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Chapter 32 High Cold God is forced to marry
In the early morning of the deep winter, the sun rises lazily, and in the senior ward of Mu’s Hospital, it penetrates into the warm and soft sunshine.

 Shangguan Ning’s biological clock wakes her up at 6:30 on time.

The purpose is to be a clean white, with a hint of disinfectant in the air, and a good lily flower.

 Shangguan Ning Lying in bed, there is a moment of embarrassment, where is this?

She raised her hand and tried to open the broken hair in front of her eyes, only to find that her hand was held by a warm big hand.

Her movements woke up Jing Yichen, who was resting by the bed.

He looked up and looked at Shangguan Ning’s eyes wide and surprised, and could not help but reveal a faint smile: “Wake up?”

His voice was a little hoarse, but he was still very nice. His faint smile made the sunshine coming in the morning eclipsed.

 Shangguan Ning was slightly jumping in her heart. She was busy diverting her attention and whispered: “Where is this?”

“Mu’s Hospital, you fainted last night.”

 Jing Yichen said that the memory of last night immediately poured into Shangguan Ning’s mind. She only remembered that she was crying in his arms. I didn’t expect myself to cry.

This is really a shame.

She was out of control yesterday, and her backlog of grievances broke out in an instant. At that time, she only wanted to have a solid embrace that would allow her to rely on her. Now she wants to feel that she is doing something wrong.

Moreover, looking at him, it seems that she stayed with her in the hospital for a whole night!

Her heart was filled with a touch of emotion, knowing that he owed him a big favor.

“Thank you last night, you helped me again.”

 Shangguan Ning said as she slowly sat up, and she wanted to take her hand back from Jing Yichen’s hand without any trace.

 Jing Yichen felt that her gestures were not only loose, but her grips were getting tighter. Her hands are delicate and tender, soft and boneless, and very comfortable to hold.

 Shangguan Ning’s hand was wrapped tightly by his big hand, and his hand uploaded his hot temperature, and she immediately blushed her face.

 Jing Yichen looked at her face in a moment, red like a ripe apple, could not help but sneer: “How can it be so easy to blush, hold a hand, and will not eat you.”

When he finished, he let go of her soft hand and turned and walked out of the ward.

 Shangguan Ning is stunned.

Is this her… being teased? !

She sat on the hospital bed for a while before she got out of bed and washed it with the hospital’s disposable sanitary ware.

Although the breakfast provided by Mushi Hospital to patients and their families was rich and delicate, Jing Yichen did not eat it at all.

 Shangguan Ning simply ate something and thought it tasted good. She has a new understanding of Jing Yichen’s harsh food.

After breakfast, Shangguan Ning went to Jing Yichen’s car and followed him back to Lijing Community.

Just getting on the bus, Jing Yichen’s mobile phone began to ring, he looked at the phone, did not bother, just concentrate on driving.

 Shangguan Ning sat in the passenger seat and inadvertently saw his cell phone caller showing “grandmother”.

She was a bit strange. Jing Yichen didn’t pick up his grandmother’s phone, but they were not familiar with the phone call, so she just sat there silently, but she didn’t hear it.

The phone has been ringing for more than a dozen times. Jing Yichen was defeated by the other party’s persistence and answered the phone with a cold face.

“Bad grandson, why don’t you pick up your grandmother’s phone!” When the phone was connected, there was a voice of a full-fledged old lady, and even the voice of Shangguan Ning could be heard.

 Jing Yichen’s face is a little black, a touch of the road: “Is there something?”

“Grandma heard that you transferred the helicopter to An An’s school? What happened? The newspaper said that it was a local tyrant who opened a helicopter to pick up his girlfriend from school. Do you have a girlfriend?”

He knew that the old lady must have asked this question. It was really not easy for her to endure asking the matter the next day.

He lie naked without eyes: “Yes An An was counted, I went to give her a support.”

The old lady was not stupid at all, she was not fooled by her grandson, but she knew that her grandson would not tell the truth at all, and she began to talk about it: “I didn’t say it last time, introduce a girl to you, come home tonight. Eat, see you by the way…”

Before she finished, she was interrupted by Jing Yichen coldly: “No time.”

Then he hangs up the phone.

 Shangguan Ning is sitting next to Jing Yichen, and the old lady’s voice is very loud. She can’t hear it.

She wants to laugh a bit. It turns out that he is as cold as handsome, and he is forced to be forced to marry at home!

 Jing Yichen saw Shangguan Ning’s smile and hard-pressed look, and his heart was suddenly blocked and his face was darker.

His pranks were generally fiercely accelerating, and Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but scream.

The silver-white luxury sports car ran all the way, constantly surpassing the vehicles around, and the second time almost wiped the car, the race car was even more thrilling.

When I arrived at the Lijing Community, Shangguan Ning’s face was a bit whitish.

 Jing Yichen feels comfortable, but regrets it. I feel that I have been there before. I don’t know if she will scare her.

“Are you OK?”

His voice was a little cautious, as if she was afraid that she was angry, and Shangguan Ning’s heart was soft.

In fact, she was not afraid at all. This kind of thrilling, she has not experienced it for a long time, and it feels very good.

She just can’t believe that a mature, cold and indifferent person like Jing Yichen would do such a thing.

It’s not just laughing that he was forced to marry, he just retaliated, it’s really careful.

She glanced at him and vomited two words: “Childish!”

 Jing Yichen saw her look and knew that she was not really angry, he was relieved.

I also know that my behavior today is really naive. This is what a young 20-year-old has done. He is already thirty-two years old.

I don’t know what’s going on, he will always be very relaxed around her, and doing things is not as sensible as usual.

His lips showed a faint smile: “Well, I haven’t been naive for a long time. When I grow up, I have all the responsibilities. It’s good to be naive now, just hope that I won’t scare you.”

 Shangguan Ning turned his head and glanced at him. When he saw his eyebrows, he recovered his former indifference and indifference. Somehow, his heart hurts.

If you don’t have life, you will be indifferent, and he will not be easy to live.

 Jing Yichen parked the car and the two got out of the car and entered the elevator together.

When the sixth floor arrived, when Shangguan Ning got out of the elevator, Jing Yichen’s low-pitched voice rang at her back: “Pill on time, I will find me on the 27th floor.”

 Shangguan Ning turned and Jing Yichen’s handsome figure fell into her eyes.

His eyes seem to be more beautiful than usual, revealing a gentle light that makes people fall unconsciously.

The elevator slowly closed, separating the two people and it seemed that they were not separated.

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