MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 124 MTL

Chapter 124 Come back to eat dog food It was no surprise that the meeting room was darkened throughout the afternoon. The executives at the meeting were all nervous, with this atmosphere no one dares to make a sound. In the morning, the "good" president was gone, and he changed back to the cold and… Continue reading SP 124 MTL


SL 001 MTL

Mei City, Renmin Hospital. The crying of the heartbreaking came from the aisle on the eighth floor: "Let me go in and take a look, just take a look." In front of Song Yan, the emergency room's door starts opening. The medical staff pushed the bed out of the room and the person lying there… Continue reading SL 001 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 123 MTL

Chapter 123 Girlfriend's Love Bento 2 In an instant, Fu Hanxi's face was covered with frost. "Put it down." The sound is very sharp like ice, making people tremble with fear.  Meng Ruya stunned, She doesn’t know if it was intentional or not, and the hand trembled and the bowl of porridge fell to the… Continue reading SP 123 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 121 MTL

Chapter 121 God assists female deity In the middle of the night, Fu Hanxi finished his work and came out of the study. Only then found that she actually lay on the sofa and fell asleep. Carefully took the person back to the room, and then returned to his room to get the pajamas to… Continue reading SP 121 MTL

MTL Sweet Pampering

SP 122 MTL

Chapter 122 The love of a girlfriend’s love At noon, hurry up.   Fu Hanxi is still in a meeting with a group of executives to agree on several major project plans after working with the Weir Group. Although, they are is hungry and dizzy, no one can dare to scream. Until Fu Hanxi's cell phone… Continue reading SP 122 MTL

MTL GiantHiddenEliteWedding


Chapter 37 Timber Wolf and White Rabbit She is collecting information from Jingsheng Group! She is watching his father's profile! why? ! His brain went through a short gap and then immediately fell into high speed. Suddenly, he thought of a possibility. He was a little anxious inside, and there was a voice in his… Continue reading GHEM 37 MTL

MTL GiantHiddenEliteWedding


Chapter 36 Is she the father's person? Although Ahu has a rib, but others really treat him, he can feel it all at once. His words are unclear, but Jing Yichen understands what he means. He is the heir to the Jingsheng Group. Ahu has always followed him. He knows the person who knows the… Continue reading GHEM 36 MTL

MTL GiantHiddenEliteWedding


Chapter 35 Jing Zhongxiu is Jingbobo Jingsheng Group is a well-known giant company, involved in many fields, and its performance has always been prosperous. Its CEO is the famous Jingzhong Xiu, who can always see him on the Asian Forbes list every year. It is the strength of A city. Fengyun people. The headline of… Continue reading GHEM 35 MTL

MTL GiantHiddenEliteWedding


Chapter 34 Assistant to the President of Jingsheng Group At 12 o'clock in the middle of the night, Shangguan Ning's cell phone on his pillow suddenly rang. The ringtone wakes her up in her sleep.  Shangguan Ning saw it as a strange number. She was awakened by a bad mood, so she hanged up when… Continue reading GHEM 34 MTL

MTL GiantHiddenEliteWedding


Chapter 33 New work  Shangguan Ning came home and simply cleaned herself. There are still injuries on her body, especially the wound on the back of the head. It has been faintly painful. She has been licking her and can't touch the water. She can only wash it. At that time, Guo Shuai played really… Continue reading GHEM 33 MTL