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Chapter 26 She is not worthy of being a teacher?
 Shangguan Ning felt very embarrassed. He helped himself so much, but she didn’t know his name.

I was hesitating to ask, Zhao An An ran in with a gray-faced wooden green.

“A Ning, I caught a quack, to give you the pulse!”

 Shangguan Ning snorted and laughed, and then felt uncomfortable, and quickly received the sound.

That is to say, Zhao An An can be so confident that he has found a quack doctor to see a doctor.

But she believes that Zhao An An knows that she won’t take her body.

 Shangguan Ning stretched out his arm and smiled at Mu Qingdao: “Mu doctor, there is work.”

“Do you know me?” Mu Qing, even with his face, could not cover his temperament and style.

He grinned and revealed his white teeth: “This man said that I am a quack, you dare let me see?”

“I don’t know you, just listen to An An and mention you, and I believe in you!” Shangguan Ning seriously nodded, she actually believed in Zhao An An, but the words changed and changed.

The doctor is most happy that the patient is willing to believe in himself, and Mu Qing is no exception.

He glanced at Jing Yichen, who was sitting next to him. He didn’t have any expression, and he didn’t mention what he had seen her in the morning. Two fingers were placed on her white jade wrist.

This time, Shangguan Ning had both hands in his hands. After a few minutes, Mu Qing was a little surprised.

“Your physical recovery is very strong. After you have a good health, you should still exercise. In these few days, don’t mess around, eat more and sleep more, and you will soon be better.”

Mu Qing only knows what kind of medicine Shang Guan Ning used in the morning, and the effect of those medicines is clear.

 Zhao An An didn’t hear anything wrong, but Shangguan Ning immediately heard it.

“Will the doctor show me before?” If you haven’t seen it, how can I know that her body is recovering?

Mu Qing patted his head, bad, and said that he missed his mouth.

However, it seems that there is nothing to say, right?

“Yeah, I have already seen it once in the morning, and your physical condition is very good.”

 Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but look at Jing Yichen. He just faintly nodded: “Wood green medicine is good, let him come and see.”

 Shangguan Ning is grateful: “Thank you!”

 Zhao An An, although she called Mu Qingyong doctor in her mouth, she also knows that Mu Qing’s medical skills are very high, and he is very welcome. “Hey, wood eggs, hurry up the anointing of your family’s ancestors. A little scar, the old lady can’t spare you!”

Mu Qing snorted and ignored her. He turned to Jing Yichen’s thigh and was sneaked away by Jing Yichen.

“Good big brother, there will be such a fun thing in the future, calling the younger brother to go with you, the younger brother must behave better than today!”

 Zhao An An heard something that was fun, and he couldn’t attend to the joke, his “good big brother”, and asked: “What fun? I have to go!”

 Jing Yichen glanced at the cold blue, scared him to cover his mouth, seeming to know the wrong words.

He instinctively didn’t want Shangguan Ning to know about these anecdotes.

The other party is so embarrassed, I am afraid that she is not an opponent at all.

Those who are hidden behind him will be dealt with by him.

“It’s time for lunch, let’s go.”

 Jing Yichen said a faint sentence, then he went out and went out.

Mu Qing quickly followed him. Zhao An An slammed his feet and unwillingly sighed a few words, then went to help Shangguan Ning get out of bed.

 Shangguan Ning Although there are a lot of bruises and small wounds on the body, except for the wound on the head, the pain is painful, and the rest of the pain can be tolerated, not too serious.

“An An, I can go, nothing.”

“Don’t be stubborn, I know what you hurt, yesterday I changed clothes for you. After dinner, you still have to come back and lie down, I am responsible for taking care of you. Haha, look, I will also take care of people! My mother knows that she is happy, and she is not sure to send you a big red envelope!”

 Shangguan Ning was teased and smiled, but she felt that she had been living here.

“An An, after dinner, you still send me home, you can’t always live with your big brother, so he is not convenient.”

“This is inconvenient. You just live here. If you want something, you can tell Wang Hao that my brother is indifferent. You can’t see it.”

 Zhao An An didn’t worry about Shangguan Ning going home. She knew that Shangguan Ning’s mother had passed away, and she had been with her for half a year. She never heard her hear her father. That is to say, she should have no relatives around her.

“I have troubled him a lot, can’t give him any trouble. It’s actually very good, but men and women are different, I still go home to be more convenient.”

 Shangguan Ning tells the truth, there is no hiding. She really feels that it is not like living with a single man, especially like Jing Yichen. It won’t take long for me to lose my heart.

 Zhao An An saw her tone firm and knew that she couldn’t persuade her. She had to say, “Oh, but today, after dinner, I will go back. When I take the medicine with the egg, when others look at the sling, the medicine is definitely a trump card.”

 Shangguan Ning was relieved and grateful: “An An, thank you!”

“Don’t use these two words, go, eat! You are getting thinner, so you can’t, eat more today, my brother’s chef here is super!”

 Shangguan Ning never picks the food, but after eating the breakfast here this morning, she knows what is really delicious.

Even the simplest porridge, a dish of dish, can make the most beautiful taste, which makes people feel good.

After lunch, Zhao An An helped Shangguan Ning wipe the ointment from the hospital, and rested for a while. Shangguan Ning called the principal of X.

Expelling her, always give a statement.

 Zhao An An Although it is not rare for this job, but she dismissed her, she is also angry, but today she is anxious to come back to see Shangguan Ning, did not care about it.

Let Shangguan Ning make a phone call.

The phone was called several times before being connected, and obviously the other party was not willing to answer.

 Shangguan Ning glanced at Zhao An An and saw anger from the other’s eyes.

But when the phone was answered, Shangguan Ning immediately politely and respectfully said hello: “Hello, I am Shangguan Ning.”

The sound of the principal’s guest voice sounded: “Oh, Madam Shangguan, hello.”

 Shangguan Ning didn’t want to go around with him, and he went straight to the road: “Principal, I heard that the school fired me. What is the reason?”

The headmaster snorted and said with dissatisfaction: “Dream Shangguan, you lost such a big face to the school, are you still asking me why?!”

 Shangguan Ning tried to control her emotions and asked with a voice that was as gentle as possible: “Please ask the principal to explain clearly, how can I lose face to the school?”

The headmaster seems to be intolerable: “You seduce male teachers, male students, and **** in the office, and also give medicines to students. Some parents have already found them! You are not a moral person, not a teacher!”

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