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Chapter 116 role To be robbed?

 Gu Weiwei smirked and reached out and shook hands with General director Yi An.

“Thank you.”

 The Executive Director looked at the audition screen shot twice, and asked the Casting Director of the plastic surgery Internet celebrity.

“Master Yi, aren’t you saying that this Internet celebrity Mu Weiwei has no acting skills at all?”

“In the absence of martial arts guidance, the martial arts drama has been completed so wonderfully, and the emotional drama is also very infectious. Is this called no acting?”


 Casting Director is speechless, Mu Weiwei’s audition performance is impeccably perfect, what else can he say.

“This role is none other than her.” Executive director said with a smile.

 Casting Director thought that he had just agreed with Shen Qiu sign a contract. “Although it is OK, after all, it is a newcomer. Is there a gap between popularity and Shen Qiu?”

“It’s a good seed, and the newcomers don’t matter.” Executive director is very optimistic about Gu Weiwei’s acting.

These days, because the heroine horns are not very satisfied, the old Yi is clamoring to pick up the son and not shoot.

Now I have found Tang Shaoqi who wants to shoot. He should not make another trouble.

 General director Yi An and Executive director are talking to Gu Weiwei and QiaoLin, a handsome young man with an assistant coming in.

“Master Yi, Mo Dao, LiDao, are you all there?”

“Chu Chen Ah, you are here.” Yi An pointed to Gu Weiwei and said, “This is Mu Weiwei who wants to play Tang Shaoqi. I will soon make a combination. You know it in advance.”

  Mu Weiwei held out his hand politely. “Hello, I am Mu Weiwei.”

 Chu Chen glanced at him and didn’t shake her hand, but instead said.

“Yi dao, not that Tang Shaoqi… is it set for Shen Qiu?”

 Yi An came up with a face, “Who said?”

“I and Shen Qiu, a company, she just called and said that she signed a contract soon, and the broker is already in the process of scheduling.” Chu Chen said.

“The audition has just ended. Who said that she will decide her?” General director Yi An looked at Casting Director. He just sent him out.

“Yi dao, just… I said let Shen Qiu out of the schedule.” Casting Director said guilty.

Just before Shen Qiu’s audition, everyone was very satisfied. Who knows that Mu Weiwei has emerged out of thin air.

“Yi dao, Shen Qiu, the performance of the sisters, you know, it is better than a newcomer who has not entered the line. Now the schedule is empty, and then someone else…” Chu Chen smiles and stops.

 Yi An’s face became more and more ugly, and Shen Qiu’s performance was not bad, but it was a big deal compared with Mu Weiwei.

 Chu Chen saw Yi An still hesitating and said with a smile, “I have played with Shen Qiu before, if she is going to shoot, it will definitely be smoother. This Miss Mu… is very young and can’t afford Tang Shaoqi. This role.”

“If that, Tang Shaoqi will set this Mu Weiwei?” Yi An said.

“Playing with such a newcomer, I think… I am afraid I can’t play,” Chu Chen said.

Because he had a big fire in the last game, he was the one who chose the most popular male lead.

In order to fight for him to play, the crew put forward very rich conditions.

Therefore, as long as he insists, the role of Tang Shaoqi must be Shen Qiu.

After all, they can’t lose his male lead horn for a newcomer Supporting Actress.

 Gu Weiwei licked his lips and saw the entanglement of director Yi An.

 Director Yi An is satisfied with her acting skills, but Chu Chen of act male lead wants to give this role to Shen Qiu.

In addition to the acting skills, the entertainment circle has background and connections. It seems that this cooked duck is going to fly.

“If you can’t play, then I will play well.”

A handsome young man of Grandma ash stands against the door, full of anger, but handsome and handsome.

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