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Chapter 36 Is she the father’s person?
Although Ahu has a rib, but others really treat him, he can feel it all at once.

His words are unclear, but Jing Yichen understands what he means.

He is the heir to the Jingsheng Group. Ahu has always followed him. He knows the person who knows the details. He will find a way to get along with Ahu. It is good for him in the dark, but he can’t be behind him as a bodyguard. Most of them After seeing Ahu’s cruel means, people will hate him away from him.

 Shangguan Ning never had a prejudice. Even if Ahu’s eyes were unloading her cousin’s arm, she didn’t think Ahu was a bad person.

She did not bribe Ahu, and she never looked down on Ahu. She was very familiar with Ahu.

When she met, she smiled and said hello to Ahu, treating him as an ordinary person.

Therefore, Ahu will feel comfortable, so she will like her.

 Jing Yichen’s heart lake has a layer of ripples.

Is it because she treats him as a normal person, he will think that she is so special, will … involuntarily want to go close to her.

She doesn’t know his name until now!

It’s really hard enough to hold your breath.

She clearly knows that his identity must be extraordinary, but he does not ask a word. She obviously thinks that he is very handsome, and even looks at him from time to time, but refuses to approach him too much.

She has a pair of clear eyes that are not dusty, and a kind and firm heart.

Will not bow down because of the unattainable identity of the other side, and will not be confused by the gorgeous appearance.

Being with her will make people feel involuntarily relaxed, which will make him feel that he is him, not the 100 billion heirs of Jingsheng Group, who is responsible for the heavy responsibility.

This is why Jing Yichen has been reluctant to tell her name.

He is afraid that if he says it, she will stay away from him.

Now the relationship between them is very good. When she is in good health, they can also play together, go to the bus, eat together and… date.

For thirty-two years, he never loved it. He didn’t know if it was love, but he didn’t want to miss Shangguan Ning.

At night, Jing Yichen was the first time in a life of greatness and sorrow, because a woman was insomnia.

When the day was bright, he got up.

Ahu stayed up all night, bringing back a message: the black wind of the black red escaped.

 Jing Yichen didn’t feel surprised. When Ahu came back last night, he sent him to the black and red to catch people. The result was still late.

He sneered and ran away?

The person who can run out of his palm has not yet been born!

It seems that in the case of Guo Shuai, the black wind really lied. It doesn’t matter, he always lets him tell the truth. Someone is in the dark, Shangguan Ning. This is something he can’t tolerate. He will definitely check it out.

If you dare to deceive him, you must pay enough price!

“Ahu, bring us, go to the black and red will be on the field, if the black knife can’t be handed over within seven days, just pull it up, don’t leave it!” Jing Yichen has a dull tone, and A is one of the best in the city. Black forces, he said to be destroyed, just like saying that a fly is killed.

Ahu is most interested in the fight. He smiles and should say: “Yes, Master! I will go!”

“Wait…” Jing Yichen suddenly remembered something, his face showed a cold smile: “When you go, bring Muqing, he should be able to save you a little bit.”

After Ahu left, Jing Yichen simply ate some breakfast and drove out to meet the group’s shareholders. He has seen the major shareholder, and the rest are small shareholders. I have met together today and strive to get the support of everyone.

This will be a lot easier when he takes office next Monday.

After talking about the morning, the matter was solved satisfactorily. The shareholders proposed to have a meal with the future club and contact them.

 Jing Yichen turned it off.

Their interests are tied together, and eating and eating are the same. As long as he can bring them enough benefits, the feelings will be very strong.

He returned to the Lijing Community and went straight to the sixth floor.

 Shangguan Ning is at home with information about the Jingsheng Group, and suddenly heard the doorbell of his home rang.

Isn’t this aunt coming to the door again?

 Shangguan Ning has some headaches and wants to pretend not to be at home, but feels that he has been hiding for a while and still sees better.

She opened the door and saw a tall, handsome and extravagant figure.

She gave a slight glimpse, but she was relieved.

Not aunt, just fine.

“Mr. Zhao, how come you? Is there anything?”

 Jing Yichen saw her apparently relieved, her lips slightly raised, and she asked: “Why, someone came to the door to force the debt?”

 Shangguan Ning slightly opened his mouth and looked at him with surprise. Is his performance so obvious?

This person is too smart! No wonder Zhao An An said that his IQ business intelligence can apply for the Guinness World Record!

 Jing Yichen looked at her cute look with her eyes wide open, and the morning’s exhaustion was swept away.

However, her appearance made him feel helpless.

Really, how to write everything on the face, it is easy to suffer.

She was stuck in the doorway and did not ask him to sit in at all.

This little is not conscience, he helped her so much, she did not know how to repay at all, ask him to go in and drink saliva without jerk!

 Jing Yichen handed her the hand to her, faintly said: “Your medicine is in my car.”

“Oh, thank you for sending me!” Shangguan Ning grateful thanks, Mu Qing gave her two medicines, she only brought back the medicine in Jing Yichen Villa, last time at Mu’s Hospital The medicine opened was in his car.

He actually sent her, she was very grateful, but also some doubts.

Before she even wanted to understand what was wrong, Jing Yichen actually pushed her away and entered her home!

She is not happy, this person is too familiar! It’s rude to enter the girl’s home without permission!

However, she seems to have not only entered his home, but also seen illness, eating, and sleeping in his home.

In this way, Shangguan Ning felt that she was a little stingy, so she quickly forgave Jing Yichen’s arrogance.

The living room was filled with the newspapers and magazines she collected today, which seemed a bit messy.

 Shangguan Ning is a little embarrassed: “It’s making up for knowledge, so it’s a little messy, you just sit down, what do you want to drink?”

 Jing Yichen certainly knows that his unauthorized entry will cause her dissatisfaction, but she did not expect her to adjust so quickly.

It seems that the ability to adapt and accept is very good.

Hey, he found another advantage of her.

“Drink tea!” He snorted and sat down on the sofa in the living room, then looked at the newspapers and magazines that were filled with the entire table.

However, after a moment of reading, his brows wrinkled, and the original relaxed expression gradually became indifferent.

Because, a whole table of newspapers and magazines, without exception, all said the same content: Jingsheng Group!

At the corner of the table, on the white laptop she is driving, the webpage shows that it is: Jingzhong Group President Jing Zhongxiu!

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