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MTL SP 137

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Chapter 137 is exempt from being black

 QiaoLin just poured a glass of water to her, but she didn’t hand it to her. When she heard her words, she slammed into the ground.

“… big sister ?”

 Gu Weiwei tied his hair and said.

“It’s not convenient to talk here. Go out and find a place to talk.”

Since I entered the line, I am now a group with Li Xiner, and I will not be blacked out in the future.

Therefore, it is still necessary to communicate clearly to the broker in advance so that he will not be caught off guard.

 QiaoLin vaguely felt that things were a bit serious, and packed up and said.

“There is a friend’s coffee shop nearby, let’s go there.”

 Gu Weiwei nodded, took the bag and left with him, went to the coffee shop and asked for a room by the window.

Then, all the grudges of MuJia and Li Jia’s family have been told all these years.

She spoke as if she was an outsider, and QiaoLin couldn’t even breathe two large glasses of iced coffee.

“Looking at Li Xiner’s pure warmth, I didn’t expect the heart to be so dark.”

“Between the future, it is necessary to be black, so I feel it is necessary to tell you first.” Gu Weiwei licked the juice, smiled.

 QiaoLin nodded again and again, “Ok, otherwise it’s really an accident, I still can’t figure it out.”

Unexpectedly, she was only a teenager, and so many things happened at home.

“If something goes wrong, you have to worry about QiaoLin big brother.” Gu Weiwei said, holding the cup and touching his coffee cup.

“Don’t worry, San shao is very optimistic about you, my QiaoLin is to make all the stops, and will take you to the front line, and put the Li Xiner under your feet.” QiaoLin said vowed.

 Gu Weiwei laughed, but Fu Shi Yi did not tell the outsiders that she lived in FuJia.

“In those two months, you will review and prepare for the exam. The company will not arrange a notice for you.” QiaoLin said.

He has the feeling that the drama “FengFeng” can make her red.

“Ok, I have time to think about the script.” Gu Weiwei said.

There is not much time to return from LingXiao, so every play she chooses, every role she plays must be the best.

In that way, we can stand up to the height that rivals her as soon as possible.

“Where do you live now, is it safe?” QiaoLin remembered that she had just said that Li Xiner’s family had troubled her before, so she said, “Would you like to arrange a place for you?”

“No, let’s go to the relatives’ home for a while, and go to the crew again in two months. Let’s wait until the movie is finished.”

She also wanted to move out of Ah, but when she found the place and did not move it last time, she was bought and removed by Fu Hanxi.

She said that moving out, it must still be the result, and still live there first.

“If you have trouble, you should contact me at the first time.” QiaoLin looked awkwardly.

 Gu Weiwei nodded with a smile, the phone rang at this time and picked it up.

  Fu Hanxi’s low, elegant voice sounded, “Where?”

“Talk to the agent outside and get ready to go back,” Gu Weiwei said.

 When QiaoLin listened to this tone, she guessed that she was the relative she borrowed.

So I asked, “Is it convenient for me to say a few words to your relatives?”

From knowing her and Li Jia’s grudges, he still doesn’t trust, so I want to say a few words.

Fu Hanxi heard the man’s voice sinking for a few seconds and said.

“See you at home for a while.”

 Fu Shi Yi came from the courage to arrange a male agent for her.

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