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Chapter 138 I have a lot of people, I don’t have any points in my heart?

 Gu Weiwei looked at the phone, this time is not enough time for him to work, why did he go back?

 QiaoLin asked if the other party had hung up.

“Take me a phone call from your relatives. If you can’t contact you sometimes, you can contact the place where you live.”

“This…” Gu Weiwei said with a smile, “Not too convenient.”

  Fu Hanxi’s phone, does she dare to give it to anyone?

 QiaoLin looked at her embarrassed look and guessed that her days under the fence were not very good.

So, secretly made up her mind to arrange a safe and suitable place for her early, this child is too pitiful.

 Gu Weiwei declined QiaoLin to send her home and took her own car back to the apartment.

At the same time as she went back, Fu Hanxi took the initiative to call Fu Shi Yi.

Because Fu Shi Yi rushed for a notice, it was the latest one to rush to take a photo of ChangFeng.

In the filming, the agent Luo Jiaming seems to show the [big brother], it is the Fu group.

Wherever I dare to delay, I immediately asked the photographer to pause the filming and send the phone to the past.

“San shao, there are important calls.”

 Fu Shi Yi glanced at the call and smiled and went to the dressing room.

” Big brother, isn’t you thinking about going to a date with your girlfriend, looking for my reference?”

“Who gave you the courage to arrange a male agent for her?” Fu Hanxi asked coldly.

 Fu Shi Yi stunned for two seconds and reacted and laughed.

“You say QiaoLin Ah?”

“Do not worry, people are a bend, I am afraid that he is not interested in your girlfriend, more interested in you.”

“You are the one who wants to sleep, the first one…”


 QiaoLin is the chief agent of Shiyi Culture. For his future Sister-in-law, he asked her to take Mu Weiwei alone.

  Fu Hanxi sighed for a few seconds and hanged up the phone mercilessly.

Then, continue to call the subordinates to confess to work.

After all the work was assigned, he looked at the time and left the office and went home.

  Fu Shiqin looked at the file that gave him a hill, and then looked at his own big brother who was ready to go back to the date.

Fu Shi Yi, who secretly brought his own big brother back to the date, cursed a hundred times.

He was too busy to eat at lunch, and he even called to say that he had a big brother to go back to date with Mu Weiwei.

 Gu Weiwei had just entered the front door and Fu Hanxi came back.

“You… don’t you have to work hard?”

He has never been a day in the world, and he came back so early today.

“It’s rare that you have time, we are dating.” Fu Hanxi directly explained the purpose of coming back.

She has recently been busy reviewing the exams. After the exams, she went to the field to film with the crew. The time they can date is really rare.

Therefore, it is rare for her to have free time today. He also gave the work to the following completion, and specifically came back.

 Gu Weiwei looked at the beautiful face, the man with great temperament, decisively said.

“I am going to review my homework, and I have a mock exam the day after tomorrow.”

He grew up like this, she really couldn’t bring it.

“Two hours, watching the movie,” Fu Hanxi said.

“The cinema, are you not going to go?”

He went to cinema, the audience is a movie, or watching him.

I have a lot of hooks, do you have no points in his heart?

  Fu Hanxi thought about it and said, “There is a family room downstairs.”

 Gu Weiwei only remembered, Fu Shiqin said that only the buildings were living in this building.

So the first floor is the gym and indoor swimming pool, the second floor is Fu Shi Yi’s practice singing room, the third floor clothing storage room, and the downstairs is the family movie room. Fu Shi Yi often uses to watch the movies he made.

“Well, that’s a movie.”

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