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Chapter 5 perfect man

This is not a car parked downstairs during the day it?

A city open Aston Martin, very little, she should not admit, in the morning that her eyes are attracted truckloads cranes, not pay attention to the license plate number, license plate number only to find at the moment is 12345.

This man also come here to eat, do not know Zhao An An’s friends.

 Shangguan Ning coat on, picked up the bag into the Victorian.

It is a point to eat dinner, the restaurant has been sitting a lot of people. She looked around a week, but did not find anyone encountered this morning.

 Zhao An An’ve been waiting Shangguan Ning, and so she entered immediately greeted by enthusiastic let Shangguan Ning could not get, but also more and more doubt her yesterday, “cheap” is not a slip of the tongue.

“My brother also arrived in the Romantic dining rooms upstairs, and quickly on the go! Oh, yes, he did not know the store is my open, wait a minute do not spill the beans. How, dining rooms nice name right? “

She too fast conversion topic, let Shangguan Ning can not help but laugh, she jokingly said:. “Laity from the common name child”

 Zhao An An arms akimbo, eyes wide open, a fire-breathing should look like, scared of her three-step and two-step fast on the second floor.

See Shangguan Ning go up, Zhao An An relieved, but my mind was some sorry.

Oh, no way, who told her own little hands that all the money invested in the western restaurants, the mother only gave one hundred thousand a month pocket money, a teacher wages are pitiful, she can not just an unwise move. Because my mom said that if she can give big brother introduced his girlfriend a fly, pocket money immediately doubled!

The temptation is too big, she had to sacrifice a bit sisters.

However, if the child really big beauty received a big brother, little will be lining up at home from old to be grateful to her, and my brother are thirty-two up, but no signs of love, the family have been frantic.

Not to mention the extraordinary handsome big brother, big beautiful children, but earned it!

You see, a win-win thing! Oh, she was amazing to be their wisdom to!

 Shangguan Ning on the second floor, walked in front of Romantic dining rooms, opened the door and went inside.

European classical red wine on the dining chair, sat a man wearing a gray suit, he is speaking on the phone, heard the door open, looked up over.

Looks cold, thin lips micro-sip, sharp eyes and alienation, covered exudes a stranger not nearly cold atmosphere.

However, all this was completely unable to hide his light, dark brown eyes, straight aquiline nose, lips contour perfectly, sliced ​​like face. Pretty outrageous, TV’s male stars who met him, I’m afraid it will be eclipsed!

Obviously tailored suit, is not only very fit, perfect outline his good figure, and excellent quality, working-class, highlights a noble and elegant nobility.

His temperament is cool with the elegant mystery, people can not help but fall into the trap.

 Shangguan Ning slightly Zhengleng.

The original, Zhao An An really no exaggeration, really like her big brother she said that “spike all eight to eighty-year-old female animals.”

However, Shangguan Ning and soon recovered.

She is quite immunity of handsome men.

 Xie Zhuojun is a downright handsome man, who is also the school grass-class man in school, or Shangguan RouXue not exhausted the means to grab his hand.

She was watching him, but he also looked at her.

 Jing Yichen is little sister threatened, forced to blind date.

Come should be the little sister calls the “great beauty child” Shangguan Ning up.

A milk white dress, long black hair, not applied Prostitute, elegant elegant, eyes like talking, comforting him with a kind of bookish, to see that excellent training.

The most important thing is, she did not have the kind of strong perfume smell, only a very short of breath smell good.

 Jing Yichen eyes slightly bright light, fortunately, does not appear to be too sad today.

He hung up the phone, a gentleman got up, polite greeting: “Hello, Shangguan Bigsis.”

Although the tone of some indifferent, but deep melodious voice, to be compared with the most wonderful thing touching movement.

 Shangguan Ning heart I do not know how, suddenly a move, but soon disappeared.

She did not care, courtesy of revealing a faint smile, opening:. “Hello, Mr. Zhao”

 Jing Yichen slightly stunned, then immediately react, she should not know and Zhao An An are cousins, she thought he was pro-big brother.

He did not explain, faint: “Sit down.”

While Jing Yichen feels cold and alienated some, but it happens Shangguan Ning without any discomfort, but feel more comfortable this way to get along.

She will coat and bag on a hanger, went luxurious chairs before sitting down, then picked up the lemonade drink warm up.

 Jing Yichen phone one pick an e-mail sent over, he looked at, is to be done tomorrow, then a little open to view.

Knock on the door, the waiter came to be two points of the meal is quickly back out.

Dining rooms Zhao An An intentionally placed a candle burning quietly, emitting a bunch of Prynne its inherent Lengxiang.

For a time, the two did not speak.

 Shangguan Ning looked out the window, his thoughts gradually drifted away.

Her past is really bad mess, and now everything is in a good direction, after she wants to live better, away from the people and things that make her pain.

“Be careful!”

Nice deep voice pulled her back from the abyss, then the hands came a sharp pain.

She had accidentally knocked over a candlestick, hot wax drops to the back of her soft white, hand swelling up immediately.

She can not help exclamation, hurried want scaling back.

A hand faster than her holding her hand and then covered in a white silk handkerchief of her hand, gently wiped her hands dripping wax.

His large hands warm, clear joints, fingers slender, very nice, there is a male-specific power of the United States.

This is the first time men holding hands, some intimate contact, let Shangguan Ning could not get.

She wanted to withdraw his hand, academics Jing Yichen whispered:. “Do not move, are red hot, you need to ice it.”

He said, with a veil pack a small ice wine ice bucket, gently deposited on the back of her hand, professional and focused.

 Shangguan Ning looked up that Zhang Junyi face, still with a touch of apathy and alienation, but let her feel warm.

She pressed a strange heart, trying to calm down, and good hands came the pain and cold feeling greatly distracted her attention.

Ten minutes later, Jing Yichen only then take away ice children.

Although the back of the hand is still very hot to place red, but the pain has been greatly reduced.

 Shangguan Ning sincere thanks: “Thank you.”

 Jing Yichen faint nod: “You’re welcome, careful next time.”

Although simple words, but they perceive different Shangguan Ning, it seems …… he is more than just a cold.

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