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Chapter 37 Timber Wolf and White Rabbit
She is collecting information from Jingsheng Group!

She is watching his father’s profile!

why? !

His brain went through a short gap and then immediately fell into high speed.

Suddenly, he thought of a possibility.

He was a little anxious inside, and there was a voice in his mind that he couldn’t wait to prove his guess.

He immediately left the home of Shangguan Ning, took the elevator to the 27th floor, and quickly walked into the door to open the computer.

In the morning, my father sent a message to him, still lying there quietly.

 Jing Yichen suddenly was afraid to open this email.

But the body’s movements are faster than the brain, the mouse is light, the mail is opened, and a resume is displayed in front of him.

 Shangguan Ning, female, 26 years old, returned to China from New Zealand, majoring in…

The rest of the resume, Jing Yichen did not look at a word, his eyes only have the word “Shangguan Ning” at the moment.

He forced himself to calm down. Just after his subconscious reaction, he felt that Shangguan Ning knew him clearly, but pretended not to know him, and then approached him with some purpose.

It seems now that she really does not know herself.

Concerns are chaotic, it is he who cares too much about her, this kind of mistakes will occur.

Such a low-level mistake, he has not committed for a long time.

He was used to the battlefield without smoke, and he was used to thinking about the worst.

Her clear eyes couldn’t deceive people. She didn’t ask him to enter, but she didn’t stop him from breaking into.

So she is a father? Is the father placed next to him and monitoring the people who interfere with him?

She has just said that “it is making up for knowledge”, it should be the father’s temporary intention to arrange her to his side.

Moreover, she must be unfamiliar with her father, otherwise, there is no need to check his profile online.

 Jing Yichen just guessed things in just a few minutes.

She has just been expelled from school, has no job, and does not know what relationship she is going to enter into Jingsheng Group.

As for her relationship with her father, he still needs to confirm it.

 Jing Yichen closed the laptop and sorted out the shirt without a trace of folds, and came to the sixth floor.

On the other hand, Shangguan Ning brewed tea in the kitchen, but when she soaked the tea to the living room, she found that the uninvited guests disappeared inexplicably.

The house was empty, and the table was still littered with messy newspapers and magazines, and everything was exactly the same as he had never been.

 Shangguan Ning blinked hard and hoped that what had just happened was not an illusion.


The sound of the doorbell caused Shangguan Ning, who was trapped in self-doubt, to return to God. When she opened the door, the people outside the door made her more confused.

“How do you… outside the door?” She actually wanted to say, how do you get rid of the ghosts!

 Jing Yichen looked at her white and jade-like hand holding a delicate and thick teapot, her eyes with obvious confusion, looking gentle and lovely.

His heart is soft and he is embarrassed to make her a little fuss. He has been cheated for too many times and will forget what trust.

He naturally took the teapot from her hand and whispered: “Be careful, don’t get hot.”

 Shangguan Ning to Jing Yichen’s low-pitched sound, the resistance has become weaker and weaker, and the teapot has been handed over.

When Jing Yichen walked straight in, she only came back.

How do you always feel that something is wrong?

She has never been a confused person. On the contrary, she is very assertive about things, and she is rarely influenced by other people’s words. She is firm in her heart and will not easily doubt herself.

However, since she met Jing Yichen, she suspected that she was getting more and more. Because his IQ is too high, can’t she keep up with the rhythm?

Her IQ is not low!

If this continues, she will have to split up!

 Shangguan Ning went to the living room with some distress. See Jing Yichen’s skillful tea and tea, and couldn’t help but see it.

He looks handsome, temperament is noble, the whole person’s movements are like flowing water, the faint tea fragrance and mist envelop him, just like a perfect ink painting, it is pleasing to the eye.

She licked her head and erased the picture just from her mind and began to clean up the pile of things on the table.

 Jing Yichen looked at her seriously, seemingly inadvertently said: “What is this knowledge of you?”

“Jingsheng Group.” Shangguan Ning raised the newspaper in his hand and replied without thinking.

 Jing Yichen’s heart is tight, and the voice that opens again is getting deeper and lowerer: “Why do you want to make up the knowledge of Jingsheng Group?”

 Shangguan Ning packed things up neatly, and found that someone was setting her up. Some happy words: “Oh, yes, I haven’t told you yet. I will go to Jingsheng Group to work next Monday. The talents are good, I am I have no work experience, so I have to hold my feet and see more of the group’s materials.”

 Jing Yichen took a sip of the sweet Longjing tea, and said: “I have friends working in Jingsheng Group, maybe I can take care of you at that time.”

 Shangguan Ning is overjoyed, she just fell asleep, and she lost her pillow in the sky!

“Really? Great! I am still worried that I just went there, I am not familiar with anything, some nervous!” She was very happy and poured tea at Jing Yichen.

 Jing Yichen Comfortable nest in a soft sofa, happy to let the beauty wait for him, and then step by step to the topic to his needs.

“What kind of work are you going to do? Is it a professional match with yours?”

 Shangguan Ning thought about it and decided to tell the truth. Otherwise, after she joined the company, Jing Yichen would know what she was doing through her friends. It is useless to hide it now, but it will make people distrust.

“I am going to be the assistant to the president of Jingsheng Group. It is not very good with my major, so I will be worried.”

“As far as I know, the assistant to the president can be competent only by people with rich work experience. Your qualifications are indeed shallower.” Jing Yichen said, smiling slightly, using a half-joking joke between friends: “It seems that you Like my friends, they all jumped in.”

 Jing Yichen has a relaxed tone and seems to be eccentric about this kind of thing.

 Shangguan Ning didn’t feel relieved.

Because he only said a few words, he guessed her things and made her feel a little scared.

The reason why she can sit here calmly is just that she intuitively feels that he is not malicious.

But she didn’t want anyone to know that she was in a jealous relationship with Jingsheng Group. She was not afraid of talking about her behind others, but she was afraid that if her aunt knew it, she would try to destroy it.

 Shangguan Ning didn’t talk, she just showed a smile, then took the cup and sipped.

 Jing Yichen saw her not snoring and knew that she was right. The father was trying to help others and stuffed her to his side.

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