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Chapter 140 Brothers are two and two alike.

Two hours, just finished a movie.

At the end of the movie, Fu Hanxi picked up the suit jacket on the back of the sofa and put it on.

“The company has another meeting. It may be late in the evening.”


Gu Weiwei sent him out and went back to the studio to find some famous works by director Yi An.

Looking carefully at the two most famous films, this paper analyses his usual way of lens splitting and the characteristics of shooting.

Unconsciously it was already dark, and the servant called to say that dinner was ready.

I went upstairs to have dinner alone and went back to my room to review my lessons.

When Fu Hanxi came back, she had already gone to bed.

More than a month later, she put herself into intense preparation for the exam.

Every day is either reading or reviewing, or brushing the questions to consolidate the results of the review.

Because of the cooperation of Wilson Group, Fu Hanxi often flies to Country S, often for ten days and eight days.

Only by making a phone call every evening, the time for the two people to meet each other is less.

Fu Shi Yi had to catch up with many announcements because of the temporary acceptance of ChangFeng. He was busy flying every day and seldom came back.

This makes Gu Weiwei’s preparations for the college entrance examination very comfortable and relaxed, and in a twinkling of an eye it’s time for the college entrance examination.

She had dinner, checked the stationery and certificates she was going to bring the next day, and washed up early for a rest.

As soon as he was in bed, Fu Hanxi called.

“Tomorrow’s exam?”


“Everything is ready?”


“Call Xu Qian later and ask him to pick you up tomorrow.”

“No, it’s not far from here. I’ll go by myself.” As soon as Gu Weiwei finished, he heard someone over there reminding him in English that the meeting was about to begin.

Fu Hanxi pondered for a while and said.

“Take an early break and refuel for tomorrow’s exam.”

“Ok.” Gu Weiwei answered, and when the other person hung up, he fell asleep.

In the morning, the servant came to prepare breakfast for her as usual. Compared with other students’nervousness, she was calm and calm.

As usual, I had breakfast. I went downstairs to find that the flowering time of the wisteria in the downstairs garden was over and the flowers were gone.

Just out of Jinxiu Apartment, Xu Qian’s car stopped by the roadside and saw her get out and come over.

“Miss Weiwei, the boss asked me to take you to the exam these days.”

“You’d better go to work. I used to take a taxi very quickly.” Gu Weiwei declined politely.

She said she was going last night. Did he listen?

“Everyone else’s children have been sent, the boss is not in the country, and if you have a morning meeting today, you can’t come. Somebody has to send you.” Xu Qian said that the door had been opened for her.

Gu Weiwei saw the time was not too early, so he could not delay any longer and got on the bus.

Xu Qian gave her a paper bag which was put in the car. “This is what Er Shao and Sanshao brought me, saying to cheer you up for the exam.”

Gu Weiwei took it and looked at it. The whole face was black.

Fu Shiqin called and said excitedly as soon as he got through.

“I and Fu Lao San asked Xu Qian to bring something for you. Did you receive it?”

“Accept! Here! That’s it!” Gu Weiwei grinds his teeth.

Koi King Bracelet?

Do you pass every exam?

The stars of God?

Sure enough, those two brothers are the same.

Xu Qian glanced at it, but some could not bear to look straight away and continue driving.

“We’re looking for a mage to open up, very clever.” Fu Shiqin promised.

“You’d better turn your brains on.”

Gu Weiwei hung up the phone, stuffed his things in a bag and threw them into the back seat of the car.

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