a few minutes, the potency of Shangguan Ning has just begun to appear.

She asked the doctor that it took at least two hours for the drug to completely recede. This is because of drug control, or it will take longer.

During this time, she will definitely have that physiological need.

Her brother knows clearly, but still depends on it. Is it because he wants to take the opportunity to eat tofu?

 Jing Yichen turned a blind eye to Zhao An An’s contempt, and said with no expression: “This is my home, where is my freedom, but it is you, why not leave?”

 Zhao An An gas knot, just want to fight back, change to think of something, walked to him, touched him with his arm: “You look at our beauty?”

 Jing Yichen didn’t talk, but walked a half step, just avoiding Zhao An An’s touch and let her arm fall.

 Zhao An An grew up with him. Of course, he knew that he didn’t like others to touch him. She was just a temptation. This is sure.

“Hey, don’t like this girl to touch, why don’t you just abandon the beauty when you just hold the beauty?”

When she spoke and said, she laughed, and then she sneered at her face: “Brother, or else, you have to hurry and swear to do things!”

It was just like a wolf, but it turned into a wolf.

 Jing Yichen couldn’t help but frown: “What the hell are you?”

 Zhao An An walked to Shangguan Ning and re-applied her to the quilt that she kicked aside. She smiled and said: “In fact, you are quite good, so I won’t rob you!”

When she finished, she walked out of the room, leaving Jing Yichen alone to guard Shangguan Ning.

 Zhao An An understands Jing Yichen. If he is not interested in Shangguan Ning, he will never touch her.

It seems that there will soon be a nephew that she is most satisfied with, so good!

 Shangguan Ning’s original clothes have been thrown by Zhao An An. When she returned to the villa, she changed her loose pajamas.

The clothes are Jing Yichen, there is no way, there is no woman here on weekdays, there is no clothes for women.

His pajamas were worn on her body, some were big, and Shangguan Ning was still pulling, and soon she showed her white and slender thighs and half of the looming peaks.

There are bruises in many places on her body, and the more and more said skin is fair and tender, and it is even more distressing.

 Jing Yichen’s throat moved and slowly walked forward.

 Shangguan Ning’s mouth kept making a seductive snoring sound, the whole person was twisting, and the original white body was getting redder, like a ripe apple.

Jing Yichen, who has always been calm, feels that her self-control is somewhat fragile.

After a while, he slowly pressed down the instigation of his heart, reached out and covered her with a quilt, and hugged her.

 Shangguan Ning felt a cool breath close to herself. In the deep heat, she hugged the cool body without hesitation, and suddenly felt comfortable, then she worked hard on the cool body. Oh, it seems to want more.

 Jing Yichen The whole person was stiff and quickly reacted somewhere in the lower body.

He whispered a sentence of “damn”, and then he took the two beautiful arms that clung to his hand and took it away, and quickly walked out of the room.

It is now a harsh winter. The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is very large. The cold air is drawn into the lungs along the breath, which makes Jing Yichen slowly calm down.

He feels that staying in it all the time will definitely make things that he regrets.

He stood outside for a while before he walked in again and re-installed the quilt for Shangguan Ning.

Now, after all, it is winter. Even if there is floor heating in the room, she can easily catch a quilt after repeated kicks.

After a while, Jing Yichen came out again.

So many times, but not willing to ask others to take care of her.

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