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Chapter 27 Once again, choose to sacrifice her.
 Shangguan Ning heard it directly stunned, bursting into the brain, and then immediately became angry.

Obviously she is the victim, how can things become like this!

No wonder the school will expel her!

But she was angry and angry, knowing that this is definitely not the headmaster’s mischief, but the man behind Guo Shuai.

“President, you misunderstood, I didn’t have…”

Before she finished, she was interrupted by the headmaster: “Okay, you don’t have to explain it. Your business has had a bad influence on the school, but Shangguan deputy mayor has already pressed you down. It should be done. The compensation, he has also compensated for you, the newspaper will not report, the school does not need you to compensate for the loss, you can do it yourself!”

 Shangguan Ning was shocked and angry when he heard the words “Shangguan deputy mayor”.

What is the pressure? What is it for her compensation?

Those who have fallen into her still don’t know who to find. She believes that if she tries to confront her, she will soon find flaws and say that she seduce others, at least there is evidence!

Since she taught at X, she has only a handful of times talking to men alone, and where is the seduce!

The father didn’t care about her reputation at all. He was just afraid of spreading things to influence his official voice.

Therefore, he can’t wait to suppress it, no matter who is right or wrong, as long as it can be calm.

He has the ability to investigate things clearly, but in that case, the Shangguan family is likely to be pushed to the cusp.

He is the deputy mayor and will soon run for the mayor, for fear of a little mistake.

For his future, he once again chose to sacrifice her.

 Shang Guan Ning’s heart is as cold as ice water.

She paused for a little while, then muttered: “President, my things are not mentioned first, why was Zhao An An fired? She was trying to save me, not deliberately hurt the students, let alone that The student does have a problem.”

The headmaster did not know that Zhao An An was listening on the phone and heard the words unceremoniously: “She? There is no such thing as a teacher. I have been making myself the same as the underworld all day long. The school has long been dissatisfied with her! OK, I am busy here, no time to talk to you!”

The phone was hanged up and slammed, and the words that Shangguan Ning still wanted were blocked.

 Zhao An An has been gnashing his teeth and suddenly got up and said: “I am going to find my brother, they are too bullying!”

 Shangguan Ning grabbed her: “Don’t go, An An, don’t go, my business, I will solve it myself.”

 Zhao An An was hesitant. Her personality was awkward, but her mind was not stupid. Through the words of the principal, she guessed that Shangguan deputy mayor should be the father of Shangguan Ning.

After all, the surname Shangguan is too rare.

But what is this done by her father? Don’t you know that the victim is his daughter?

 Shangguan Ning also knows that Zhao An An should have guessed it. She doesn’t really want to hide anything, but she would rather not have such a father.

From small to large, she never felt father love, and some just used and hurt.

She was so stupid, she still had illusions, thinking that he always took her as a daughter in his heart. Unexpectedly, he was still so cold and bloodless.

Is it true that the mother who loved him deeply in the past was also hurt by him, and he would end his life in the most tragic way?

Since she left the country, she has never returned home. For her, there is no such thing as her home. Since her mother died, she has no home.

 Shangguan Ning took a deep breath and calmed down his sad and sad mood.

She looked at Zhao An An’s angry look, and she was very moved. Her Shangguan Ning’s life was not completely defeated, at least there was such a good friend who was with her.

She put down her mobile phone and held Zhao An An’s hand tightly. She apologized: “I am tired of you, or you are cooking school.”

“A condensate, you don’t have to blame yourself, it doesn’t matter to you. You also heard it. The school has long since seen that I am not pleasing to the eye. I don’t like to stay in that kind of restraint. Now it’s just right, I can manage it wholeheartedly. My western restaurant.”

Two people said for a while, Zhao An An Western Restaurant just started to operate soon, there are still a lot of things, connected a few phone calls, and then hurriedly left.

 Shangguan Ning was very tired physically and mentally, and slept unconsciously.

 Jing Yichen came to see her and soon went out again.

“Ahu, is the name Guo dead?”

A tiger said: “No, there is still a breath.”

 Jing Yichen looks cold and has a hot and spicy temperament: “Don’t let him die. At this time, he can’t let him go wrong. Send him back, be optimistic, he should be born to die.”

“Yes, young master.” Ahu responded with a voice.

 Jing Yichen ordered him to make a few phone calls and began to deal with his official duties. Another week he will officially take over the Jingsheng Group, and there is a lot to do.

Today, I was going to see several major shareholders of Jingsheng Group, but Shangguan Ning is here, he is inexplicably not wanting to go out, so they are pushed back.

 Shangguan Ning felt sleepy until late, and when she got up, she felt a lot better and her body was not so tired.

The effect of Muqing is really good.

She got out of bed and went to the living room downstairs.

 Jing Yichen’s villa is a very large area with three floors. The decoration is low-key and luxurious, with a wide view and beautiful scenery.

Because of the evening, the blushing sunset glowed into the villa through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and there was a dreamlike beauty.

At the moment, there are only domestic helpers Wang Hao and a chef. The chef is busy in the kitchen for dinner. Wang Hao is carefully wiping the white marble dining table in the living room and placing a bunch of elegant white white orchids.

Wang Hao sees Shangguan Ning coming down from the second floor and smiling attentively and asks her: “Shangguan Bigsis, why don’t you take a break, dinner is done, I will send it to you.”

 Shangguan Ning also smiled and talked to Wang Hao: “No need to worry, I am much better, not so delicate.”

“The young master said, if you feel bored, just walk around and visit the villa. Usually, the young master rarely comes with people. There are so many good things in the villa.”

 Shangguan Ning At the moment, there is no trace of the visit to the villa. She now wants to leave here and go to the cold home for an explanation.

“Wang Hao, your young master? I have something to go, I am afraid I can’t have dinner here, don’t prepare for me. Please tell him for me, thank you for his hospitality.”

Wang Haoyi, hurry up and stop Shangguan Ning: “Shangguan Bigsis, my young master is in the study room upstairs, why don’t you personally thank him for saying goodbye?”

Just kidding, the young master is obviously very concerned about the woman in front of her, she can not make her own claim to let people go.

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