I Decided to….

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Hay guys, Cubbyfox here

I decided to continue, and waiting someone’s else help me to fix my old Translation, So Far ‘Sam S’ Helping me Fix my old Translation chapter 1-9 now. And Yezsa help me edit chapter 29-40

But, it still have long way to go to fix all my Translation.

I need Translate next chapter, but I only have limited time, because my work and other.

All new chapter is Un-edited 🙂

So I need help to edit all my Translation.

If you find somethings wrong some paragraph and you want Fix it, you can leave comment.

And if you want full edit A chapter that I post, you can send me [text, or doc] edited Translation to my email cubbyfox88@gmail.com

To Sam : Thanks a lot for your help :D, hope you not bored to helping me

To Yezsa : I still waiting you sweety 🙂

And about schedule next Chapter

On Monday to Friday As long I have time to translate it, I will update

But, No Update on Saturday and Sunday it’s my Special days to sleep and Lazy all day long 😀

If you ask my I’m not update a few days when I always fast respond to comment, it’s Because this blog connect to my phone 😂

It’s habit to answer all when my phone ringing.

I can’t update new chapter on phone because it’s exhausted for me. I need use computer.

PS : if you read wrong word or wrong grammar in this Post, it’s my mistakes 😂😂 don’t mind it

Happy Friday everyone’s


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