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Chapter 7 someone show affection

Under the snow for a whole night, the whole area will turn white.

Shangguan Ning opened the curtains, it was amazing to the front of the beauty. She quickly wash finished, put on a green sportswear go out jogging.

Both feet on the deep snow, audible creak.

Staid Shangguan Ning like a child, never tired of stepping on snow, looking at a string of his own footprints left in the snow, merry laugh.

Small tree covered with thin icicles, she single-handedly picked one on the palm to see if they melt, slowly out of the area.

He is in the scenery of Shangguan Ning, did not know she had become someone else eyes of the landscape.

Aboriginal Regency top of tall buildings, a casual Jing Yichen carrying steaming coffee, quietly watching the green figure in a vast front line in cheerful.

She was a sportswear, apparently to go out the morning run, but this weather is not suitable for running out.

He did not understand why she was so fond of snow, cold, without any temperature.

However, he did not understand why they feel the joy of it somehow.

Runner buy breakfast back, he saw the young master of their own lips slightly upward, although a few arc is not visible, but his perennial accompany the young master around, all his subtle changes can be the first time he found.

He did not know why the young master feel better, but it is always a good thing, because he did not even buy breakfast from the outside are not picky.

To know the young master usually eat very particular about are his cook breakfast before special to do, because it is just moved here yesterday, with not enough time to cook over, you can only start out to buy.

Runner thought today’s breakfast certainly bought the white, did not expect to actually eat the young master.

Which way to help the gods which, I hope the gods to appear every day, so that he can be better than a lot of the day.

 Jing Yichen after breakfast to go out with a Runner weekend for him is not a rest day.

So he did not see Shangguan Ning came back a panic, even tied up all the loose pony tail, and apparently a lot of wrestling wrestle.

As she fell rubbing his sore knees, one side into the elevator.

She lives on the sixth floor, usually are up and down the stairs, right when the exercise, today fell wrestle, both knees hurt badly, can only take the elevator up.

“Bite” is heard, to the sixth floor, the elevator doors opened, two of her most want to see the figure broke into her eyes, stinging her eyes.

“Big sister!” How much I miss her gentle voice of surprise, as if she had, how she wanted to see.

While the other had lived in her heart for a long time figure, now standing beside another woman, a look of love and care.

 Shangguan Ning stiff and seemed to have stiffened under their feet, that can not tell the bitter heart began to spread, with knee pain than the pain of a heart, it had become insignificant.

“Little Ning, this is how you, wrestling yet?” Xie Zhuojun see Shangguan Ning a panic, could not help asking aloud. He scowled subtle hint of concern.

 Shangguan RouXue now seem only to see Shangguan Ning disheveled hair, clothes and mud and snow, the whisper exclaimed: “big sister, how you put yourself into something like this, where are you feeling okay?”

 Shangguan Ning pale, almost transparent, looks like a serious illness look.

Her body stiff out of the elevator, my heart felt cold and ridicule: to see them, where she was not comfortable.

Her understanding of good little sister knew, but still have to ask.

 Shangguan RouXue a bright yellow Burberry new winter, holding her to buy an Audi A4 Hermes handbag, the well-tended wavy hair hanging in the back, look elegant and refined, who exudes the sweet smell of perfume Gucci.

Shangguan Ning who mess with her a specific, like a wandering beggar.

But it seems not at Shangguan RouXue hold anything against her, the face of concern and anxiety, and then they want to test the waters temperature reached out to her forehead.

Shangguan Ning-like Xiangyebuxiang, raising his hand to “pop” sound destroyed bird delicate hands. She was this beautiful hand hurt too many times, it had already formed a conditioned reflex.

 Shangguan RouXue did not seem to expect to be hit, she Tonghu soon, over his hands, his eyes immediately filled with tears, forbear wronged road: “big sister, you still blame me if you do you ……? sorry, I hit a good meal, and if I hit a meal can make you happy, you hit it, I do not hide. “

She said, tightly Min Zhaochun, shrink up the whole person, it seems ready to bite the bullet and beaten.

 Xie Zhuojun distressed hold Shangguan RouXue hand, seeing that she had flushed a delicate white hand on top of the original, not help angrily:!! “Shangguan Ning, you do so you have enough big sister do Little Xue, how are you , Does it hurt? “

“Zhuojun, I’m fine, not at all hurt, really, big sister she accidentally hit me …… nothing.”

“Little Xue, you do not speak for her, I have seen, the sound so loud, how would not care, how would hurt!”

 Shangguan Ning white face without saying a word, looked at the two men hurt her the most, where the performance history of the most loving drama, by the way reflect her viciously.

Often appear before such a scene, she would hurry to explain, and explain the more worse, then that the two go hand away, leaving her alone sad tears.

Now, although she was like a mountain, like the press, out of breath, but it may have done no tears.

Her eyes did not stay in them, like they usually do not see the two walked from the side.

“Shangguan Ning!” Xie Zhuojun see her simply ignore them, she heard angry shouting, “You should not apologize to Little Xue?!”


 Shangguan Ning finally turned and looked at him.

Her eyes are too empty, his face is too pale, Xie Zhuojun hearts of a stifled, some do not dare look at her eyes, too glance of the eye.

However, Shangguan RouXue clinging tightly to his arm, weak like a delicate flower of a storm, crumbling, let him pity.

Firm mind a bit, and then there was the opening emboldened: “Little Ning, even if Little Xue had done wrong, but also the past four years she had enough, she has been living in self-blame and guilt, her pain a little children are not less than you, you Enough is enough! Besides people that I owe you, nothing to do with little Xue, I chase her, you do not hurt little Xue, she is innocent. in this way you will only make me …… more disgust. “

 Shangguan Ning mind a sad, she had to pay for him all their efforts, wholeheartedly take care of him, in the end only in exchange for a sentence “more disgusted.”

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