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Chapter 33 New work
 Shangguan Ning came home and simply cleaned herself.

There are still injuries on her body, especially the wound on the back of the head. It has been faintly painful. She has been licking her and can’t touch the water. She can only wash it.

At that time, Guo Shuai played really hard, just like how much hatred they hated.

She has been very cautious, and in the end she still provoked the disaster.

Sometimes, it is useless to simply withdraw the concession, and it should be countered when the counterattack.

She packed her emotions and tried to make myself happy. Now that I don’t have to go to work, I can take a rest at home.

She wants to take this time and hurry to find a good house to move out, otherwise her aunt will not necessarily come to the cousin to come to the door.

I have to go to her coffee shop to see it in a few days. She hasn’t been there for a month, and she doesn’t know how it works.

In the coffee shop, she hired a special person to take care of it. It was an old shop that she had already operated before she went abroad. There were more old customers and the business was always good.

Operating a warm and romantic coffee shop, giving a rest and rest to a restful place, has always been a mother’s wish, but unfortunately, she did not realize until the last moment of her life, every moment of her life is for her own Husband and daughter are busy, she has been paying never asking for a return.

 Shangguan Ning When she thought of her mother’s inexplicable suicide, her hatred grew stronger and her tears fell uncontrollably.

But she knows that her mother is most reluctant to see her crying, and she likes her happy and happy.

 Shangguan Ning tried hard to cheer up and thought about re-finding a job. She is a returning doctoral graduate, and there is no need for anyone.

She just started to open the web page to see the recruitment information, and the phone rang.

The caller ID shows 舅舅.

She quickly picked it up.

On the phone, Huang Lixin’s voice was concerned about love: “Little Ning, I am awkward, how are you doing?”

“I am very good, don’t worry.” Shangguan Ning deliberately reveals a relaxed feeling, and wants Huang Lixin to rest assured.

However, the next words of Huang Lixin immediately returned her to the original shape.

“I heard that you are not working at school?”

Huang Lixin only used the most euphemistic statement. He actually knew that Shangguan Ning was dismissed by the school, but because of the specifics, the school did not leak anything. It was obvious that some people were tyrannical.

 Shangguan Ning is not too unexpected. He has been watching her silently behind her. She was dismissed by the school. He couldn’t help but know that it was only sooner or later.

She gently “hmm”, and was afraid of his fear, and said with a smile: “Nothing, I want to take a break. I lost my job when I lost my job. You are a niece, and you are not working.”

Huang Lixin was very angry in his heart: “Why do you do it, if the school doesn’t give a statement, you will never agree. You said, have you been wronged at school? Shangguan Zheng No matter?!”

 Shangguan Ning has some pains in her heart.

If Shangguan Zheng doesn’t care, it’s better. She can make things big and let those who frame her clarify. When he intervenes, although the rumors are temporarily suppressed, they also directly default to the fall of others.

“I have not been wronged, you don’t go to school, things are gone.” This matter, whether or not it tells the truth, is a kind of harm to her, and her heart actually hopes that this thing will hurry. In the past, what happened that day, she didn’t want to recall it at all.

Huang Lixin heard the low mood of Shangguan Ning. He immediately shifted the topic: “Let’s do it, I will help you find a job again. Anyway, Huang’s real estate has a part of your mother. You will come to help the company later.” How are you coming as a vice president?”

 Shangguan Ning was shocked and sat up immediately. He shook his head across the phone: “This is not good, hey! Huang’s real estate is well managed, I will not mess with you. As for my mother, you will Help me first! I can definitely find a job, so don’t worry about me.”

Huang Lixin knew that Shangguan Ning would not be willing to come to Huangshi Real Estate. She has always been very sensible and refused to give him trouble. If his wife, Lin Yu, can be more generous, pay more attention to the only bone blood left by Little Sister. The niece will be closer to him and will be more relaxed.

He tried to persuade for a while, but Shangguan Ning didn’t agree to go to work in his company.

“Since you don’t come, forget it. Look at any other good company. I recommend you to go. You don’t have to go to work and wait for the news.” Huang Lixin finally had no choice but to let her go. company of.

 Shangguan Ning still wants to refuse, but he is seriously interrupted: “Little Ning, I know that it is not difficult to find a job with your ability, but you have to believe in it, and give you a chance to take care of you. I will treat you as yourself. Look like a daughter, do you need to see me like this?”

 Shangguan Ning language plug.

She certainly believes that she just doesn’t want to trouble him.

I refuse to go on, I am afraid that I really want to hurt my heart.

She smiled and her heart was warm: “It’s so good to have a love for me. I don’t have to use anything! Then I don’t want to find a job. When I have no food, you can raise me!”

Her childish tone, teased Huang Lixin, his mood quickly became better: “Do you want to support you! You have fun in these few days, and when you have a good job, you can’t complain!”

When the two laughed and said something for a while, they hung up the phone.

Huang Lixin sat in the spacious and simple office of Huangshi Real Estate and seriously thought about the work of the niece.

It is necessary to arrange her to the place where he can take care of. The niece is not only beautiful, but also has a high academic qualification and a good working ability. He does not consider a small company. He knows a lot of big company groups, but trustworthy. There are very few.

He thought for a while, and suddenly the flash of light flashed.

Some time ago, he had dinner with Jing Zhongxiu, the president of Jingsheng Group. He heard that he had to give the son the power of the group and retreat behind the scenes to enjoy the blessing.

The son of Jingzhong Xiu, who he saw, seems to be called Jing Yichen. The instrument of life is more outstanding than his son. He also boasted that the child was “green out of blue”.

It is to be indifferent to people, a little inhuman.

But the more people who are so calm and calm, can achieve great things, and they will not deliberately go to the victims.

At that time, he said hello to Jingzhong, and looked at it more. Shangguan Ning’s days should have been very good, at least not to be dismissed.

Huang Lixin thought of this and immediately called the old friend and asked him to have a meal together.

This is a big event that affects the prostitute. He has to talk to the old man.

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