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Chapter 35 Jing Zhongxiu is Jingbobo
Jingsheng Group is a well-known giant company, involved in many fields, and its performance has always been prosperous. Its CEO is the famous Jingzhong Xiu, who can always see him on the Asian Forbes list every year. It is the strength of A city. Fengyun people. The headline of the city’s financial version is almost occupied by Jingsheng Group almost all the year round, and even the smashed one can say the name of the group president.

Should she be an assistant to the president of Jingsheng Group? !

 Shangguan Ning feels like she is dreaming. This is how many people want to enter the group company. She is almost a step into the sky and goes directly to the assistant to the president.

You should know that in a large group like Jingsheng, the assistant to the president is not an assistant in the general sense, but the right arm of the president. He has access to the core of the group and has a great say. When the president is absent, he can be certain. To the extent that the president is exercising power to manage the group.

“Hey, this… although I have a degree, but I don’t have similar work experience, can I do it?” Shangguan Ning was originally confident. At this moment, it was shocked by the name of Jingsheng Group, but it was somewhat uncertain.

Huang Lixin knew what she was worried about and smiled and said: “Nothing, you must do it, and you are very good. You don’t have to worry about him after you go. How to do things when you do things. When you were young, he still hugged him. Have you ever, don’t you remember?”

 Shangguan Ning was very surprised: “When, how can I not have an impression?”

“When you were ten years old, I followed me every day. Once I went fishing, you almost fell into the water. It was your uncle who picked you up and gave you all the fish he had fished.”

This incident, Shangguan Ning has an impression.

At that time, her mother had just died. She was only ten years old. Without her mother, she had a stepmother and a little sister. Dad was only good to them and she was thrown aside.

She is crying every day, and she is always inexplicably wounded. She is afraid that she will have an accident, and she has always been with her, regardless of her aunt’s opposition.

Once I went fishing with my friends, she followed. It is the age of the playful, and when I see the fish, I forget all the troubles.

When she sees other people fishing, she has to go down the river to catch fish. When she disagreed, she told him not to pay attention and sneaked into the river.

Later, a friend of the beggar gave it to the shore and gave her a fat fish for her. In the evening, she followed the fish dinner with her friends.

The original person at that time was King Bob!

Things have been going on for too long, she can’t remember the appearance of Jing Bobo, but she vaguely remembers that he is a very kind person.

She was relieved and not as nervous as before.

“I am a bit impressed, as if the Jingbobo people are very amiable.” Shangguan Ning said with a smile, but he felt that Jingzhong Xiu could develop the Jingsheng Group so well, not necessarily as good as she thought. .

But she is not bad, as long as she studies hard, she will be satisfied.

Hanging up the phone, Shangguan Ning immediately revised his resume and sent it to him.

Huang Lixin only remembered after receiving the mail. Jingsheng Group may have to change the son of Jingzhong to be the ruler. However, whoever is the president is the same for Shangguan Ning, it is hard to beat her. Moreover, he thought that Jing Zhongxiu could not let the position out so quickly, at least after the end of the year.

He didn’t think much, just sent the time and place to work to Shangguan Ning.

 Shangguan Ning received a message and knew that it was officially starting work next Monday. He could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Today is Wednesday, and there are still four days from next Monday.

She wants to take good care of her body during this time, and charge it by the way, and make up for the relevant knowledge of Jingsheng Group.

At the same time, Jing Yichen received an email from his father Jingzhong, and the content of the email was concise: Your assistant will join you next Monday. The attachment to the email is a resume.

Why, so can’t wait to put his person next to his new president?

 Jing Yichen sneered.

He ignored the email directly and handled other transactions.

After a while, Ahu, who was far away from the United States, called.

 Jing Yichen immediately connected the phone, and the voice revealed a rare urgency: “Ahu, did people find it?”

“Young master, found! It is Tang Yun Bigsis!” Ahu is very excited, the young master has been looking for a decade, and finally found it today!

 Jing Yichen was so excited that she remembered the burden of ten years and finally let it go.

 Jing Yichen was a little relaxed, and the sound returned to the usual coldness: “Bring her back.”

Ahu is embarrassed: “Young Master, Tang Yun Bigsis said, unless you pick it up, she won’t go back.”

There was a silence on the phone.

Ahu knows that the young master always hates that others threaten him and hates bargaining. However, this person is Tang Yun Bigsis, the young master may have to compromise.

Sure enough, after a while, Jing Yichen said faintly: “I will pick her up in person. You will go back to China first. I still need something to do. I will find someone to protect her secretly. Don’t let her go wrong.”

“Yes, young master!” Ahu listened to the young master to make him return to China. He didn’t like to stay alone. More importantly, he didn’t like Tangyun Bigsis. He didn’t like it ten years ago. He didn’t like it ten years later. It is.

Ahu immediately booked the ticket and returned to City A that night.

 Jing Yichen saw Ahu slightly surprised: “So come back so soon, Don Bigsis is arranged there?”

“Yes, the young master, all arranged, and 20 people were kept to protect her 24 hours a day, and enough money was left.”

 Jing Yichen nodded. He paused for a moment before asking: “You don’t seem to like her?”

Although it is a question, it is a positive tone.

Ahu’s temper is true, and no matter how important Tang Yun is to Jing Yichen, he nods directly: “I don’t like it!”

 Jing Yichen was not angry, but chuckled: “Have she not been good to you before?”

“This…” Ahu’s brain has a rib. He doesn’t understand why Tang Yunming is good to him. He doesn’t like her, but he doesn’t lie: “I don’t know, I don’t like it anyway.”

 Jing Yichen asked subconsciously: “Who do you like?”

A tiger’s smile, I don’t want to say: “Shangguan Bigsis!”

 Jing Yichen knows that Ahu’s likes is not the kind of like.

Hearing this name, a clear and beautiful figure appeared in his mind, and his look became a little gentle.

His heart was fretting, and it was rare to chat with Ahu in a good mood.

“Why do you like her? She doesn’t seem to have given you any benefit, and the time she knows is very short.”

This problem stumps Ahu. He scratches his head in confusion. He is uncertain: “It is because she has not given me any benefit, so she likes her. Oh, she is willing to say hello to me, willing to laugh at me, she is a good person! ”

 Jing Yichen After listening to it, a faint smile came out.

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