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Chapter 117 Difficult San Shao Fu Shi Yi

 QiaoLin looked at the doorway and looked at the handsome man, and frowned at the headache.

“San shao, how come you?”

“I advertised nearby, knowing that Master Yi’s crew was auditioning nearby and just strolled over to see.”

 Fu Shi Yi said as he waved to the fans who heard the news in the crew.

 Gu Weiwei looked at it carefully, Fu Shiqin’s younger brother Fu Shi Yi.

In fact, a closer look reveals that although the two brothers are twins, they are still somewhat different.

  Fu Shiqin probably eats more sweets and has a little meat on his face. Fu Shi Yi has a thinner and more handsome face.

 Chu Chen saw Fu Shi Yi and smiled and said hello.

 Fu Shi Yi closed the door of the audition room and said to Yi An’s director’s chair.

“Master Yi, since he said that male lead can’t play, I have just been very busy recently, I will show you.”

 QiaoLin, I dare to say that I am idle?

You have a male movie of the Hollywood movie next month. The announcements are all in the next year. I dare to say that I am free?

 Chu Chen’s face was ugly, and he said in a hurry.

“I didn’t say I couldn’t play.”

I have long known that this person is difficult, I did not expect to openly rob the role.

 Yi An saw that Chu Chen no longer mentioned Tang Shaoqi’s change of corner, and he said to Fu Shiqin.

“Okay, if you are a busy person, don’t come and join in the fun.”

“Master Yi, I am serious.” Fu Shi Yi said.

“The crew has already been set up, Chu Chen act Gu ChangFeng.” Yi An said quietly.

“Isn’t there a sign a contract yet?” Fu Shi Yi said, playing with a mobile phone, said without hesitation, “On the appearance, on the popularity, this role I am more suitable than him, and we have not cooperated.”

 Yi An gave him a look, looks like you are there, how about acting, how many points do you have?

He worked with him on two plays, and he was mad at him for three days.

 Gu Weiwei frozen, is this product really coming?

Although he hasn’t seen him yet, but Fu Shiqin said that he will go abroad to film in the next month, and now he is running the ” ChangFeng” crew to steal what role?

“San shao, don’t make trouble, and the older brother Ming will be mad at you to the hospital.” QiaoLin stood up and advised.

Sure enough, one did not hold it, it was like a wild horse that was dislocated.

If you don’t play the male man in Hollywood, you have to grab a martial arts movie here. Male lead horn, is he crazy?

 Fu Shi Yi didn’t mean to listen to it. When they saw Yi An, they still didn’t agree. They squatted down and typed on their mobile phones.

“I am not happy, I have to send a weibo.”

“What are you going to send?” QiaoLin rushed forward and prepared to grab the phone.

 Fu Shi Yi read while typing.

“Mr. Fu, who missed my dream, is sad.”

“Shi Yi, there is always a first come, then you blatantly grab the role… too much.” Chu Chen reminded me.

Entertainment Circle Fu Shi Yi has the most fans, and the combat power is notoriously powerful.

His weibo sent out, and the act Gu ChangFeng was not allowed to be torn by his fans.

“You said that you can’t play, I have to play, and my notes are recorded.” Fu Shi Yi shook his phone.

 Executive director A look at Fu Shi Yi is really this role, busy standing out and saying.

“Since Chu Chen can’t play, Master Yi, you are interested in Tang Shaoqi by Mu Weiwei act, and the male lead angle is by Shi Yi act. It is also possible.”

 Shi Yi’s face value and popularity are far above Chu Chen, and the most popular male lead of the original investor is Shi Yi.

Just because he was not able to meet his schedule, he chose to go to Chu Chen.

Now, he takes the initiative to ask act male lead. With his popularity, the box office of the movie does not have to worry about it.

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