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Chapter 29 Big Bigsis is back
 Jing Yichen looked at Shangguan Ning’s pale face and insisted on it. She suddenly didn’t know if she should tell her the answer.

The facts are often cruel, and lies are wonderful.

However, if not, he is worried that Shangguan Ning has been kept in the dark and will suffer in the future.

“I asked the surname Guo, and found the person on the Tao in his words. The person on the Tao said that someone paid a big price to help him.”

“who is it?”

 Jing Yichen silently, but still said: “Shangguan deputy mayor.”

As soon as these words came out, Shangguan Ning’s heart suddenly fell to the bottom, and she subconsciously shouted: “This is impossible!”

 Jing Yichen couldn’t bear it. He knew that if he knew that his father was harming himself, no one could accept it.

But today they tortured the people of the Black Red Society and finally got an answer like this.

It should not be wrong.

 Shangguan Ning is hard to add, but still refuses to believe.

“This is impossible. Even if he does not take me as a daughter, does not like me, and does not do such a thing to me, it does not have any benefit to him.”

She muttered to herself and gradually became awake from the panic.

This incident has become more and more eccentric, and there are flaws everywhere, but the person behind this incident must want to put her to death.

 Shangguan Zheng is her father, he will trade with her, it is because of profitability.

This matter has no advantage for him who is about to compete with the mayor. There is a daughter who is surrounded by ****, which will be a great stain for him.

With her understanding of Shangguan Zheng, he will never do this.

Thinking of this, Shangguan Ning raised his head and looked at Jing Yichen and asked, “Is it wrong?”

 Jing Yichen looked at her clear eyes, and the clean, beautiful eyes reflected his appearance, making him feel so beautiful.

He didn’t know much about Shangguan Ning’s family. Now, listening to her, the original firmness of her heart is also shaken.

“Maybe it was a mistake, I will ask again tomorrow.”

 Shangguan Ning nodded gratefully, but felt too much trouble for him. He couldn’t help but say: “If I ask myself, you have helped me a lot.”

 Jing Yichen gave her a faint look: “You can wait for my message, you don’t have to go.”

 Shangguan Ning knew that there was no room for negotiation. She smiled at him and turned and walked out of the study.

Her smile, warm and comfortable, like the sun after the rain, fell in his eyes, stirred up the microwave in his heart.

The dinner was unusually rich and filled with a long marble dining table.

 Jing Yichen saw the horror of Shangguan Ning’s eyes, his heart was pleasant, and his lips were bent in a faint curvature: “If you don’t know your preference, do more and try it.”

 Shangguan Ning was really shocked. These meals were enough for ten people to eat.

She has always liked to waste food. When she eats, she will habitually eat it all. Once she has left, she will always feel awkward. This problem has even become obsessive-compulsive.

Looking at such a large table dish, it can be difficult for her to give up, and the delicate eyebrows can not help but wrinkle up: “Too much, it is wasteful to eat, and don’t do so much next time.”

 Jing Yichen saw her a simple look, only looking at the food, did not realize that there was a problem with the words, and she could not help but feel good.

It seems that she is inadvertently looking forward to eating together next time.

It’s not that he bothered to prepare for so much.

Two people quietly used up the dinner, Jing Yichen drove Shangguan Ning back.

 Shangguan Ning wanted to swear, but Jing Yichen didn’t give her a chance to open her into the co-pilot position. She sat in the driver’s seat and did not hesitate to drive the car out.

Somehow, Shangguan Ning is not exclusive to him. He is not a person who always hates self-assertion.

She gently shook her head in her heart and said to Jing Yichen: “Trouble you to send me to the villa area.”

The Shifang Villa District is a high-end residential community developed by Jingsheng Group. All of them live in Daguan, and the confidentiality and preservation measures are first-class in the whole city.

 Jing Yichen is about to take over the Jingsheng Group and knows the situation in City A. He knows that the Shangguan deputy mayor family lives in the villa area.

He glanced at her and nodded faintly: “Okay.”

The car stopped at the gate of the community. Shangguan Ning got out of the car and glanced at the high steps at the door. The heart was sad and bitter.

She turned her head to Jing Yichen and barely smiled: “Thank you for sending me back, be careful on the way back.”

 Jing Yichen nodded lightly and then drove away.

 Shangguan Ning watched the silver-white car disappear, packed up his mood, and calmed down the steps.

She has not returned for more than four years. The security guards in the community have changed people. She has confirmed her identity for a while before letting her in.

She had just arrived at the door, and the servant at home had already found her. She immediately ran in and reported: “The big Bigsis is back, Big Bigsis is back!”

 Shangguan Ning took a deep breath and walked into a place where she would rather not return forever.

In the very elegant and spacious living room, a family of three is sitting on the sofa, drinking tea in a warm and inviting place, eating the fruit after dinner, Shangguan RouXue seems to say something, Shangguan Zheng has a loving smile on his face.

Such a beautiful and harmonious scene immediately stung the eyes of Shangguan Ning.

It was originally her most beautiful home, and the ones that lived in it should be the parents who love her, not the people who are embarrassed!

 When Shangguan Ning came in, the laughter of the three people in the living room disappeared without a trace, and replaced by a cold atmosphere.

It seems that she is the outsider, she is the extra one!

Stepmother Yang Wenzhao first came back to her, and her face was full of expressions of concern: “Little Ning is back, great, you haven’t been home for a long time, come sit, don’t be restrained.”

 Shangguan Ning sneer: “Mrs. laughed, here is my home, why am I bound? Why, I don’t surname Shangguan?”

Yang Wenzhao didn’t expect to be stunned by Shangguan Ning when he opened his mouth. He hated his teeth and his face was grievances. His expression was exactly the same as that of Shangguan RouXue: “How come, here is always your home, I And your father has been looking forward to seeing you back.”

This little monk has not seen more than four years, and even more and more teeth are sharper, and the speech is getting more and more difficult to hear.

Oh, in the end, she was not driven out by her. Shangguan Zheng also hated her more and more.

She has been serving a vegetative person for so many years, and in the end it is not cheaper for her daughter! People Xie Zhuojun can’t beat her at all!

Nothing, see when she can be arrogant!

 Shangguan RouXue saw the atmosphere getting worse and worse, immediately ran to Shangguan Ning, hugged her arm, revealing a naive smile, with a happy tone: “big sister, you are willing to come back, I last made I’m going to find you, I just want you to go home, big sister, don’t blame me anymore, okay?”

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