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Chapter 30 Shangguan Ning’s Madness
 Shangguan Ning “啪” slammed Shangguan RouXue’s hand, cold face and rude road: “Let’s stay away from me!”

If she doesn’t shoot the hand, Shangguan RouXue will definitely fall tonight, and everyone will think she is doing it.

Such a trick she has encountered countless times, from the beginning of the flustered desperate interpretation, to anyone who misunderstood a word, and then to the present to start.

 Shangguan RouXue sighed with a weak voice, and Yang Wenxi hugged her with a distressed look and hurriedly looked at her arm.

Her beautiful nephew is full of tears, as if there are endless grievances: “big sister, you still blame me, right?”

 Shangguan Ning sneered and gave her the answer she most wanted to hear: “Yes!”

 Shangguan RouXue didn’t seem to think she would answer this way, saddened: “big sister, I… I really love Zhuojun, I didn’t mean it! If you hate me, I… I left him and gave him back. How are you? Big sister, I beg you, forgive me, I am so sad…”

 Shangguan Ning said nothing, let her play in Yang Wenzhao’s arms.

 Shangguan Zheng couldn’t bear it, pointing her at her anger: “Enough! When you come back, you will disturb your dog and dog. You still have my father in your eyes! You get out of me!”

 Shangguan Ning showed a mocking smile on his face and ironically said: “The deputy mayor, I have said a lot from the entrance door, all your wife and daughter are singing big drama, how, they sang enough Let me go? My play hasn’t sung yet!”

“I don’t want to hear anything, you get out of me, don’t come back later! I Shangguan Zheng doesn’t have such a shameless daughter!”

 Shangguan Ning is extremely rude, revealing a layer of scars in his heart: “Hah, now I don’t have my daughter? Why don’t you tell me when I gave it to a vegetative person seven years ago? I want to throw it away when I finish using it. It’s the most cost-effective deal in the world!”

This sentence seriously broke Shangguan Zheng’s face and stabbed his self-esteem. He was furious and gave Shangguan Ning a slap in the face.

The slamming sound of “啪”, Shangguan Ning’s face immediately swollen, and the five reddish fingerprints on the white face were clearly visible.

She wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth and suddenly laughed like crazy.

She smiled and her tears spilled out.

“Why, when it comes to the pain in your heart? Take your daughter for the future, do you do it, don’t let me say it?! You also feel shameful, you can’t look down on yourself, but the one who despise you the most, it’s me!”

“You shut me up!” Shangguan Zheng’s forehead bursting out of his forehead, his fists clenched tightly, and he couldn’t wait to give her a slap in the face.

 Shangguan RouXue saw that he was going to beat someone. He hugged him and hugged his arm. He advised him softly: “Dad, don’t be angry, big sister is angry for a while, don’t blame her!”

She said, looking at Shangguan Ning again: “big sister, you said the wrong thing, apologize to Dad, Dad will forgive you!”

 Shangguan Ning turned a deaf ear to her words as if she didn’t exist.

Her back was straight, her chin lifted up slightly, and her eyes looked coldly at Shangguan Zheng: “I am coming today, I just want to ask you, the school thing, are you sending someone to do it!”

 Shangguan Zheng didn’t expect her to ask this question, and she became more and more annoyed at the time: “What good is it that I send people to do this kind of thing! Are you getting mad? This kind of thing can also doubt me! Hurry and get out, I I don’t want to see you for a moment!”

Listening to him, Shangguan Ning was relieved.

For more than 20 years, her father and daughter, she still knows a little about Shangguan Zheng. If he says no, then there must be no.

However, he did not find someone to help Guo Shuai harm her, but did not help her, but for himself, use money to calm everything.

 The tears in Shangguan Ning’s eyes gradually dried up, and the face returned to calmness and coldness: “You know that I am innocent, but I don’t want to find those people who are confronted. I am afraid that those people will make a big impact on your future. It doesn’t matter, you don’t need you. Help me, I will find out for myself! I will let everyone in the city know that the daughter of Shangguan deputy mayor is being squandered and is being framed!”

“You dare!” Shangguan Zheng trembled with anger, he is now in a high position, and no one has dared to talk to him for so many years!

A lot of things are getting darker and darker, so this matter must be suppressed. No matter what the truth is, it doesn’t matter. It is important to let everyone shut up!

“I don’t have anything to dare! My fiancé is gone, my family is gone, my work is lost, and my life is almost lost! The end of the road, killing, as long as I don’t die, you don’t think too much!”

 Shangguan Zheng picked up the teacup on the table and went to Shangguan Ning.

 Shangguan Ning flashed and escaped the teacup, but was splashed by the hot tea in the quilt.

The teacup slammed into the floor and suddenly fell apart.

“Reversely! You are not a filial daughter! I have raised you so much, you are so rewarding the birth of health!” Shangguan Zheng feels that this is a big-eyed wolf!

From the cultivation of Xiaojinyi jade food, when he grows up, he has to retaliate against him! As a daughter, she is doing something for her father, isn’t it supposed to be! ?

 Shangguan Ning turned white, letting the water drop from the face, cold and cold: “I gave birth to me, only my mother, your father loves to the illegitimate daughter, never gave me!”

“Your mother has died!” Shangguan Zheng angry.

 The calm of Shangguan Ning suddenly ceased to exist, and the whole person shivered slightly. The sharp voice revealed an indescribable heartache: “Then tell me how my mother died! Why did she leave me, why? suicide!”

This is the deepest scar in Shangguan Ning’s heart, which no one can touch.

Once someone touches it, she will be crazy immediately and hysterically.

“Oh…” Her laughter was hoarse and horrible, with a terrifying sense of horror.

“In this house, there are my mother’s blood everywhere. She is so miserable, so painful, she will not look at it! You slept here at night, didn’t she come to see you? Are you sleeping so calmly? In the house she personally arranged? I hope my revenge, my mom didn’t wait too long…”

The death of his ex-wife is also a thorn in Shangguan Zheng’s heart. It can’t be easily touched on weekdays. Now Shangguan Ning has slammed this thorn into his heart.

He couldn’t help but anger: “She is suicidal, what is the relationship with others! She is careful with her own eyes and can’t tolerate others!”

 Shangguan Ning looked at him with a cold smile: “You are so generous, how can you not even have your own daughter! My mother should let a woman of unknown origin come to the door with a child of unknown origin! You commit yourself The fault, why should my mother bear the consequences!”

She raised her hand to wipe off the tea stains on her face and said something that made the rest of the three people stunned: “If you force me again, I will go to the municipal party committee to report the name. Shangguan deputy mayor is derailed in marriage and has a private relationship with Xiaosan. The raw girl, afraid of the wife to say it, combined with the young three cruelly killed her!”

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