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Chapter 4 was sold for 100,000 pieces.
Going home, it is almost eleven o’clock.

 Shangguan Ning After showering, dry your hair and lie in bed.

Moonlight with mottled tree shadows, filled the entire room through clean floor-to-ceiling windows, quiet and empty, like the heart of Shangguan Ning.

Her house is a graduation gift, although the area is just over 100 square meters, but because of facing the sea, and relying on the beautiful scenery of the city of Yunlan Mountain, the decoration is luxurious, the market value is nearly six million, and The market is still rising.

For this reason, my aunt did not know how many times she had quarreled with her, and she said so much. She even had a good face when she met her cousin.

In the early days of her mother’s death, she always took herself as her biological daughter. She must have some cousin. Her cousin may not necessarily have it, because this cousin is not waiting to see her.

For a while, I was afraid that my stepmother was not good for her. She deliberately took her back to her home, but her aunt was kind to her, but she did not like her very much in private. She said that she was a “sacred star”, so she was aunt with her aunt. After a fight, I almost had to get divorced.

At that time, she was young, but she was sensible. She returned to her cold home on the grounds of not being used to it.

Although there is no cold temperature in my own home, it is better than her ruined home.

She didn’t plan to go to this house, but she had nowhere to go when she first returned to China. It allowed her to temporarily settle down.

 Shangguan Ning is thinking about the past, and the phone suddenly rang, prompting her to have information.

“Beauty, tomorrow, meet my brother’s blind date, don’t forget, seven o’clock! Oh, I am so excited, no sleep, what should I do?”

 Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but laugh. It was obvious that she was going to meet, how Zhao An An was so excited.

Originally a little heavy mood suddenly happy, Zhao An An can always bring her happiness inadvertently, is her lucky star.

She thought about it and replied: “I will go naturally, but are you sure that your brother can go?” I hope her big brother can make Zhao An An retreat.

“Reassured, I have a trick, he will appear in Victoria on time tomorrow!”

 Shang Guan Ning can imagine Zhao An An’s smug look across the phone, shaking his head.

I slammed the curtain’s closing button, and when the curtains slowly closed, the surroundings were in the darkness. She closed her eyes and let herself rest completely.

Zhao An An, who was upset and excited, dialed a number and was excited to harm another person.

“Hey, brother, I am An An, I will introduce you to a beautiful woman tomorrow, and the address will be sent to you later.”

“No time.”

“Well, there is a kind of you don’t come, but the two old ladies in the house can’t talk so well without me. You will be caught back to the ends of the earth!”

The phone was silent for a long time and seemed to be making a tough decision.

Until Zhao An An lost patience and wanted to add more fire, a word came on the phone: “Okay.”

 Zhao An An doesn’t mind the big brother’s indifference and does not care how much burden she will impose on him. She is also eager to call her mother.

“Mom, I introduced an object to my brother… You put a hundred hearts, it is the teacher of our school, the high school students who came back from abroad, the temperament and temperament are absolutely first-class, my brother has promised to meet… . . . Can I add 100,000 yuan to my living expenses this month?”

Early the next morning, Shangguan Ning wore a NIKE sportswear and started to run as usual. She did not know that she had sold 100,000 yuan last night.

Her community is located in the west of the city, the location is slightly remote, the greening is very good, the air is fresh, it is suitable for morning running.

Just as she just walked downstairs, she saw a silver-white Aston Martin in front of the building and five trucks and two cranes behind. The staff of the residential property almost came out of the nest, all busy at the bow.

A man in a black suit and a handsome figure is commanding everyone to move things.

 Shangguan Ning doesn’t have much research on the car, but she knows Aston Martin, a luxury sports car that rarely appears in the public’s view, entirely because of Xie Zhuojun, who once wanted to want a sports car like this.

Unfortunately, an Aston Martin was worth tens of millions. At that time, he was still in school, did not take over the family business, and his parents did not agree to buy such a expensive car. When he took over the family business, he found that his home was not as wide as he imagined, and Aston Martin became a phantom for him.

It seems that some people have to move in, and they are well-known.

Just, five big trucks have shipped so many things, and the family should not let it go? There are two high-rise buildings in this community, and the largest apartment is only four hundred square meters.

Or is this something for several people?

 Shangguan Ning has some doubts, but she has always been reluctant to do anything, no matter who is moving in, she has nothing to do with her, she will move away some time later.

The suit man seemed to feel someone, turned and looked at Shangguan Ning, then smiled and nodded to her.

He looks very young, at most twenty-five years old, his skin is black, his teeth are white, his body is tall, his hair is shaved very short, and his smile is a bit thick, which makes people feel good at first glance.

The man was very polite, and Shangguan Ning nodded to him with a smile, then walked out of the community and ran along the beach.

When she came back, the downstairs was empty, and it was so quick to move, so incredible.

In the morning, I drove to the supermarket and procured the semi-finished food such as daily necessities and quick-frozen dumplings. She didn’t cook well, rarely cooked, prepared lessons in the afternoon, and soon arrived at night.

She took a shower and changed her milk white dress. She wore a dark blue windbreaker, and the long black hair of the satin was scattered on her shoulders.

In view of the late arrival yesterday, Shangguan Ning departed half an hour earlier today.

I just got a call from Zhao An An when I left.

“Beauty, is it packed?”

“Well, I have already set off.”

Zhao An An over the phone was obviously relieved and happy: “Good!”

Then there were some scorns: “That, my buddy is very good, I can’t find the kind of lanterns, just… I just started to be cold with unfamiliar people, don’t be afraid, use your Melt him hot!”

 Shangguan Ning automatically ignores the first and last sentences and only savors the middle sentence.

This is the first time she heard Zhao An An say that her invincible big brother is a rare thing.

It can be seen that her big brother should not be ordinary coldness to people.

It doesn’t matter, it’s a little cold, so he doesn’t look at her, not because she is dissatisfied with him, and there is a confession to Zhao An An.

She cherishes Zhao An An, a friend who hopes that their friendship will last for a long time.

 Shangguan Ning quickly arrived at the Victorian, and then saw the silver-white Aston Martin stopped at the restaurant door.

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