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Chapter 6 it snow

 Jing Yichen is indeed more than just a cold.

Because he was aware that there is a trace of himself different from the usual.

This is not a good sign.

He can not help but carefully looked at Shangguan Ning.

Tall and slender, pale skin, facial features are beautiful, elegant, but nothing more.

Beautiful woman he’d ever seen countless star supermodel who not only beautiful, but also the maintenance of excellent, decent look fine, bright clothing expensive, all is God’s darling, Shangguan Ning wins in just Waterlilies it.

Nothing special, he is not a fledgling green boy.

 Jing Yichen told himself.

He no longer speak, kept the mail, answer the phone, return messages.

In fact, although Jing Yichen just returned, but not as idle as Zhao An An said, because recently to take over the group, it is busy. He’s busy at the moment is not installed.

 Jing Yichen able to keep the appointment in his busy schedule, simply because of the threat of Zhao An An.

If he does not come, two old lady at home, that is, his grandmother and grandmother, will unite to his home to block him, and would be endless ramble, but also various types of collecting to the woman beside him plug.

 Jing Yichen get bored, every time he is looking for Zhao An An help him blocked off, as long as she assisted him in those two old ladies and women can be ferocious attacking playing with toys.

So Zhao An An extremely long as not too much to ask, he will meet. Who he wants to use it to others!

 Shangguan Ning is the kind of people good to her, she would redouble good to others, others give her the cold shoulder, she does not give people the smiling faces of others.

So a look at Jing Yichen change in attitude, she just when nothing happened, say that she has been thanked, even if this thing passed.

Although the atmosphere is a bit cold, but still want to eat rice, so when the waiter handsome little scented sixth of fresh cooked steak was served, Shangguan Ning rude to eat.

Opposite Jing Yichen see her eat sweet, good-looking can not help but slightly furrowed his brow.

He knew the ice very strong effort, and almost everyone in this climate of condensation will be no appetite, the first meeting of strangers is more suited to be very uncomfortable.

But Shangguan Ning did not seem to feel that way, she ate quickly, and elegant calm, it seems only delicious in front of it.

 Jing Yichen some doubts, steak so delicious?

He picked up the knife and fork gently stir a little dish of steak, imported beef, fresh meat, heat is very good.

But still far from the top of the steak.

 Zhao An An Jing Yichen do not know that this restaurant is to open her, but how could fool him.

His cousin, he understood her better than anyone else, doing all three minutes, but sloppy character, shop He no what to expect now to see this made into steak, has been very good, but completely chef’s credit, with Zhao An An is not much relationship.

His point is that a top sirloin, a Gulf shrimp, coincidentally Shangguan Ning even with his point exactly.

Just when ordering, both of whom only a little finger of each hand menu, and there is nothing to be said out loud.

Perhaps because the restaurant just opened soon, not many foods, it will be the same point.

 Shangguan Ning too sweet to eat, let Jing Yichen can not help but have a good appetite, so that he could eat, when even some wanting more.

This is extremely picky about food, he is unthinkable.

Perhaps a taste of the delicious food, the stomach is no longer empty, Jing Yichen feel a lot better.

See Shangguan Ning will be presented cocktails drunk, he was a gentleman’s cold opening:. “Where Shangguan Bigsis live, I send you back.”

After all, this is a cousin of my colleagues, not let her go back, or else have to listen to her complain tomorrow.

 Shangguan Ning looked at the table, only a quarter past eight, the hearts of satisfaction meal ended early.

“Thank you, no, my own car, a small cocktail only, out of the way of children.” Her voice was soft, his voice polite but also revealed alienation.

Two people out of the dining rooms, but found Zhao An An has been omitted.

This is better, people save embarrassment.

Two face to face when they do not feel embarrassed, but feel that the face of Zhao An An would be embarrassing.

A little strange, but the two did not how to think.

Out of the restaurant, cold wind roaring, mixed with a piece of crystal snowflakes.

 Shangguan Ning bind tightly to their coats, holding out a hand to pick, his voice revealing a surprise: “Yeah, it snow!”

 Jing Yichen turned around and looked at her.

Her delicate little white face up against the cold wind and slightly red, but with revealing the joy from the heart, her hands still dripping with wax burns Honghen eye-catching, and she seems to care.

He fretting mind, a touch of the opening: “? Like snow.”

 Shangguan Ning turned around to see the handsome handsome Jing Yichen trim figure standing in the snow, long eyelashes on his face cast a small shadow, look a little fantasy to come out like a prince from a fairy tale general.

She could not help whisper whisper: “A big man long so nice to do ……”

Snow whipped, her voice broken.

 Jing Yichen not hear her words, she is not asked: “What?”

 Shangguan Ning some guilty conscience, but quickly broadened into a smile belies: “Nothing ah, I like snow!”

 Jing Yichen closed the Bi Yanjing, just let the smile fade from the front, and then only faint “Oh,” a cry.

 Shangguan Ning felt really capricious temper in front of people, this day children had enough of the cold, “Oh,” he sent word from the nose like a splash of ice as in the human heart.

Really …… white blind a good face.

Nevertheless, Shangguan Ning also take into account the good friend Zhao An An’s face, waved politely say goodbye, and then on his own car, slowly left.

 Jing Yichen looking bike white Audi gradually fade out his vision, but the foot did not move.

Hair on his shoulders was a layer of snow, the restaurant lights shone on his back, on the ground cast a long shadow, inexplicable feeling kind of lonely desolation.

Between the white world seemed to him only a man.

After a long time, he was behind a simple and honest voice sounded: “Master, go back, carefully nipped.”

 Jing Yichen sigh, neat and turned, strode bike silver Aston Martin.

Runner immediately to keep, skilled Lakaijumen help him, waiting for him to sit shut the door, he turned and sat on the driver’s seat to start the car quickly gone.

The car entered the Shanhai Regency district, stopped at the underground parking area.

 Jing Yichen off, walked to the elevator, Runner slavishly followed.

Suddenly, a white Audi A4 next to attract his attention, he looked at the license plate, the pace micro Dayton, subsequently step away.

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