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Chapter 28 is distressed by her
 Shangguan Ning thought about it and felt that she should really say goodbye to Jing Yichen in good faith.

Moreover, she wants to know how Guo Shuai is doing. Listening to Zhao An An, Guo Shuai has been arrested by Jing Yichen.

If she can, she has to ask Guo Shuai personally, who is helping him behind the scenes.

She doesn’t want to happen like this in the future.

As for Guo Shuai himself, she believes that Zhao An An must have been venting for her, and it is not bad to have a life now.

 Shangguan Ning didn’t know that the person who exeyed her was not Zhao An An, but the handsome and indifferent man.

In the direction pointed by Wang Hao, she went up to the second floor and walked to the front of the study room and knocked on the door.

Inside, Jing Yichen’s low-pitched voice: “Come in.”

 Shangguan Ning pushed the door open and saw Jing Yichen looking at her seriously, with a stack of thick documents next to her.

Obviously, he is dealing with work.

 Shangguan Ning apologized: “Sorry, Mr. Zhao, I am bothering you.”

 Jing Yichen turned back and nodded to her faintly: “You wait, I will handle it very quickly.”

“Well, you are busy first.” Shangguan Ning smiled and motioned that he would not care about her.

In the entire study, there is only an empty chair next to Jing Yichen.

 Shangguan Ning walked to the side and sat down, trying not to make a sound, so as not to disturb him who was working.

The study was very quiet. After Shang Guan Ning looked at the study, he stared at the serious man who looked at it seriously.

From her point of view, just can see his side face.

The nose is good, the lips look good, the eyes are like the stars in the night, the deep rays are accumulated, the eyelashes look longer than her, and the side faces are clearly defined, like a perfect artwork.

He wore a simple white checkered shirt, and the sleeves were pulled up to reveal a strong arm.

Such a simple dress, but he was wearing extraordinary, bright lights on his body, so that his elegant aristocratic temperament is undoubted.

He looks so good, it should be the most handsome man she has ever seen.

Thinking that she was holding him in a semi-conscious coma yesterday, Shangguan Ning’s face was a little hot immediately.

 Jing Yichen took care of his hand and turned around and saw Shangguan Ning’s blushing look.

His lips were slightly raised, revealing an imperceptible smile.

It seems that he deliberately let her come in and wait for a while is correct!

He walked to Shangguan Ning and asked some questions: “What’s wrong, the face is so red, is it starting to have a fever? Where is it uncomfortable?”

 Shangguan Ning just wanted to shake her head, and a generous and warm big hand touched her smooth and full forehead, which made her body stiff.

His hand was scented with a hint of mint, and the hot temperature in his palm passed from her forehead to the whole body.

Her face is redder – she is not used to being so intimate with the opposite sex.

 Jing Yichen looked at the people around him more and more red, and the curvature of the lips was getting bigger and bigger.

Seeing her very embarrassed, he is more and more trying to tease her.

“It seems that there is no fever, your blush is so powerful, no, or ask a doctor to check it out.”

He said a serious, plus a cold face, Shangguan Ning has no doubt that someone is deliberately teasing her.

 Shangguan Ning took a deep breath and raised his hand to remove Jing Yichen’s palm from his forehead and whispered: “I’m fine, don’t call a doctor.”

Called the doctor, she has to be thrown to death.

However, he is very caring.

Poor Shangguan Ning, who still regards Jing Yichen as a good person, feels that his ill-intention is caring.

The smooth and soft touch disappeared from the palm of your hand, and Jing Yichen was somewhat lost.

But he quickly adjusted his mood and returned to the chair to sit down and asked, “What happened to you when you came to me?”

If nothing happens, he feels that with the character of Shangguan Ning, he will not come to the study to find him.

 Jing Yichen opened her distance with Shangguan Ning and she felt a lot more comfortable.

She didn’t have such close contact with the man, even though it was Xie Zhuojun. In addition to his unconsciousness, she sat next to him and told him stories every day, and there was no contact. After he woke up, he fell in love with Shangguan RouXue, and Shangguan Ning never even had a problem with him.

The blush on her face faded, showing her pale complexion.

 Shangguan Ning whispered: “Thank you for taking care of me, I can’t bother you anymore. I will go home soon, I will not eat it after dinner, and I will come to you with a special purpose.”

 Jing Yichen frowned slightly, I don’t know why Shangguan Ning suddenly went.

Living here, she is not used to it?

 Jing Yichen didn’t stay with her for a few more days, but she couldn’t help but say: “If you have dinner, then you will be settled.”

She is not here for dinner, but where can I eat?

Now still sick, the back of the head is still covered with gauze, a white face like paper, shouting to go, do not know that I feel bad!

 Shangguan Ning opened his mouth and wanted to refuse. He looked at Jing Yichen’s look of anger, but he couldn’t open his mouth.

She is not stupid, although he is cold-faced and his tone is not very good, but she can still tell that he is caring about himself.

She flashed a warm stream in her heart and finally nodded and promised to come down.

 Jing Yichen saw her nodding, and she was a little comfortable.

 Shangguan Ning was silent for a while and asked: “Is Guo Shuai here? I have something to ask.”

When I mentioned this name, Jing Yichen gave a cold feeling to the whole person.

He can’t wait to kill Guo Shuai, but this person must keep it, otherwise Shangguan Ning’s things in school are even more unclear.

He was silent for a moment, guessing that Shangguan Ning should know someone behind Guo Shuai.

“I let people let him go. If he doesn’t appear for a long time, it will be more disadvantageous for you. If you have any questions, you can ask me. Maybe, I know more than him.”

 Shangguan Ning heard the words and looked up at once.

It seems that he already knows what the school had expelled from her, and also knew the rumors that were bad for her.

He is helping her again.

However, he said that he knows more than Guo Shuai knows?

 Shangguan Ning feels that talking to such a smart and powerful person like him does not require a round-robin, so he bluntly said: “This is not something that Guo Shuai does alone. It should be someone who helps him, and this person is powerful and can help him. Exempt from all the consequences of doing evil. This person should have hatred with me, but I don’t remember to provoke such a person. So, I want to know who this person is.”

 Jing Yichen Listened to her, and it took a long time to “faint”.

When something happened, she was very calm after the initial panic, and she was able to reasonably analyze the whole thing. She did not want to retaliate against the person who hurt her.

He should praise her for being wise and calm, or should she say she is stupid.

She is just an ordinary girl. It happened like this, crying to kill Guo Shuai is what she should do, instead of pressing the pain in my heart and calmly asking for justice.

He is so distressed by her.

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