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Chapter 21 Did you sleep without knowing me?
Two hours later, the medicine in Shangguan Ning finally disappeared. She fell asleep because of excessive fatigue.

 Jing Yichen sat by her bed and quietly watched the woman who suddenly broke into his life.

After her face had used the best wound medicine, it had already swollen, leaving only the scars of purple. But these scars on her delicate face like a white jade, more and more shows the suffering she has suffered.

She is undoubtedly beautiful, but he has seen many more beautiful women.

However, she gave him the most different feeling. She made him feel comfortable and seemed to be with her. Even if she didn’t talk, she would feel good.

It was like this when I first saw her.

At that time he rejected this strange emotion and tried to cover it up with indifference.

Because he always felt that people like him don’t need emotions, too much emotion can only become cumbersome, it will be a flaw in his life.

However, when he learned that she was hurt, all his intellects disappeared.

How many days did they know each other, and the time of meeting was so short, how could he care about her like this?

 Jing Yichen could not find the reason and did not need the reason.

As long as he understands what he wants, the rest is not a problem.

The next morning, when Shangguan Ning woke up, there was a long time of embarrassment.

After a while, she remembered what happened yesterday.

She remembered vaguely, and later Zhao An An saved her, and the others were not impressed.

It hurts all over the body, it should have been played by Guo Shuai yesterday.

She opened the quilt and was shocked by the obvious men’s pajamas on her body.

No way? !

Did she still lose her body?

 Shangguan Ning quickly denied this speculation.

Although she is now weak and full of body pain, her lower body is not a little bit different.

She was relieved, and she had the energy to look around.

The rooms are large, although simple, but they are distinguished and luxurious, just like a palace.

Where is this?

 Is Zhao An An’s home?

But if she is at her house, she can’t wear a men’s pajamas for her.

 Shangguan Ning suddenly remembered that Zhao An An was crying and shouting “Brother” yesterday.

Is it… she is at Jing Yichen? !

That pajamas are not…

God, how could this be!

 Shangguan Ning powerlessly closes his eyes and tries to comfort himself in his heart.

In the quiet room, a slight footstep suddenly sounded, and she immediately opened her eyes.

A handsome and familiar figure walked in and walked to the bed without hesitation, extending a long, good-looking hand over her forehead.

After a while Jing Yichen took his hand and whispered: “Recovery is good, there is no fever, what do you want to eat?”

 Shangguan Ning is stunned.

How is this going?

Why Jing Yichen is very familiar with her, like… living together for many years.

Although his face still has no expression, but the temperature is mild, there is no cold in the past.

This makes Shangguan Ning very uncomfortable.

 Jing Yichen saw her doubts and smiled at her: “What’s wrong, sleep without knowing me?” There was a hint of unspeakable pet in the tone.

His smile is clean and warm, his teeth are white and neat, and he has a sunny taste that goes straight to the bottom of his heart.

 Shangguan Ning was the first time he saw him laughing, and his heart could not be restrained and jumped.


She sighed softly in her heart.

However, I have to admit that such Jing Yichen, people can not resist at all.

“No, I think you are a little different…” Shangguan Ning said softly.

The sound of the opening was hoarse and dull, as ugly as the old crow screamed, and shocked herself.

 Jing Yichen handed her a glass of water, then put her hand behind her, gently lifted her up and leaned against the soft pillow.

“Drink some water first, then get up for breakfast.”

 Shangguan Ning is also really thirsty, but Jing Yichen is so abnormal that her attention has been diverted.

Some of her did not adapt to Jing Yichen’s touch. The temperature in his hand was transmitted to her back through a thin pajamas, and an electric shock felt in her body.

She took the water stiffly and slowly drank half a cup. Her mind gradually became more and more awake, but the more she was awake, the more she felt unreal.

After hesitating for a while, she still cautiously asked: “I…have been in a coma for a few days?”

 Jing Yichen laughed and saw that Shangguan Ning didn’t adapt to her present.

In fact, Jing Yichen has been trying to restrain himself. He is afraid that he will change too much at a time, and will scare Shangguan Ning who has just experienced great impact.

The thing he wants to do most now is to hold her in her arms, kiss her, and touch her.

However, he can’t do anything.

Don’t worry, take your time, Shangguan Ning, you will be my generation, no one will bully you.

He restrained himself and said in the usual tone and tone: “Unconscious for 14 hours, less than a day.”

 Shangguan Ning heard the answer, but not only did not relax, but the brows wrinkled slightly.

Less than a day, why is Jing Yichen so big? What happened to something she didn’t know?

She is now full of doubts, and urgently needs someone to answer her, and Jing Yichen is obviously not a good candidate.

“Mr. Zhao… Is this your home? Is An An here?”

“Well, it’s my home. An An went to school early and should be back soon.” Jing Yichen is strong in self-control. He doesn’t want to let Shang Ning feel awkward, and he quickly restores the original cold look, but the tone is still transparent. Warmth.

Such Jing Yichen adapts Shangguan Ning to a lot, but he is so hot and cold that she is getting more and more confused.

However, Shangguan Ning is now weak, and the wounds on his body are also very painful after the disappearance of the effect of the anesthetic. Just got up for a little while, and said a few words, she felt very tired.

 Jing Yichen didn’t let her continue to sleep: “I let people send you breakfast, you need to eat, and then sleep.”

When he finished, he quickly went out.

After a while, a woman in her forties who was round and sullen pushed in the dining car and walked in.

She respectfully said to Shangguan Ning: “Shangguan Bigsis is early! I am the helper here, the young master asked me to send you breakfast.”

 Shangguan Ning leaned against the pillow and smiled at her: “Good morning, thank you!”

She also feels that she needs to eat, otherwise the body will recover more slowly.

Helping her hands and feet, gave her a small table in the bed, porridge, milk, a few digestible snacks and side dishes.

“ Shangguan Bigsis, you can’t eat and eat, it’s not appropriate for me to change it.”

“No, thank you, all very good.” Shangguan Ning is not polite, these foods are fragrant, both light and nutritious, apparently specially prepared for her.

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