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Cubbyfox is Fans Translation so there no paid, sorry


  •  Recruitment for Translator Xiaomei The Bad girl  & Empress Dowager

Hi, Is anyone interest to join me as Translator in my site
I a bit busy with my side Job,
I don’t want stop halfway at translating, so I think I need help to Translate itI have the Raw, and if you need help or something you can contact me anytime, I’ll respond it ASAP

Just tell me if you busy and can’t Translate, I’ll do it


  •  Recruitment for Translator Other Novel

I’m Welcoming if anyone wants to join me translate other NEW NOVEL too.


What needed? and How to Apply?

No Need test or something,

As long you can provide 2-3 Parting Chapter a Week, and Can Translate From CN-ENG no need expert,

If you want You can Join me, Just email me at Cubbyfox88@gmail.com

Don’t worry I don’t have many rules here.


Please Join Me 🙂

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