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  • Chapter 7 Someone shows love
    After a full night of heavy snow, the entire community turned white.

 Shangguan Ning opened the curtains and was amazingly beautiful. She quickly washed and put on a green sports outfit to run.

Feet stepped on the thick snow and made a creaking sound.

Shangguan Ning, who has always been calm, like a child, tirelessly stepping on the snow, watching a string of footprints left in the snow, and laughing happily.

The small tree was covered with thin ice ridges. She picked one in one hand and placed them in the palm of her hand to see them melt and slowly walked out of the community.

Shangguan Ning, who is in the scenery, does not know that she has become a landscape in the eyes of others.

On the top floor of the high-rise building of Shanhai Lijing, Jing Yichen, dressed in casual clothes, looked at the steaming coffee and watched the green figure quietly moving in the sky.

She is in a sportswear, obviously going out for a morning run, but this kind of weather is not suitable for running out.

He didn’t understand why she liked snow so much, it was cold, and there was no trace of temperature.

However, he did not understand why he was inexplicably happy.

Ahu bought the breakfast back, and saw his young master’s lips slightly rising, although the arc is not visible, but he stayed with the young master all the year round, and all his subtle changes can be discovered for the first time.

He didn’t know why the young man got better, but it was always a good thing, because he didn’t even pick up the breakfast he bought from outside.

It is necessary to know that the young master is very particular about eating. The breakfast was specially made by his chef. Yesterday, because he had just moved in, the chef had not had time to come over and could only buy it from the outside.

Ahu originally thought that today’s breakfast must be bought in white, I did not expect the young master to eat.

This is where the gods came to save lives, I hope that this god can appear every day, so that his days can be much better.

 Jing Yichen went out with Ahu after breakfast, and the weekend was not a day off for him.

So he didn’t see the wolverine when Shangguan Ning came back. Even the ponytail was loose, obviously it fell a lot.

She squatted on her knees and fell into the elevator.

She lives on the sixth floor. She usually walks up and down the stairs. The right to exercise, today fell, and the two knees hurt so badly that I can only take the elevator.

“叮”, the sixth floor arrived, the elevator door opened, and the two characters she did not want to see broke into her sight and stung her eyes.

“big sister!” The gentle and pleasant voice, as if she missed her, how much she wanted to see her.

Another figure that once lived in her heart for a long time, standing next to another woman, a face of love and care.

 Shangguan Ning is stiff and has a heavy weight under his feet. The bitterness that can’t be said at the bottom of his heart begins to spread. The pain in his knees has become insignificant compared to the pain in his heart.

“Little Ning, what’s wrong with you, wrestling?” Xie Zhuojun saw the wolverine of Shangguan Ning and couldn’t help but ask. His brows were slightly wrinkled, revealing a trace of undetectable concern.

 Shangguan RouXue seems to see Shangguan Ning’s hair scattered at the moment, the clothes are mud and snow, whispered: “big sister, how do you make yourself like this, where are you uncomfortable?”

 Shangguan Ning is pale and almost transparent, and looks like a serious illness.

She walked out of the elevator stiffly, feeling cold and ridiculed at the bottom of her heart: she was not comfortable when she saw them.

Her kindly good little sister knows clearly, but still has to ask.

 Shangguan RouXue is a new yellow Burberry winter dress with a Hermès handbag that can buy her an Audi A4. The careless wave curls hang behind her head. The makeup is light and delicate, and the body is exuding the sweet smell of Gucci perfume.

Shangguan Ning, who is in a mess, is like a wandering beggar.

However, Shangguan RouXue did not seem to abandon her at all, her face was full of concern and anxiety, and then she reached out to explore the temperature of her forehead.

 Shangguan Ning didn’t want to think about it. He raised his hand and slammed the delicate hand. She was hurt too many times by this beautiful hand and has already formed a conditioned reflex.

 Shangguan RouXue didn’t seem to be beaten. She screamed and grabbed her hand. Her eyes were filled with tears immediately, and she was sad and wronged. “big sister, are you still blaming me? You… if you… If you are sad, just hit me. If you can beat me, I will make you happy. You can call, I will not hide.”

She finished, tightly licking her lips, and the whole person shrank up, seemingly daring to prepare for beating.

 Xie Zhuojun distressedly held Shang Guan RouXue’s hand and saw her red and white on the back of her hand. She couldn’t help but anger: “Shangguan Ning, you are enough! Have you done this big sister! Little Xue, how are you doing? Does it hurt?”

” Zhuojun, I’m fine, it doesn’t hurt at all, really, big sister she… accidentally touched me.”

“Little Xue, you don’t have to talk to her, I saw it, the sound is so loud, how can it be careless, how can it not hurt!”

 Shangguan Ning said nothing, looking at the two people who hurt her the most, playing the most beloved drama in history, and by the way reflected her viciousness.

In the past, whenever she appeared in such a scene, she would be anxious to explain, and then the more the explanation will be worse, then the two will leave together, leaving her alone and tears.

Now, although her heart is like a mountain, she can’t breathe, but she can already do it without tears.

Her eyes didn’t stay on them, as if they didn’t see them, they usually walked by the two.

“Shangguan Ning!” Xie Zhuojun saw her ignoring them and shouted at her with anger. “Are you supposed to apologize to Little Xue?!”


 Shangguan Ning finally turned his face and glanced at him.

Her eyes were too empty and her face was too pale. Xie Zhuojun had a glimpse of her heart, and some did not dare to look at her eyes that were too clear.

However, Shangguan RouXue hugged his arm tightly, and the softness was like a delicate flower in a storm, crumbling and letting him pity.

The heart is firmer, and then there is a sigh of relief: “Little Ning, even if Little Xue did it wrong, but she has been enough for the past four years, she has been living in self-blame and sorrow, her pain is a little bit No one is less than you, you can stop it! Let me say that the person who owes you is me. It has nothing to do with Little Xue. I am chasing her. You should not hurt Little Xue. She is innocent. You will only let me. … more disgusting.”

 Shangguan Ning was saddened in her heart. She had paid all his efforts and took care of him with one heart and one mind. In the end, she only exchanged this sentence “more disgusting.”

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