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Chapter 139 Watching Fu Shi Yi’s Film Together

They took some snacks and drinks downstairs and went to the family studio on the next floor.

“What do you want to see?”

Fu Hanxi said, turning on the light and closing the curtain.

Gu Weiwei ran to the shelf where the film was shown and turned it over. He was a little curious about what the film Fu Shi Yi had made, so he found a film he had recently shown.

“Look at this, San Shao’s new film.”

Fu Hanxi took it and put it in the machine, turned off the light in the room, and sat down on the sofa.

With one hand on the back of the sofa behind her, her slender legs overlapped, and the whole person seemed lazy and casual.

The film is a light comedy romance, with a light and humorous beginning.

Fu Shi Yi’s acting is not very good, but it’s not too embarrassing.

Gu Weiwei opened the bag of potato chips and looked at it while eating. He laughed at the interesting places.

However, Fu Hanxi, who was sitting next to her, did not see the content of the film at all, and her eyes mostly remained on her.

Seeing how delicious her potato chips were, she asked curiously.

“Very delicious?”

Gu Weiwei took the bag and handed it to her. “Not bad. Would you like to try it?”

Fu Hanxi glanced at the bag of potato chips she handed over and chose to bow down and eat the one she held in her hand.

“It’s really delicious.”


She let him eat in the bag, not in her hand.

Gu Weiwei put the bag of potato chips in, picked up the drink and twisted it open for a sip.

“Recently I have to concentrate on reviewing my lessons. Let Aunt Wang prepare your lunch?”

Fu Hanxi was silent for a while, but nodded sadly.


Although he preferred her lunch, she had to prepare for the exam now, and he could not bear to make her tired again.

“Today, I met with my agent. He said that in the future, he would prevent paparazzi from taking pictures and arrange a safe place for me. So…”

“It’s safe here.” Fu Hanxi interrupted her unfinished remarks coldly.

In the final analysis, she still had the idea of moving out.

“I live here, not afraid of 10,000, just in case, really was photographed how to do?” Gu Weiwei asked.

It’s certainly the safest place to talk about.

But he lives here, which is not so safe for her.

“That’s open.” Fu Hanxi calmly said.

“…” Gu Weiwei has a headache and sighs.

Fu Hanxi looked at the distressed girl beside him.

“Our relationship is so shameful?”

“I don’t want to be said to be holding your upper thigh. I have strength.” Gu Weiwei said firmly.

Fu Hanxi silenced thoughtfully for a while and said.

“It is also a strength to hold such thighs.”

“I…” Gu Weiwei was speechless and went on to the movies.

On the other hand, Fu Shi Yi and heroine are kissing on the screen indefatigably, which is the kind of kiss that is very hot.

She took an awkward drink and picked up the snack again.

Fu Shi Yi and heroine kissed each other and went straight to the rolling bed for a passionate play.

The audiovisual effect of the studio is surprisingly good. The breathing of kissing between men and women is surrounded by the studio.

The atmosphere was once awkward.

Although the passionate drama lasted only a minute, she felt that she could no longer look directly at Fu Shi Yi.

“Are there any kissing scenes in the movie you’re going to make?” Fu Hanxi’s voice was cold.

Gu Weiwei shook his head firmly. “No.”

Although the actors have to be professional, but let her kiss Fu Shi Yi, she is really dead can not be filmed.

“No, just fine.” Fu Hanxi whispered.

Otherwise, did he kill him or did he kill him?

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