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Chapter 9 Are you looking at my brother?
This is Shangguan RouXue, talent for performance and language talent is unparalleled, it is a pity that she does not act as an actor.

She always has the means to divert the attention of others and throw the problem to her.

 Shangguan Ning has a chill and powerlessness in her heart. For four years, she has already planned to let them go. Why are they still not letting go of themselves?

She doesn’t want to say more than half a word now. Anyway, Xie Zhuojun will think that she is swearing and framing Shangguan RouXue.

She turned and walked to the front of the house with full of tiredness. She stiffly touched the key and opened the door and went in, shutting the two people and her past together.

 Xie Zhuojun looked at Shangguan Ning and straightened his back and disappeared. I don’t know what I thought I was missing.

Just at this time, Shangguan RouXue used the lost tone: “Zuojun, I am a big sister, I am sad, I am not very annoying?”

“Of course not!” Xie Zhuojun returned to God, kissed her forehead and tried to show a smile. “You are the best girl in the world!”

He half-loaded Shangguan RouXue into the elevator, and the empty hand habitually rubbed his eyebrows.

As soon as the elevator went out and went to the underground parking lot, his brows did not loosen.

He has a headache and is a little annoyed, so every time I see Shangguan Ning, it is such a disappointing situation.

Although she is very stiff with her, Xie Zhuojun has always had a lot of embarrassment for her, as his mother said, maybe without her, he really does not necessarily wake up. So he always wanted to resolve the grievances between them, want to compensate her, want to make her happy.

However, Shangguan Ning seems to have a way to get him out of control, and he always says something that is hard to hear.

 Shangguan RouXue glanced at Xie Zhuojun, who had been frowning. When he saw his dissatisfaction, the whole person converted to his arms and whispered his voice: “Zuojun, I still haven’t got the blessing of big sister, what should I do? big Sister she… temper seems to be getting worse.”

She said, seemingly inadvertently touched the back of the hand that Shangguan Ning had slapped.

 Xie Zhuojun is a slight glimpse, is it because Shangguan Ning is getting worse and worse?

He glanced at the innocent and friendly Shangguan RouXue and shook his head.

Maybe…should be it, otherwise why do you make each other’s relationship worse every time you meet, four years ago, still four years later. Today is even more excessive, actually hit the hands of Little Xue.

The next day was a sunny Monday, and yesterday’s snow slowly melted, revealing a solid land.

 Shangguan Ning had classes in the morning. She took her courseware and drove to school.

When I arrived at the school and stopped the car, I heard someone knocking on her window.

As soon as she looked up, she saw Zhao An An wearing a black leather jacket and black leather pants.

She got dressed and got off the bus and listened to Zhao An An whistling.

“Beauty, is there a time for class? Is it not?”

 Shangguan Ning twisted her smooth face and smiled: “No!”

 Zhao An An is angry: “Nothing!”

 Shangguan Ning took her arm and pulled her to the school building. She said, “You want to stage a hacker today? Is it not appropriate to dress up in class?”

“There is nothing wrong with it, how handsome it is. This is a lot of money for the old lady! Fortunately, the rate of return can be high.”

“Hey, last week, you didn’t cry too much to say that you are in debt? You have to wear five or sixty thousand leather jackets?” Shangguan Ning has some doubts.

 Zhao An An took a thigh, oh, bad, and almost happy to say that it was leaking. This figure was bought with the “sell” of Shangguan Ning’s 100,000 yuan. Can not let her know, or she will be guilty of turning back.

Her guilty smile, deliberately loudly said: “Yes… Yes, I was in debt last week, you still can’t block my hole this week, I… I am still very good at the western food store.” !”

 Shangguan Ning thinks about it too, and thinks that she knows Zhao An An’s sideline business. She should also tell her about her sideline business, and it is not a secret.

“An An, I will ask you to have coffee later?”


“Do you need a reason to drink coffee?”

“Of course, nothing to do, to be arrogant, to steal, to hurry, what is going on!”

 Shangguan Ning has some helplessness and sincerely said: “There is no special purpose. You are my good friend. It is normal to drink coffee.”

 Zhao An An suddenly realized that she was excited and said: “Don’t you look at my brother? Would you like me to give you a second line?”

What does this have to do with her big brother!

 Shangguan Ning was completely defeated by Zhao An An and had to surrender. She knows that if she doesn’t tell the truth today, Zhao An An will have even more bizarre thoughts in her mind.

“Where, I am telling the truth, I opened a coffee shop and would like to invite you to try it.”

“Is it really for my brother?”

“Not really! It has nothing to do with your big brother.” Shangguan Ning swears.

“You didn’t look at my brother?” Zhao An An vaguely showed signs of worry.

“No, your brother is very good…”

“Then you are looking at my brother?” Zhao An An eyes began to shine.

“Oh, I…”

“Oh, yes, how do you feel when you meet that day? My brother is very good, how is it, is the heart moving?”

 Shangguan Ning felt that the decision to share the secret of the coffee shop with her was very wrong.

She replied with a hard scalp: “Also… okay, but we…”

“Oh, yes, I didn’t mean to go ahead that day. I am afraid that I will destroy your romantic atmosphere. You won’t blame me for not saying goodbye?” Zhao An An screamed and didn’t change his color. Jumping, in fact, she threatened her brother, afraid of being killed by her brother with his eyes.

“It’s okay, how can you blame you…”

Two people spoke, but they came to a familiar person.

The person wearing a pair of gold-lined glasses, it looks like the style of Sven, is Guo Shuai who was once run by Shangguan Ning.

 Shangguan Ning and Zhao An An didn’t have a good impression on him. Shangguan Ning didn’t want to care for him. Zhao An An didn’t want to let him go.

She thinks that Guo Shuai wants to chase Shang Ning. He simply wants to eat swan meat. He looks short and sly. Shangguan Ning has become a dream lover of many male teachers and male students since he joined X for half a year. The reason for delaying the selection of the most beautiful school flowers is that most of the boys think that the girls in the school are not as good as the teachers.

Of course, she knows that Shangguan Ning never feels how beautiful she is, but always thinks she is quite ordinary.

However, beauty does not know, it is more admirable.

 Shangguan Ning is a person who can do her nephew, so Guo Shuai can think of it!

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