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Chapter 22 Is she your woman?
 Shangguan Ning has a warm current.

She knew that this must have been Jing Yichen’s special instructions. He couldn’t see it. He was so careful.

How long haven’t people taken care of themselves? For many years, right?

She didn’t really have any appetite, but she still forced herself to eat a little more. Fortunately, the taste of the food was excellent, which made her not so sad.

When the table was withdrawn, she took another medicine, and then she slept deeply.

 Jing Yichen dine at the dining table in front of the living room, listening to her, Wang Hao, who has just waited for Shangguan Ning to eat, to report her situation.

“ Shangguan Bigsis eats everything, it doesn’t look like a picky eater, the side dishes are eaten every bit, the milk is drunk, and the porridge has a half bowl.”

 Jing Yichen nodded faintly. He knew that Shangguan Ning was not picky eaters. When he first ate with her, he ate very deliciously and didn’t like to waste food.

“The noon chicken soup and pork ribs soup are all done, and the dishes are more, see what she likes to eat.”

Wang Hao’s respectful words were “yes”, and then he returned to the kitchen with a shock.

I don’t know what the Shangguan Bigsis is. It is not only the young master who has been taken into the villa to live, but also allows the young master to worry about her food.

She has been serving the young master for more than ten years. The young master has always been cold, and he once cared about a person like this!

It seems that she has to wait for her, and she must not provoke this Buddha.

 Jing Yichen made a phone call after dinner.

“Mu Qing, I have a patient here, and the driver will pick you up later.”

At the end of the phone, Mu Qing apparently was still asleep, and he was awakened by unkindness. He had just asked the patient about the situation, but there was a busy tone of “dumb” on the phone.

His low curse screamed “Dead Ice”, but he immediately climbed up to wear clothes, and did not dare to delay.

 Jing Yichen hung up the phone and Ahu came in.

“how about it?”

“It’s a man on the underworld who pretends to be a deal between the police and Guo Shuai. His account just received a million the day before. It should be a list of black and red.”

“Black and Red?” Jing Yichen frowned, how could she get into the black and red meeting?

“Yes, young master, but today I contacted the vice president of the Black Red Society, he did not recognize it.”

“Get the car, go to the Black Red Headquarters after half an hour.”

“Yes, young master!”

A tiger responded and turned and prepared to go.

Ten minutes later, a tall, handsome man with a brand name but a little man was coming in.

As soon as he entered the door, he screamed with anger: “Xiao Chenzi, I am coming, where is the sick number?”

 Jing Yichen came out of the room and looked cold: “If you talk loudly, I will throw you out.”

Mu Qing immediately threw the dignity and thrift to Mars, and whispered: “Don’t stop, I am wrong, Master King, don’t throw me out, my grandfather is waiting for you to inject capital into our hospital, I Be sure to hold your thighs, or the old man will let me lick the ugly of the Yang family!”

He said, he really wants to pounce on Jing Yichen’s thigh.

 Jing Yichen has long been accustomed to his style, and he has not lifted his eyelids and went straight to the Shangguan Ning room.

Wood Qingyi smiled and immediately followed.

When he saw Shangguan Ning lying in the room, he was shocked.

For a moment, he blinked his eyes with his hands, and the people in the bed were still there. He finally decided that it was not his illusion.

Mu Qing opened his mouth and pointed to Shangguan Ning on the bed: “You woman?”

“Not yet.” Jing Yichen looked calm and didn’t mean anything to explain.

“The sun is coming out to the west!?”

“see a doctor!”

Mu Qing sees Jing Yichen and wants to worry, and quickly press the burning fire of the gossip in his heart.

He simply touched the veins of Shangguan Ning, opened her eyes and looked at it, and nodded to Jing Yichen.

Mu Qing’s movements were very light. Shangguan Ning only frowned slightly and didn’t wake up. She quickly and smoothly slept.

 Jing Yichen and Mu Qing went out of the room and sat down in the living room before asking, “How?”

Mu Qing endured and endured, but still couldn’t hold back: “Beautiful is pretty, but it is more beautiful than her. Why are you giving yourself so quickly?”

“I will call your grandfather and say that you are willing to marry Yang Jiada Bigsis.”

“Hey, I can’t say it!” Yang Jiada Bigsis is simply a nightmare for Mu Qing. He doesn’t dare to make a joke at all.

“You have a lot of blood in your woman, and you have been injured by ****. It is estimated that you have to lie for three or five days. The wounds on your body are not in the way. The wounds on your head should be noticed. Don’t touch the water. These days. Don’t wash anything.”

“But her body is very good. I will give her some medicine, external application and internal medicine. If I have a day and a ten-and-a-half-day day, I will be able to jump and jump. When you make a family from a girl to a woman, it is not too late.”

He can tell Shangguan Ning’s physical condition just by the pulse. Even she is the virgin body. If the outsider sees it, she will be surprised.

 Jing Yichen just nodded dullly.

Mu Qing was born in a family of Chinese medicine practitioners. Mu Laozi is an old Chinese medicine doctor who is famous both at home and abroad. He is not only highly skilled in Chinese medicine, but also travels to Europe and the United States in his youth. He has also thoroughly studied Western medicine, and has integrated Chinese and Western medicine. He has returned to life many times. The name of the company rang through the north and south, and the number of patients who came to the door every day was numerous.

Mu’s hospital, a private hospital set up by Mujia, was founded by the father. The wooden family is prosperous, but the youngest person in the younger generation is Mu Qing.

He has been studying medicine with his father since he was a child. He is not only talented, but also very obsessed with medicine. At the age of 31, he has inherited the grandfather’s clothes, and all kinds of incurable diseases can be cured. Like Shangguan Ning, he can cure it with his eyes closed.

Therefore, Jing Yichen shouted at him. Yesterday was too urgent. He was afraid that he would go to Mujia to pick up the time, and he would bring the medical team of Jingsheng Group directly.

Mu Qing was a genius from childhood, and he had a headache for his medical books. He only had to look at it all to remember, so he had a lot of time to play. However, he found that after growing up, there was nothing fun at all, and some of them were heavy burdens and responsibilities.

So the biggest pleasure in his life is gossip.

At this time, Jing Yichen, who has always been close to the female color, is lying in the room, and there is a weak and beautiful woman who is tossed by the ****. How can he not control his curiosity.

“Jing big brother ……” Mu Qing’s two eyes smashed into a seam, shouting with a “delicate” doll voice.

 Jing Yichen was shaken by his astonished eyelids, and the tea in the mouth was almost smothered.

“ Yichen big brother ……”

“Come on, send the wooden master to the Mushi hospital! Tell the father, his grandson is not sick!”

Mu Qing immediately returned to normal, and the righteous remarks: “Jie Yichen, this doctor has come to give you a woman to see a doctor, how do you treat me like this? You don’t know how to be grateful, how can you still enmity, what is heaven!”

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