Hiatus Announcement

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Hiatus Announcement

hay there, I’m Cubbyfox

sorry, I have to take a rest maybe for 1-2 Weeks, Due health problem, and i need arrange a little shop with my sister

actually, I don’t need to take a rest now if I listen to doctor advice to take enough rest, and not tired my self, hehe

Last week when I catch a cold, I take rest in morning-afternoon but still play some games until dawn, when I thought I feel more better, I work so so so Hard, catch up all task from my work and my part-time job, also Continue translating, i do it all in one single day,

the next day I go here and there (Well, almost circling all over town) to research for our new little shop, and the night I’m breaking down, all my body feels pain, dizzy, limb, numb

My family already take good care of me, so I’m fine now, but I think I should take rest for real, no games, no overwork

after I’m fine I’ll help my sister a bit for our new little shop.

I’ll Continue translating after that.

OK, then See you!



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