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Chapter 23 The person in her dream turned out to be him.
 Jing Yichen couldn’t bear to go outside, to the Ahu Road around him: “Ahu, go now.”

Someone is so angry that his brain hurts.

Mu Qing stepped down a good job, and I didn’t know how to live and die: “Hey, Achen, where did you find the beautiful girl, the face was hurt without destroying the beauty!”

“How did you deal with this man? Actually, people gave her medicine! The most unimportant thing is that you actually let the beauty of the child succumb to the past, and actually refused to sacrifice yourself, actually seeing death!”

“Achen, do you need me to help you with the number pulse? I always feel that your body must have something wrong, or how can you not touch a woman for so many years?”

Ahu soon drove the car over, Jing Yichen just got on the bus, and Mu Qing’s dead skin rushed to climb in.

When he first entered, Zhao An An ran over in a gust of wind.

“Brother, I just saw the dead ghost wood egg, what about others?”

When Mu Qing listened to this sound, he immediately went to the bottom of the car seat as if he had been burned by fire. At the same time, he pleaded with the corner of Jing Yichen.

 Jing Yichen said that he did not change his color: “He is going to see your friend inside.”

 Zhao An An looked suspiciously at the calm and waveless cousin, and he was dubious: “You are waiting for me here, I will go in and have a look.”

 Jing Yichen nodded nervously: “Well.”

“That quack, don’t cure my beauty!” she said, turning and walking to the villa.

But as soon as she turned around, the car drove away. The handsome face of Mu Qing came out from the window, whistling and yelling: “Zhao An An, you a man, come. Follow me, come and bite me!”

 Zhao An An chased her legs, but how could she catch up with the car, and she had to watch the dead and the enemy go away.

Her sly smashed her cheeks, cursed a few words, and turned into the villa.

She still remembers the injured Shangguan Ning, and she did not wake up when she left this morning.

 Shangguan Ning is awakened.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Zhao An An’s worried face.

“An An.” Her voice was still hoarse, but her tone revealed her happiness.

“A Ning, how are you doing? Is it still uncomfortable?” Zhao An An took Shangguan Ning’s slender hand and asked with concern.

The hand had a rough touch, and as she bowed her head, she saw a shocking scratch on the back of Shangguan Ning’s hand.

She could not help but swear: “The surname Guo is really damn, I must let him taste the taste of life is not good!”

 Zhao An An finished, only to find out that he had embarrassed Shangguan Ning, and apologized quickly: “A Ning, I didn’t mean it, don’t go to my heart, nothing happened yesterday, you just forgot.”

 Shangguan Ning slammed Zhao An An’s hand back and smiled slightly: “Stupid, I am grateful that you are too late, what does this matter have to do with you, if not you, where can I lie now? I am talking to you here. An An, thank you, thank you for saving me!”

Most of the things she remembered yesterday, if it wasn’t for Zhao An An, she couldn’t imagine the consequences, and now she can save herself. Her gratitude to Zhao An An can’t be described in words.

 Zhao An An See Shangguan Ning can think of it. She didn’t evade yesterday’s business. She was relieved and immediately began to tell her about the beginning and the end of the matter.

“…I grabbed the key of the man and went into the office. I saw that the scum of the surname Guo was bullying you, and he stunned him with one foot! Fortunately, I love to do more business, go in time, surname Guo. I didn’t take any advantage at all, but how can he start so embarrassingly, your face is swollen and can’t recognize it!”

These things, Shangguan Ning have a little impression. She knows that Zhao An An is coming very timely. She remembers that Zhao An An, who never shed tears, was so sad when she saw her appearance.

She didn’t know how to express her gratitude, just holding Zhao An An’s hand.

She knew that Zhao An An was her lucky star.

Hopefully, she will also bring good luck to Zhao An An!

 Zhao An An is very accustomed to personality. She is not aware of Shang Ning’s emotions. In her opinion, she saves Shang Ning as a matter of course. She only hates how she should go earlier. Why not take Guo Shuai’s scourge earlier? .

She is still groaning: “Hey, hey, you don’t know, I have a call, my brother is separated by more than half of the city A, and it will come in a few minutes, and I am shocked!”

 Shangguan Ning is laughing, this is too exaggerated, a few minutes? How is it possible to fly by plane?

 Zhao An An See Shangguan Ning, I don’t believe it, I’m anxious to explain: “Really, just a few minutes! Oh, yes, my brother is flying a helicopter! Today I went to school, the whole school is the same as the fryer, all in Discussing the helicopter thing yesterday, envy those female students… Oh, yes, I’m still in the newspaper, let Wang Hao show it to you…”

 Shangguan Ning didn’t hear Zhao An An at all. She only heard the word “helicopter”.

It turned out to be a school by helicopter!

Her heart trembled and then she returned to calm.

She felt that she did not seem to be important to this extent.

She glanced at Zhao An An, who was dancing with a sigh of relief.

It should be a helicopter that was used on the face of Zhao An An. After all, it was Zhao An An’s phone call. Maybe Jing Yichen thought that his little sister had an accident, and he was so motivated.

“…Hey, I brought you a set of my clothes, and I changed it. I changed it for you yesterday. There is no woman’s clothes here. I have to grieve you to wear my brother. Oh, yes, at the beginning. It’s my brother who took you to the helicopter. I don’t want to touch it on weekdays. Even if you don’t let me go, it’s definitely a fancy to you! He has been taking care of you yesterday, a great man! How? Ah Ning, you think about my brother!”

 Shangguan Ning was drinking water, and when she heard her words, she was stunned.

In her fiery dream yesterday, there was always a cool body holding her, is it… is he?


Although she didn’t remember the specifics, she remembered that she had drilled into the cool arms of her own strength, and still hugged people, not letting people leave!

It’s over, it’s definitely him, it’s too shameful!

No wonder that he felt strange this morning, and the feelings were the reason why she sent her arms last night!

 Shangguan Ning now wants to find a place to sneak in. Fortunately, Jing Yichen is not here now, otherwise she feels even more humiliating.

She grabbed Zhao An An’s arm and said in a hurry: “An An, you told me everything from yesterday to the end, don’t leave anything missing!”

She was really worried about what she should have done yesterday, but she could not remember it.

 Zhao An An said that it was a good temper to say yesterday’s thing one by one.

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