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Chapter 34 Assistant to the President of Jingsheng Group
At 12 o’clock in the middle of the night, Shangguan Ning’s cell phone on his pillow suddenly rang.

The ringtone wakes her up in her sleep.

 Shangguan Ning saw it as a strange number. She was awakened by a bad mood, so she hanged up when she didn’t think about it.

But the number kept on playing, and she frowned and answered the phone.

“Hey, who?”

Xie Zhuojun’s angry and roaring voice came from the phone: “Shangguan Ning, what are you doing to the Shangguan family! You can’t stop, seeing that I’ve been good, are you so reluctant?!”

One is Xie Zhuojun, Shangguan Ning The whole person is awake.

Woke up in the middle of the night, the face is a meal, it is a personal, there will be no good voice, not to mention this person is the most unwilling to see and hear Xie Zhuojun.

“You didn’t take medicine today, I was crazy about finding me in the middle of the night!” Shangguan Ning sounds cold, full of ridicule and irony in his tone: “I have a relationship with you when I come back to my house! You haven’t had any time with me.” Relationship, but I said, don’t bother me again! I have let go of you, no longer care about the past, if you provoke me again, then the new account will be counted together!”

Xie Zhuojun at the end of the phone is obviously a glimpse.

Today, because Shangguan RouXue was crying to break up, he was in a hurry to call Shangguan Ning, but she did not expect her to talk so embarrassed.

In the past, she always turned around him, talking quietly, every day was full of smiles, never angry with him, very caring for him.

He has long been accustomed to the loyal Shangguan Ning. In the recent two contacts, he felt like he didn’t know her.

Especially today, there is an indifference and alienation between her words.

When he was jealous of God, he heard her coldly ask: “How do you know my phone number? Is it Shanglu RouXue for you? She has a skill, I just found the number she changed! How she Don’t change to be a detective!”

I don’t know why, when I heard Shangguan Ning talking to him in such a tone, Xie Zhuojun was uncomfortable with the inexplicable anger.

When he was angry, he said it was very ugly when he said it: “How to know if your number is not important. What is important is that you went to her yesterday and forced her to leave me! You really don’t know shame. If you are such a person, even if there is no Little Xue, I won’t look at you more! You are so poisonous, no one wants this life!”

 Shangguan Ning is as sad as a knife. This is the person she has been waiting for for more than two years. When he is lying in the hospital with only a weak breath, how much she hopes that he can open his eyes, She said something, even if it was a sentence.

Now he talks to her, but what he said is not human!

The wound that had already healed in my heart was once again torn apart by blood, and the desperate past was once again in sight.

She will always remember that when she came home on a rainy day, she saw two people in bed ****!

Her heart is bleeding, the whole person is shaking, but she still calmly and rationally explains: “I didn’t force Shang RouXue to leave you. I went home yesterday to find the Shandong deputy mayor and help me solve the school’s dismissal. I am with you. The girlfriend said a total of two sentences, no more than ten words, you listened to partial belief, was led by a woman, and asked me if I didn’t ask for it, I, look down on you! Also, if you re-private Self-examination of my number, I will not bear it.”

 Xie Zhuojun actually regretted the words he had just said. When he heard Shangguan Ning, he even regretted it.

My father always said that his ears are soft, he is easy to be impulsive, and he needs to hone for a few years.

He was not convinced before, but now he believes.

He doesn’t believe what Shangguan Ning said now, but he also has a suspicion about Shangguan RouXue.

He has always believed that Shangguan RouXue is the most kind and simple, she will not lie to him, but, is Little Xue misunderstood Shangguan Ning?

Moreover, Little Xue called yesterday, just crying to break up with him, saying that he would return him to big sister, but did not say that Shangguan Ning was dismissed by the school.

  Little Xue is too sad, so… forgot to say?

 Xie Zhuojun barely figured out a reasonable explanation.

However, how can Shangguan Ning be dismissed by the school for no reason? !

He just wanted to ask her what was going on, but he heard the busy tone of “beep” on the phone.

 Shangguan Ning, hung up his phone!

In the past, she had always waited for him to hang up and she would hang up. She always had endless patience with him.

Now, is she not even willing to listen to his voice?

 Xie Zhuojun finally found out that there was something important in his life that disappeared.

However, Shangguan Ning was dismissed by the school and he still wanted to ask.

Since you can’t ask Shangguan Ning, ask Little Xue, she will tell her.

However, it is already late, Little Xue should have fallen asleep, or wait until tomorrow.

 Shangguan Ning hung up the phone, but it didn’t sleep for a long time.

It is obvious that the two people owe her, how come to the end like she owes them!

 Shangguan RouXue is a good way to turn black and white like her mother who grabs her husband.

She used to think that hating others is also a great torture to herself, so I really want to let them go and let myself go.

It seems that she can’t be so weak and can’t escape.

Lost things, she will not go back, but some people want to bully her again, she should not be swallowed.

Did not sleep well at night, Shangguan Ning got up a little late the next day.

When she received the call, she had just finished grooming.

“Hey, hey.”

“Little Ning,” Huang Lixin’s voice sounded quite happy. “I introduced your basic situation to a friend. He is very satisfied with you. I want to hire you as the assistant to the group president, but the company is not He has the final say and needs to go through the board of directors. But you can rest assured that you have to go through the game, so you need a resume, and you will send it back to me. You should be able to formally join the next week!”

 Shangguan Ning didn’t expect her efficiency to be so high, and she helped her solve the problem in less than a day.

She was in a good mood and could not help but be happy: “Well, I will send you your resume in a while. I don’t know which company? I must do it well, don’t lose face!”

Huang Lixin haha ​​smiled: “My niece is the best. If I go, I will only give glory to you. If you are not in good condition, how can you recommend it to others? So you are also entering with strength. This home You must know the company, it is Jingsheng Group!”

what? Jingsheng Group! ?

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