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Chapter 115 Strength Conquest, Take the role
 Qiao Lin chased it over and wanted to get back his own scarves, but saw GuWeiwei walk into the audition room.
Moreover, I still covered my face with a silk scarf, only showing a pair of eyes.
Suddenly, he was so angry that his blood pressure was arrogant.
 Casting Director and Executive director saw the face of the audition actor who came face-to-face. Is this person funny?
 General director Yi An no change in color, seeing the audition actor in place, said a face with a face.
“let’s start.”
This audition was shot on the spot, because TangShaoqi’s plays are often masked, so it is her eyes that can express emotions.
Only in close-up shots can they see the play in the eyes of the actor.
The audition’s actor, it made him very surprised, really covering his face with an audition.
 Gu Weiwei took the sword on the props and took a deep breath.
Open your eyes again, your eyes are cold.
Then, the sword was cut and slashed, and every action was sharp and sharp.
It is obvious that she is acting alone in the air, but it seems that she is really carrying out a ruthless killing.
From the eyes to the movements, there are murderous murders.
Suddenly, she cut a sword, but suddenly stopped like nothing and stopped in the air.
This is the emergence of male lead, blocking her move and saving the heroine from her hands.
 Gu Weiwei Weiwei shaking the sword, the pupil in the clear eyes Weiwei is shrinking, the joy of shock and forbearance is intertwined in the eyes…
She spoke and said the only line in the play.
The cold voice, with a slight trembling and choked.
“You want to save her?”
The general director, who has been squinting all the time, has a pleasant smile, which is as exciting as digging into a treasure.
 Executive director At first, Casting Director This is the Internet celebrity black swan on the Internet recently, and I was also disdainful.
However, after the other party entered the show for one second, the whole person could not even look at his eyes.
The martial arts drama is clean and neat, and the cold blood of court-hired thugs is vividly interpreted.
But at the moment when I saw the male lead horn, the original cold and silent eyes instantly felt emotional and caught the hearts of the people.
 After GuWeiwei finished, Weiwei bowed and prepared to go out.
“Wait a minute.” General director Yi An stopped her.
 Gu Weiwei stopped and took the veil on his face, Weiwei asked with a smile.
“Easy to guide, is there any problem?”
Yi An saw the beautiful face of the girl and made a request.
“In the last scene, can you play it again without covering your face?”
 Gu Weiwei nodded and handed the scarf to QiaoLin and stood back in front of the camera.
Yi An personally guided the angle of the camera shooting, said to her, “You can start.”
 Gu Weiwei took a deep breath, his eyes were cold for a second, and he looked at the camera as if he had seen the reunion of the male lead.
For a moment, the mood of the fundus fluctuated and changed, catching people’s hearts.
“You want to save her?”
Without the scarves on the face, it is more appealing to say the picture of the line again.
Moreover, this face is simply born for a big screen.
 General director Yi An finished watching the picture, and got up and walked over and said.
“ Mu Weiwei , Tang Shaoqi is you.”
 ShenQiu’s performance touched him, but Mu Weiwei’s performance… conquered him.
Her performance told him that she… is Tang Shaoqi.
Just ridiculed her Casting Director, standing on the side of the red face, stunned.
 Qiao Lin is a fascinating expression, he really… just take her to make a soy sauce Ah.

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