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Chapter 24 was expelled from school
Even Guo Shuai and Jing Yichen also helped to clean up and saved a big trouble.

 Shangguan Ning hates Guo Shuai hateful teeth, this person is heartbroken and narrow-minded, she hopes that he will get the punishment he deserves. Otherwise, yesterday was not successful. It is not necessary to reinvent the game. She can’t wait until the real loss, and then go back. It will be late.

 Shangguan Ning clearly remembered yesterday that Guo Shuai’s words revealed that someone helped him and gave him a backing.

 Guo Shuai is at school on weekdays. He doesn’t know anyone with a deep background. No one will help him for no reason. Unless this person has a hatred against himself and wants to completely ruin her, he will use such tricks.

In addition to Shangguan RouXue, it is aunt and cousin.

However, she did not want to believe that this matter was related to them from the bottom of her heart.

When she is a little better, she has to ask Guo Shuai in person, who is helping him!

 Zhao An An also knows from Jing Yichen that Guo Shuai is instructed to do this, but who is behind the scenes, he is still checking.

She saw Shangguan Ning not very good, hesitant to tell her that she had the latest news.

“What’s wrong, An An? Are you still telling me anything?” Shangguan Ning saw Zhao An An’s hesitation, she was a bit of a heart, and almost everything was on her face.

 Zhao An An thought about it, but she still couldn’t hold back. Anyway, she knew this sooner or later: “The school took the trick…and fired…”

“What!” Shangguan Ning was shocked and sat up: “Why?”

“Your crime is to engage in male-female relationships at school. My crime is to neglect my duties and abuse students.”

“Where do I have! The school is in the fall, things are not like this at all!” Shangguan Ning was very angry, the school turned black and white, and even helped Guo Shuai, is this school involved?

“An An, you are fired for me, I am going to explain to the school, you can’t let you be fired like this, you were forced to do so.”

 Zhao An An certainly knows that Shangguan Ning is awkward, she is also very angry, but she does not feel much about being expelled from school.

“A condensate, you can rest assured, if you want to go back to school, I will ask my brother for help. There is no business in A city that he can’t do. As for me, you don’t have to worry, I don’t want to stay in school anymore, I am not suitable. Be a teacher, or don’t be the next generation.”

 Shangguan Ning shook his head and couldn’t bother Jing Yichen, she handled it herself.

“An An, going back to school doesn’t need your big brother to help, I have a way.”

 Zhao An An still wants to say something, Shangguan Ning refuses to let her say: “You have helped me a lot, and the rest, I will come back!”

“Well, okay, something, you call me, come, I will change the medicine for you.”

When Zhao An An spoke with Shangguan Ning and gave her a dressing change, Jing Yichen went to the dungeon with Mu Qing and A Hu.

Mu Qing is behind the dead skin, how can he miss such a thrilling thing.

 Jing Yichen didn’t agree at first. Later, he didn’t know where to take out a silver needle. He said: “I have a secret weapon. If you want to know what secrets, I will go down and keep his ancestors for eight generations!”

 Jing Yichen felt that maybe he could use it and bring him.

The dungeon is not underground, but in a luxury nightclub in the city centre.

The nightclub has two floors, the first floor is the entertainment venue, the second floor is the casino, and it is also a well-known underground city on the underworld. The headquarters of the Black Red Club is in the underground city.

Black and red will be one of the best forces on the underworld. The development momentum in these two years is particularly strong, which is inseparable from its president and leader Black Knife.

The black knife is nearly fifty years old, but the old man is getting more and more powerful and prestige is getting higher and higher. When the people on the road meet, they must respect the “knife master.”

He is famous for his enthusiasm, as long as the price is high enough, there is no business that he dare not do. When you mention the name of “Knife”, you will be shaken with a smile, for fear of being remembered by him.

Today, the mighty domineering knife master, once heard the subordinates reported that there is a named “Jie Yichen” named Dao to see him, scared his precious centuries-old teapot to his hand.

He kicked off the choppy beauty that served him, and when he lifted his pants, he went out: “It’s the bad luck of his mother! Who made this active king, let Laozi know, not to lick his skin!”

When Jing Yichen arrived at the second floor dungeon, the underground city’s promenade had already occupied a row of black brothers.

Everyone stood straight, and when they saw people coming, they all bent over 90 degrees and shouted: “Welcome to Jing Shao to visit the underground city!”

There was no reaction with Ahu behind Jing Yichen, but Mu Qing was shocked.

He had been to the underground city to gamble before, but there was no such noise!

 Jing Yichen turned a blind eye and walked calmly.

A man who is not tall but extremely strong has bowed his waist and walked to Jing Yichen. With the most sincere smile: “Jing Shao is coming to visit, the black knife is honoured. You haven’t been here for a long time, but the brothers are missing!” ”

A younger brother standing on the promenade shocked the chin of the place.

The knife in the underworld trembled with a tremor, and even respected a young man! No one will believe when you say it!

 Jing Yichen just fainted “Hmm” and went on.

Into the spacious private room, did not wait for the black knife to sit still, Jing Yichen was cold and cold.

“You have recently taken over a list and I want to know who the family is.”

“Jing Shao, this, you are difficult for me this old knife, this rule on the road… I don’t dare to break the knife!” The black knife is cold and sweaty, and the ancestors of the list have been smashed for eight generations. All over, but only hard to scalp back.

One of the most important rules of the underworld is to strictly keep the home secret. Otherwise, if the victim knows the enemy, he will carry out crazy revenge. The black road will not be able to do black and black.

 Jing Yichen didn’t talk, but the body was more and more cold, and even the wood around him felt uncomfortable.

The black knife remembered the enthusiasm of Jing Yichen before, and he could not help but shudder.

Of course, he is not refusing to provide a home. He just can’t promise so much. He also wants Jing Yichen to know that the things he does are not so simple.

Refusing to provide a home to see who is right, met Jing Yichen, can only say that the home is unlucky, affecting his family’s overall business.

Ten years ago, the entire underground gangster was stirred up by Jing Yichen. At that time, in order to find a woman, he did not know how many brothers died, and even his life was almost confessed.

In recent years, the Black Red Society has regained the scale of the past, but it is not necessary to be relieved, and it will be killed by this living king!

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