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Chapter 3 Introduction Object
 Zhao An An is also a teacher of X. To be exact, she is an associate professor of X. She is a foreign language department with Shangguan Ning. Shangguan Ning teaches spoken English and Zhao An An teaches English and American literature.

Two people entered X big on the same day, and their birthday was only one day. The temper was thrown in the temper. Sometimes someone was in a hurry, another person would help with the class, and they would have to go shopping and fitness together on weekends. They would soon become friends.

But the two people are very tacit, but they ask each other’s private affairs. When they have difficulties, they help each other, but they give each other a certain amount of space.

 Zhao An An can be said to be Shangguan Ning’s best friend in four years.

For Zhao An An, the same is true for Shangguan Ning.

However, Zhao An An is somewhat like a boy. He is very sloppy on weekdays. He is only three minutes away from doing things. He did not expect to open a restaurant himself.

 Shangguan Ning depressed her heart and was very happy for her friend. She smiled at Zhao An An with a shallow smile: “It turned out that this Victorian is your western restaurant, very good. It seems that I can save it in the future. I have a lot of money.”

Yingying’s lamp shines on her face without powder, and the soft black long hair spreads freely. The skin is white and jade, and the facial features are just right. At this moment, Xiao Xiao An can’t help but feel a little lost.

“What’s wrong?” Shangguan Ning saw Zhao An An staring at herself. She thought she had just eaten a sticky rice on her face and was busy taking out the napkin on the table.

 Zhao An An laughs: “Shangguan big sis, I was stunned by your smile! Don’t just laugh at people in the future, you won’t pay for it!”

 Shangguan Ning knows that he is not ugly, but he never feels how beautiful he is.

From small to large, she has been used to compare with Shangguan RouXue, always the ugly duckling that sets off the white swan.

“Oh, is this Little Xue? It’s really longer and more beautiful, and it must be a big beauty in the future! Hey… this one is a little Ning, it looks like a tall…”

“Little Xue got the first place again, and the scholarship is indispensable! Hey, Little Ning, this time going forward two, yes, learn more with Little Xue, next time to fight for the top ten, big sister can’t test little sister, More shame!”

“Hey, I heard that, Shangguan RouXue is in love with the school school Song Zixuan of the school. How can she be so good, Song Zixuan is not only handsome, but also good in performance, and she is so envious of her…”

“Extraordinary news, Shangguan RouXue’s big sister Shangguan Ning is dating a vegetal! It seems that it is worth watching people’s money, and willing to keep alive! Shangguan RouXue has such a big sister, it is really a face, really worth it for her… …”

“Shangguan Ning, my Xie Zhuojun love is Shangguan RouXue, not you, she is the most worthy woman in the world, you don’t want to entangle! Can you come up with a big sister! ”

I don’t know how the past suddenly jumped into her mind, and the cruelty of the language seemed to be clearly visible.

 Zhao An An See Shangguan Ning’s face is wrong, busy: “What’s wrong, I said the wrong thing?”

 Shangguan Ning turned back and shook his head gently, erasing those bad memories.

She looked at Zhao An An’s sunny face, her lips curved and her voice soft: “Of course not, your taste is very good, Zhao boss, um, then you can remember to say that every day, I can’t help but boast.” ”

 Zhao An An saw her face seriously and snorted and said: “Haha, it turns out that your face is so thick!”

 Shangguan Ning was infected by Zhao An An’s emotions and could not help but laugh.

The two laughed for a while, Zhao An An suddenly close to her ear, mysterious and said: “Really, the fat and water are not flowing outside the field, we are such a good sister, it is better to be my nephew!”

 Shangguan Ning was shocked. I guess she should have seen the scene with Guo Shuai and hurriedly waved: “You know all day long, there is no formality, and then I will ignore you.”

“I didn’t talk nonsense, that is, you and I are willing to say, I don’t give an introduction to the average person!”

“An An, I know you are good to me, but…”

 Zhao An An swears hard, does not listen to what Shang Ning said, directly interrupts her, and screams: “Oh, nothing. You have never seen my brother, not my self-satisfied little sister.” My brother is still not worthy of the general. The temperament is outstanding, the value of the burst is explosive, the IQ of EQ can break the Guinness World Record, and the figure is good enough to kill all females between the ages of eight and eighty, and there is absolutely no smudge. Grass, idle troubles!”

 Shangguan Ning listened to Zhao An An’s unbridled praise for her big brother. She was obviously exaggerating, but little sister worshipped the big brother. It was normal. She couldn’t say anything, so she listened quietly.

“…He, I love girls from childhood to big, and there are boys who like him, but he is the most self-sufficient, and he is not willing to tell people in a word. Every day is to study hard, right, he is a schoolmaster. !”

Is this self-cleaning? This is a lonely disease!

“He can pay attention to eating, green leaves don’t eat, too hard to eat, not good to eat…”

Girl, he is not particular about it, it is the picky eater!

“The dog he raised has bitten people. He never blames it. Instead, he feeds better. He fears that when he goes out to bite, he can’t run away. My brother is really kind…”

The word “goodness” doesn’t seem to be so useful.

I met Zhao An An for half a year, and for the first time she saw such a boyish temper.

 Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but shake his head, but Zhao An An grabbed his arm: “Okay, it’s settled. My brother just returned home last month, still at home, tomorrow is just Saturday, no class, you see it. !”

“That, no… no need, you big brother, so… excellent, I’m afraid there are a lot of people competing, I won’t join in the fun.”

“Don’t hesitate, you can’t see people’s eyes. I believe that I will never harm you.”

Yes, Zhao An An is right. She can’t really see her eyes. She thought that Xie Zhuojun would be her beloved, and the result was a big mistake. She thought that Guo Shuai was very good and the result was wrong.

However, Zhao An An’s eyes… she is also deeply doubtful.

What else did she say, Zhao An An immediately revealed a fierce expression: “Why, beautiful, can’t you be me? I can’t even take my brother with me? I don’t want to give it to you, this time. In the evening, you can’t walk out of this black shop!”

In her words, the sound was already a bit big, and a couple of neighbors who came to the table looked over.

She smeared her own restaurant like this, and she was not afraid to scare away the guests.

 Shangguan Ning was afraid that she would say something messy. She had to nod and promised: “When you go, I will see your brother, and you will scare away the guests when you first opened the business.”

 Zhao An An was finally satisfied, and the look was quite exciting: “Well, you promised it, at 7 o’clock tomorrow night, come to my Victorian sale, oh no, meet!”

Looking at Zhao An An’s look, Shangguan Ning raised an ominous premonition: how did it feel like she was sold by her?

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